Combat Heinous Trade in Big Cat Body Parts

Target: María Elva Pinckert Vaca, Minister of the Environment and Water, Bolivia

Goal: Don’t allow poaching trade to resume without action from environmental police.

The number of seizures of smuggled jaguar parts has dropped in Bolivia for the first time since 2000, despite a booming trade in fangs and hides to overseas buyers. Even as the brutal trade in murdered cats has expanded to ocelots and mountain lions, the number of successful operations against illegal hunters by the Forestry and Environmental Conservation Police hasn’t kept pace. Experts say that the high volume of trade is a sign that these animals are still in serious danger.

Despite this threat, there is still no law in effect illegalizing the hunt for big cats, and the government department responsible has made no moves to fight the trade as it is. These majestic and threatened animals deserve far better protection than is currently available. To demand decisive action from the Bolivian government, sign the petition below.


Dear Minister Pinckert,

Despite evidence of a profitable and tragically legal market for the body parts of jaguars and other big cats in Bolivia, your ministry and its associated police agency have allowed the last year to pass without any seizure of violently harvested cats’ body parts. Although experts are still working to determine the rising trade in fangs and skins, they all agree that decisive action is essential to protecting Bolivian wildlife. I urge you to provide the Forestry and Environmental Conservation Police with the resources and motivation needed to fight the destructive trade in animal parts.


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Photo credit: Charles James Sharp



  1. Demetrios Lekkas says:

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  2. As Gandhi said” You can tell the morality and progress of a country by the way they treat animals”! Bolivia is a cesspool of Corruption! Backwards and barbaric!

  3. Maria. Give your environmental police some nice MSR’s and freedom to shoot at will, problem solved.

  4. The only good hunter is a dead one. Hunt the hunters and lets turn these vile animal murdering scumbags into fertiliser!

  5. Milantia Roy says:

    Disgusting, evil, ignorant Indians – may they rot in hell.

  6. A vile and evil animal torturing murdering corrupt country.
    Burn in hell for an eternity you lowlife monsters from hell.

  7. These filth bag animal abusing scumbags must be wiped off the planet by means of a slow and agonising death.

  8. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Put these stupid fucks in prison!!!


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