Stop Rewarding the Cruel Slaughter of Wolves and Their Pups

Target: Ed Schriever, Director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Goal: End heinous reward system aimed at encouraging the hunting of wolves and their pups.

Over 500 wolves were horrifically killed by Idaho’s hunters and trappers in the last year, a record number from previous years. Dozens of wolf pups as young as 4 to 6 weeks old have also been targeted in response to a cash incentive offered by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG). This cruelty cannot be allowed to continue.

“There is nothing scientific about the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s management, which seems to be guided by anti-wolf hysteria among some members of the ranching and hunting communities, rather than any sort of conservation ethic,” stated Talasi Brooks of Western Watersheds Project. This mass slaughter followed the wolves’ removal from the Endangered Species list in Idaho, an act which eliminated their federal protection. Now vulnerable, the wolves have become a favorite target for hunters and trappers, who believe the animals endanger livestock and must be managed. Add to that the offering of $21,000 in “challenge grants” by the IDFG, a cash reward for wolf hunters, and these poor animals do not stand a chance.

This abject disrespect for a native species cannot continue. Sign below and demand that the IDFG stop rewarding and encouraging the massacre of wolves immediately.


Dear Director Schriever,

The hunting of wolves in Idaho has reached a new level of cruelty with the recent slaughter of 4 to 6-week-old pups. This heinous act was not only allowed, but also encouraged by your agency and its cash incentive for every hunter or trapper who successfully kills a wolf. These “challenge grants” are unnecessary and they support a system of animal cruelty that is already fueled by hate for this native species.

Wolves break their teeth trying to free themselves from traps. They die of hypothermia or are viciously gunned down. No living being deserves this suffering, even in the name of controlling a population or protecting livestock. I demand that you stop encouraging the mass slaughter of wolves and honor these animals’ right to life.


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  1. Patrick Butler says:

    There is no justification for this outrageous cruelty!

  2. Execute animal abusers. This is fair.

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    IDAHO: Change your wolf hunting policies NOW. Wolves play a vital part in the ecosystems in which they exist, benefiting both flora and fauna.

  4. Every day I signed more and more petitions from US..Cruelty and atrocities so much in US. Hunting, killing, puppy mills , intensive farmes , mc donald and cruelty on chiken , circus , animal torture , animal starvation.Is too much ! What’s going on there?

  5. Lance Kammerud says:

    Slaughtering any animal is not only heartless…it makes u disgraceful coward.

  6. I am a huge animal Advocate probably as much as anyone who is on this page and put their name on these petitions against the horrible disgusting inhumane things that are done to these poor defenseless animals. Whether it’s a dog cat Mouse guinea pig hamster or a beautiful wildlife animal we have signed it. I can’t bring myself to read the story because my heart breaks and the tears just roll down my face because it hurts my heart too much to read the stories about how these animals are tortured and they are going through something the pain that they must be feeling and hell alone they are in this world because they can’t do anything to speak out so it’s up to us.

  7. says:

    There is something wrong with Idaho’s citizens alloying this charade of animal management to take place. I read that their Dept of Fish and Wildlife killed 570 adults and pups and this amounted to 3/4 of the wolf population of the entire state. What collection of sickos!

  8. Animal abusers internationally must have the mandatory death penalty implemented and nothing less.

  9. These are living creatures who don’t deserve to be slaughtered.

  10. What in the hell is wrong with these idiots?! Leave the wolves alone and let them live. This is sickening and reprehensible.

  11. Marion Bennett says:

    America is a gun toating free for all, kill, kill, kill, what are they going to do, when they have killed every species they can get their hands on, hopefully start killing each other. GOD HELP US ALL

  12. Rotten vile and evil Trump caused this sadism and evilness to be committed against the precious Wolves and their precious Puppies.
    So his vile and evil Trophy Hunting sons and all the vile and evil Trophy Hunting monster can torture and murder the precious and helpless wildlife (sentient beings).
    This monster lowlife President must be eradicated from the planet before all the precious and helpless Wildlife become extinct.
    Trump is a monster from hell. All this prick thinks about is destroying the precious Wildlife, the environment and every law he can destroy of America. Every Law that Obama made Trump is destroying deliberately because this bastard Trump hates Obama. And their are many that hate Trump. Down with Trump.

  13. Kill all pieces of shits Involved , veangance is mine says the Lord. Amen, gracias


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