Stop Relocating and Murdering Vaccinated Stray Dogs

Target: Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh, Mayor, Dhaka South, Bangladesh

Goal: Stop the inhumane relocation and murder of stray dogs that are vaccinated and fixed.

Tens of thousands of stray dogs in the city of Dhaka, who have been vaccinated and neutered/spayed by nonprofits and residents, are being rounded up, relocated, and euthanized. This mistreatment must end.

Numerous cities have attempted to relocate their street dogs, to no avail. Removing these dogs opens up a vacuum that will be filled by more stray dogs. Instead, the World Health Organization has urged cities in the region to simply sterilize and vaccinate the stray dogs to decrease the chance of disease and eliminate the possibility of population surpluses.

Removing these dogs, who pose no threat to the people of Dhaka, will only enable new, unvaccinated dogs to take their place. These dogs are removed from their home territories and inhumanely put to sleep despite no physical illness or threat. This practice is cruel, against WHO guidelines, and against numerous animal welfare acts. Demand that this practice be brought to an end and that more effective birth control practices continue.


Dear Mayor Taposh,

Over 30,000 stray dogs in your city have been relocated and inhumanely put to death. These dogs, vaccinated and fixed, pose no threat to your city’s population. In fact, the World Health Organization has said that birth control methods are the only way to successfully control stray dog populations.

This cruelty against your city’s dogs must end. Instead of using resources to murder these innocent animals, use resources to humanely protect them from disease and limit population growth through WHO-recommended birth control efforts.


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  1. JoAnne Klein says:

    India is not known for compassionate treatment of animals. By and large, due to the enormous population, animal abuse as well as rape of the female population there is not exactly a rare occasion. Before they can put a lid on their rampant rapes AND horrendous animal abuse, they will have to find a way to control and educate their population. Maria Bertrand above said it exactly on target.

  2. As Mahatma Gandhi has said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Your progress, INDIA, is minimal because you kill HEALTHY and VACCINATED dogs who pose NO threat to anyone in the city of Dhaka! If you kill these vaccinated dogs, other dogs will take over their territory. This ABOMINABLE, INHUMANE and DEHUMANIZED practice must END! It also gives India a very bad renomme internationally. STOP this KILLING MADNESS, and give your dogs some love and food instead…MURDERING other creatures debases humans! ANIMALS SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS OF PSYCHOPATHIC and EVIL people!

  3. My comment above..I mean DHAKA BANGLADESH (and NOT India).

  4. Bastard people.
    Justice for dogs!+RIP

  5. India likes the world to see it as a place to visit for enriching spirituality and enlightenment,so many gods and goddesses.. Bullsh*t! India is AN UNHOLY CESSPOOL OF BARBARIC CORRUPTION!EVERY DAY ANIMALS ARE TORTURED, WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE RAPED AND KILLED! THERE IS NOTHING SACRED OR BEAUTIFUL ABOUT THIS EVIL, UGLY COUNTRY!

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