Justice for Broken, Beaten Dog Allegedly Pummeled With Belt for Urinating

Target: Robert Berlin, State Attorney of DuPage County, Illinois

Goal: Pursue maximum penalty in case where defendant allegedly beat dog with belt, causing severe injury.

“I whooped her in the mouth.” Illinois resident Lewiel Irmani allegedly said these words after his girlfriend came home to find her seven-year-old Shih Tzu Bella lying lifeless. The injuries allegedly inflicted on this now-recovering dog went far beyond a smack, however. Veterinary reports paint a harrowing picture of seeming abuse that includes broken ribs, a fractured eye socket, and a bruised pelvis. Bleeding mouth wounds were said to be so severe that Bella has to be injected with nutrients because she cannot even open and close her mouth.

Per authorities, the injuries were mainly inflicted with repeated belt strikes. Worst of all, Bella endured this apparent attack because she could not control her bladder and bowels. Bella and another dog in the residence have since been removed. Irmani faces charges of aggravated animal cruelty.

Sign the petition below to demand he receives the maximum punishment if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Berlin,

The charges brought against Lewiel Irmani for aggravated animal cruelty demonstrate just how far the state and country must come in the humane treatment of all living beings. If the accusations are true, the dog in this case—Bella—suffered immense physical trauma as punishment because she relieved herself on the floor, likely due to her advanced age. Irmani allegedly took his rage and frustrations out on a defenseless animal under his care.

Please prosecute this case fully and seek punishment to the fullest extent of the law if Irmani is deemed guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Russ Sanderlin



  1. Ellis Toscano says:

    Charge stupid woman as well. She wants him so much.

  2. This monster needs to be punished and NOT with a slap on the wrist!! If he attacked a small dog for urinating what will that animal do to a child?? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. This sociopath is a threat to society, people and animals alike. He needs long Jail time.

  4. Put this piece of garbage away for good. And charge her as well because I’m sure she knew he was abusive.

  5. Jacqui Skill says:


  6. Jail is too good for this piece of sh*t. This scumbags needs to be beat to a pulp and burned.

  7. Why do some women get mixed up with men like this? Are they so hungry for affection, that they would live with someone like him? He probably beats her,too. But, the poor dog got the worst end of it. Please don’t let him out of jail!

    • I was thinking the exact same thing! She had to have known what kind of person he was before this happened. And she left him alone with that poor sweet dog. She definitely has a part in this.

  8. Stupid woman needs to be jailed and piece of garbage “man” needs a 9mm between the eyes

  9. This vile deranged severe dog abusing pos must have the death penalty implemented. I am ready,willing abnd able to help perform this procedure,ensuing that this pos endures a slow and agonising death!!! OH YESS!!! Prison is not appropriate!!!

  10. The dog must be removed from the home as the woman must know that LI is a vile and evil monster and she better look out or she may be next.

    LI must be caught and severely punished with 2-3 years in jail banned from ever having or being around animals, fined a huge amount and Bella must find a new home away from these two.


  11. Get rid of both of these f*ckers – she is just as bad as him. OMG if that had been my dog that asshole would have been kicked to the curb for even thinking about raising a hand to any of my animals. We just don’t need of any of these assholes walking the planet – one bullet – good bye!!!!

  12. Why do stupid evil people get animals? And expect them not to urinate and defecate. Animals are expected to hold and control their bowels and bladders for long periods, until their owners feel like allowing them to get some release. How evil and stupid is this fuckin man and his equally stupid girlfriend who left them alone. But they will get what’s coming to them. Hell is waiting and you too will be whipped in the mouth. HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I can barely type this through my tears. 😭😭😭 Please don’t let people like this near any living being ever again! I’m sorry. I can’t type anymore.. 😭😭😭

  14. No one should own a dog who absolutely has no clue how to take care of it. I have no doubt that the poor little thing most likely gave subtle hints of needing to go out. I sometimes hate people.

  15. Sherry Mainquist Sherry Mainquist says:

    People like this don’t deserve to breathe our air!!! How can anyone beat an animal like this? They are not human. The judge needs to put him behind bars and beat him in the face like he did this poor helpless dog. May God protect you little one from now on…

  16. this is like reading about these stupid women who leave their child with a boyfriend … this man really needs to be taken out and tied to a tree pour honey on him and leave him,,,, she needs to be done the same way for leaving this elderly but still some what young dog with this pce of s&(* they both need to be severly punished … what is wrong with you dogs have accidents and you scold them but dont beat the baby beyund repair you “woman” what ever your name is should never have kids either …

  17. This stinking POS monster deserves the same treatment. Beat his ugly a** with a steel bat! People like this should not be allowed to walk in society.

  18. Another vile and evil psychopathic animal torturing monster from
    hell Lewiel Irmani who must be tortured to death. A seven-year-old Shih Tzu Bella he deliberately and heinously tortured.
    Monster arseholes like this monster bastard must be eradicated from the planet. This bastard pos will continue torturing
    innocent and defenceless animals if this psycho monsters is not put to death. Kill it. TYhis evil monster bastard from hell wouldn’t be missed. Good riddance to the freak. Burn in hell you lowlife pos.
    My heart aches for Bella and this lowlife f—— monster must suffer for what this pos committed. Die you evil lowlife monster bastard from hell.

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