Horse Reportedly Forced to Run in Rush Hour Traffic on Busy Expressway Deserves Justice

Target: Kimberly M. Foxx, State’s Attorney for Cook County, Illinois

Goal: Harshly punish the man who allegedly rode a horse on a busy expressway, injuring the animal.

A horse was apparently forced to run on Chicago’s busy Dan Ryan Expressway in a disturbing act of animal cruelty. The rider, identified as Adam Hollingsworth, recorded himself on Facebook live, per reports, and shouted “kids’ lives matter” as he drove the horse beyond healthy capabilities.

The horse, now in the custody of Chicago Animal Care and Control, apparently suffered injuries so severe that euthanasia may be required. The speed and intensity in which Hollingsworth seemingly rode the horse could be compared to forcing an 80-year-old woman to run a marathon. The animal reportedly endured a bloody wound on one hoof and an open sore from the friction of the saddle.

Hollingsworth remains in police custody on a $25,000 bond. He has been charged with one felony count of animal cruelty. Sign below and demand that he receive the harshest penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear State’s Attorney Foxx,

A horse suffered severe injuries and may have to be euthanized after a man reportedly rode the animal on the Dan Ryan Expressway during rush hour. The horse was driven so forcefully, per veterinarians, that it compared to forcing an 80-year-old woman to run a full marathon. The effects on this animal’s body have been extensive, reportedly resulting in one bloody hoof and an open sore from the friction of the saddle.

This horse was seemingly used as a political pawn and now the poor animal may die. This is unacceptable. I demand that you prosecute Adam Hollingsworth and seek the harshest penalty possible, if he is convicted.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Adam Hollingsworth is an A**HOLE, who clearly didn’t care about the horse’s life and well-being!! SIGNED & SHARED TO PUNISH HIM FOR HIS EXTREMELY POOR JUDGMENT & FOR POSSIBLY CAUSING THE DEATH OF AN INNOCENT HORSE!!!

  2. Patrick Butler says:

    I’m gob-smacked at the incredible insensitivity and cruelty of some creeps!

  3. Schmedly SILVERSHIT says:

    More BS from the Media – Adam is the “corn Hole Cowboy” or some such BS. He is a friend of Lori Lightfoot and was assisting her with the Census. He strays too far from the democrats script to keep the people of the south side bottled up, by riding a horse and saying kids lives matter.

    So he must be taught a lesson. He loves the horse. He didn’t harm it. Lori’s cops probably wounded it after they took Adam into custody.


  4. Lock him up for about 20 years. But should the horse die, then LIFE in prison would work just fine for that creep.

  5. What a bastard. He should be jailed for a long, long time. Hopefully, the horse will recover, but if not, this POS needs to be accountable for its demise. How can people be so stupid? Animal abuse should be a death sentence for the horrible humans that do it.

  6. Contact her directly. Her email is below. If you live in the city or Chicago area, even better, put your address on the email when you email her.

  7. Colleen Devivo says:

    The “bowel left movement “ this is the perfect example
    Somebody shit and he came out !!!

  8. Horses are meant to be on natural turf. Heartbreaking!!!

  9. What a sick piece of shit for a human

  10. He’s a despicable human !!!! He loves his horse ?? BS !! Why then he would subject his beloved horse to the danger of cars & trucks !! Not to mention the fear factor involved for that horse .
    The horse is now injured – Refardless as to HOW it happened or WHO did it . Had he not put his horse in such a traumatic ,& dangerous scenario this would all be a non issue !
    He made that stupid ass decision , now HE can pay the price
    His horse had no choice but to comply with his outrageous behavior.
    It’s Animal ABUSE – plain & simple

  11. Guy is a total sociopath to do that to his poor horse. The veterinarian report of its condition was awful. Man just wanted attention, sick POS. Evil disgusting trash.

  12. Charge this asshole with the harshest of penalties & fines! He wanted his 15 minutes of fame, well he’s getting it and it didn’t make him look like a good person!

  13. Mary Ann Schwartz says:

    He needs to pay a hefty fine more than 100,000.00 and several years at least 10 -15 years in jail. Nothing less. If severe penalties are enforced, then less actions such as this would occur. These poor animals do not deserve to suffer because of neglect, abuse and intentional acts that are being shied on social media. Social Media should be held accountable if they allow these acts to be viewed on their platforms. They too should reap legal repercussion and remove and prevent this type of actions on their platform.

  14. Sharon Rudyk says:


  15. He loved his horse, BS. Poor frightened animal, suffered abuse at the hands of the owner. He should never be allowed to have another animal ever. I hope he rots in jail. 😢

  16. Get the sick freaks that did this and run them on an expressway during rush hour —

  17. Another Animal suffers at the hands of a Human Being. No value for life. Don’t let this one slip in the cracks of the Legal System.

  18. Animals ives also matter!!!

  19. Amy Mullinger says:

    Make this piece of scumbag shit run on a gravelly road with his hand tied to the side of a car door as it speeds up more and more, with no socks on, and make him run until he cannot breath…WHY OH WHY ARE THESE KIND OF PEOPLE ALLOWED TO HAVE ANIMALS IN THEIR CARE!???

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