Horse Reportedly Forced to Run in Rush Hour Traffic on Busy Expressway Deserves Justice

Target: Kimberly M. Foxx, State’s Attorney for Cook County, Illinois

Goal: Harshly punish the man who allegedly rode a horse on a busy expressway, injuring the animal.

A horse was apparently forced to run on Chicago’s busy Dan Ryan Expressway in a disturbing act of animal cruelty. The rider, identified as Adam Hollingsworth, recorded himself on Facebook live, per reports, and shouted “kids’ lives matter” as he drove the horse beyond healthy capabilities.

The horse, now in the custody of Chicago Animal Care and Control, apparently suffered injuries so severe that euthanasia may be required. The speed and intensity in which Hollingsworth seemingly rode the horse could be compared to forcing an 80-year-old woman to run a marathon. The animal reportedly endured a bloody wound on one hoof and an open sore from the friction of the saddle.

Hollingsworth remains in police custody on a $25,000 bond. He has been charged with one felony count of animal cruelty. Sign below and demand that he receive the harshest penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear State’s Attorney Foxx,

A horse suffered severe injuries and may have to be euthanized after a man reportedly rode the animal on the Dan Ryan Expressway during rush hour. The horse was driven so forcefully, per veterinarians, that it compared to forcing an 80-year-old woman to run a full marathon. The effects on this animal’s body have been extensive, reportedly resulting in one bloody hoof and an open sore from the friction of the saddle.

This horse was seemingly used as a political pawn and now the poor animal may die. This is unacceptable. I demand that you prosecute Adam Hollingsworth and seek the harshest penalty possible, if he is convicted.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Maria Andersen So utterly HORRIFIC to read. I WISH ALL ANIMAL ABUSERS WOULD JUST DIE.

  2. Put SCUMBAG Adam Hollingsworth behind bars NOW! Horses are horribly abused daily and this needs to end!

  3. This cruel evil punk should not be out on bail. He should be n solitary where he can’t hurt another animal….It is well past time that animal cruelty/killers are severely punished. IMO

  4. Carolyn Long says:

    This abusive jerk should be in jail.

  5. Denise Devereux says:

    An Eye for an Eye.
    My God the Law is so useless.
    Let’s Rid the earth of this scum. Let’s do the world a favour.
    Adam when you think this is all over we will find you and you will get yours and experience pain like you have never felt before.

  6. If he is found guilty of the charges PUNISH him for the horrific cruelty that he forced this poor horse to endure. And all for a stupid political stunt. He would have gotten more attention if someone had ridden on his back and forced him to run in rush hour traffic on a main thoroughfare. He should never be allowed to own another animal, please don’t let another be mistreated. Animal abuse is NOT acceptable!

  7. Here’s an idea –> Tie the POS ankles to the back of any vehicle using a nice strong rope. AND … DRAG his worthless ass down that same section of the highway

  8. Anything for publicity and 15 minutes of fame. Scum idiot needs to go to jail for a long time. Lifetime ban to never be able to own any animal. Lifetime Facebook ban for aninmal abuse.

  9. The best thing for these kind of low life turds make them do the same thing the horse had to do THEN SHOT THEM !!!

  10. Pamela Hengst says:

    I hope the horse is recovering calmly. What kind of idiot runs a horse in traffic!? I agree, tie him to a car bumper and drag him through traffic. Then just leave him in jail. He’s worthless.

  11. American Girl says:

    Don’t euthanize this horse, euthanize this mortyfyinly stupid inbred moron who thought this would make a statement! Please find a sanctuary that is willing to give this beautiful, innocent horse a chance to heal and be loved. As for this asshole cull him from society! He’s an Oxygen Thief!!!

  12. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Adam Hollingsworth decision to put the horse in danger and cause these injuries deserves to be convicted of felony anmal cruelty.


  14. Michelle Stewart says:

    That bastard must be charged with 6 first degree animal cruelty felonies (not just 1 regular charge). He must spend 10 years in prison with no early parole, pay a $500,000 fine, and be banned for life of owning or going near any animals ever again

  15. The Law needs to send their own statement and punish this cruel, horrible person before we get another stupid, cowardly psycho ready to put an animals’ life at risk for attention. Please help this poor horse to heal and rid society of this cruel, human brute, please!

  16. In my opinion he should be giving the same treatment he inflicted on that poor horse..what a good for nothing excuse for a human being🤬🤬🤬. I pray the horse doesn’t loose its life because of this jerks cruelty 💔

  17. This cruel evil POS needs to suffer as much as the poor horse. Praying that the horse is well and soon recovers. Also that the SOB gets his comeuppance and does time for what he did!

  18. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Put this stupid fuck in prison!!!!!

  19. Please do everything you can to save this horse and punish that man to the fullest extent. He shouldn’t be allowed to own another animal

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