Man Accused of Bestiality and Kicking Dog to Death Must be Punished

Target: Seth C. Slagle, County Attorney for Clay County, Texas

Goal: Seek maximum punishment for man accused of animal cruelty and indecency with a child.

An alleged repeat animal abuser keeps getting released from jail to seemingly commit more heinous crimes. The latest round of arrests came when Matthew Layne was charged with allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and kicking her pet dog until the poor animal died. After his release, Layne was again arrested, this time for alleged acts of indecency with a child and bestiality. In the same two-month span, Layne also racked up charges of fraud and evading arrest.

Despite these multiple accusations, Layne bonded out of jail. His freedom would not last long, however, as the bail was revoked after yet more charges came to light involving probation violations for burglary and drug possession convictions. If this seeming repeat offender had received the punishment he deserved for his prior convictions, he may not have been free to allegedly hurt innocent animals, women, and children.

Sign the petition below to ensure this apparent abuser and convicted criminal does not harm another living being.


Dear Mr. Slagle,

Matthew Layne had multiple previous convictions to his name when he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and her pet….the latter of whom died. Just a short time later, additional charges alleged that Layne took indecent liberties with both a young child and a defenseless animal. Despite the gravity and  sheer number of these new allegations, Layne easily bonded out of jail….only to be rearrested for probation violations.

These critical lapses in the system cannot continue. Please prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law and leave no doubt that Mr. Layne will finally be held fully accountable for his alleged actions, with significant prison time, if found guilty. This accused abuser and killer should not be free to harm another innocent.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The Arrow Fund



  1. Did they release him from prison out of concern he’ll contract covid?

  2. Someone needs to kick this man until he begs for his life!!!

  3. Instigation of the death penalty must be implemented this this vile dog murdering filthy pervert. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this bastards extermination ,ensuring a slow and agonising death!!!!

  4. Terrie Phenicie says:

    It’s Texas. What the hell are you waiting for in order for you to take these kinds of crimes seriously. Maybe for a little child to have their teeth knocked in or permenant organ damage from a rape. I don’t have a whole lot of respect for knuckle dragging red-necks in Texas or else where but do the right thing here which would be to prosecute this sadistic monster to the fullest extent of the law, No plea bargains, No suspended sentence , and no early release. He should be in jail for no less than 10 years.

  5. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Put the stupid fuck in prison so he can make “new friends”!!!

  6. Stella Waldvogel says:

    I googled this miscreant and found a lengthy criminal record of almost everything you could think of, topped off by the vile acts noted here. This is not a man who can change or be rehabilitated.
    I trust that he will serve prison time, but for how long? He can never be safely released. If he can’t be sentenced to life, it’s my sincere hope that the guards hand him over to the general population, let them know what he is, and turn a blind eye. He does not belong on the planet with the rest of us.

  7. Stella Waldvogel says:


  8. I hope this scum gets what’s coming to him in prison!

  9. Leila Lappin says:

    Please put this parasite in jail, and this time please make sure the useless piece of shit doesn’t leave the jail.

  10. What goes around comes around. His punishment will mirror his crime. Karma, Threefold Law, The Universe and Abaddon will punish the piece of shit waste of sperm cunt a hundredfold. He will be beaten and raped to death, so mote it be Ave Satanas.

  11. Lauren Rischel says:

    Strip it naked, wrap it in barbed wire, and roll it downhill until it is nearly dead. Let it heal, then repeat. If it doesn’t eventually die, lock it in strict isolation for the rest of its life.

  12. Kill that piece of shit !!!

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