Puppies Found Dead in Fire Pit Deserve Justice

Target: Monmouth County, New Jersey Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni

Goal: Give people who allegedly stole puppies severe legal sentence.

The remains of two German shepherd puppies were allegedly found in a fire pit on private property, and police further claimed that two other puppies were buried on the same land. Tricia Jaccoma and Daniel McDonald were arrested and charged with third-degree animal cruelty and theft in connection with the incident. They need to spend time in prison if they are found guilty of these crimes, to better ensure more animals will not suffer.

According to reports, the puppies had been stolen from a farm in another county. Police claimed that Jaccoma had been hiding out since June to try and avoid charges. She and McDonald are currently in jail awaiting trial. Sign this petition to demand they receive strict legal sentences if it is found they hurt or murdered these unsuspecting puppies.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Gramiccioni,

Police arrested Tricia Jaccoma and Daniel McDonald after allegedly finding four stolen, dead German shepherd puppies on their property. They need to receive harsh legal sentences if it is found they are guilty of theft and animal cruelty so that other animals will hopefully not be harmed.

Reports state that the dogs had been taken from someone else’s property. Two of the puppies had allegedly been buried on Jaccoma’s and McDonald’s land, and two other puppies’ remains were said to be found in an area where a fire had been previously lit. It was also reported that Jaccoma had left her home in June to avoid being arrested. She was later found and brought up on theft and animal abuse charges, while McDonald was charged in June. Both Jaccoma and McDonald are facing third-degree animal cruelty charges, and they will soon face possible consequences in court. For these reasons, we demand you seek the maximum penalty possible for Jaccoma and McDonald if it is found they are responsible for either stealing or displaying cruelty toward these fragile puppies.


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Photo Credit: Unomano

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  1. Deborah Bukowski says:

    These scumbags of humans need to be charged with all counts of felony’s and thrown in jail for the remainder of their human lives. People like this should be locked away in a sanitarium for life. Please post their pictures and names for all of us to see.

  2. The abusers need to be found dead in a firepit.. Animal abuser/killers need to suffer the same abuse as they inflicted. PUNISHMENTS for abusing/killing animals need to be strengthened and ENFORCED. IN MY OPINION

  3. Adam Hartley says:

    Motherfuckers. Lynch them before sinking a few bullets through their fucking noggins. Heartless cunts.

  4. Animal crimes must be taken as seriously as human crimes.

  5. Find the sick freak that did this douse with gasoline and set on fire until ashes — throw remains in trash.

  6. Karen Harper says:

    This was premeditated, they stole those dogs with the intent to torture and kill them so WHY IS THIS NOT A FELONY? Prosecutor, do your job.

  7. These 2 people need to be punished and NOW!!!

  8. Tina Zerello says:

    CHANGE THE LAWS!! It has to be time served.. these types of people have to serve some serious time!! They need to be forced to understand the severity of animal cruelty.. I am so tired of the slap on the hand and send them on their way.. the people who did this must be PUNISHED..

  9. lock them up and throw away the key. All of this animal abuse needs to stop. What a year in jail are you kidding me. There are people in jail for a lot less than this. Come on already.

  10. Hang them.

  11. Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

    We believe in an eye for eye motherfuckers and then just dispose of these human garbage. They should never breath again, and go straight to HELL AND BURN FOR ETERNITY!!!!

  12. If they are found guilty they better be prosecuted, fined, and receive the harshest penalty allowed. This is by far UNACCEPTABLE, SICK, CRUEL, etc. We MUST NOT allow scabs like this to get away with what they’ve done. THIS IS CLEARLY A CRIME and must be brought to justice for all the pups involved!!

  13. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    These Evil POSs Needs 2 be Rotting in hell 4 doing 2 these poor puppies & I love puppies!!!!

  14. Find the MF who did this and torture the heartless scab for hours, no for days- then burn the POS waste of oxygen SLOWLY to death. Let this be in public view so maybe MAYBE it might save some other precious innocent critters from suffering. These beautiful animals these mfs kill are worth more than those scabs could ever dream of being. God bless them all, I wish and I pray all the time that they wouldn’t have to suffer when horrid things like this are done to them. God bless them.

  15. Jail is too lenient. Burn them

  16. Animal abusers internationally must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.Prison is not appropriate.I am ready,willing and able to help perform this procedure.A slow and agonising death is essential!!!!

  17. OMG, These two vile and evil monsters must be severely punished and we the public are watching to make sure that happens. JAIL TIME 2-3 YEARS, A HUGE FINE, BANNED FROM EVER HAVING OR BEING AROUND ANY ANIMAL. RIP BABY PUPPIES AND WE DEMAND SEVERE PUNISHMENT THAT IS ENFORCED. THEY SHOULD BOTH BE CHARGED WITH FELONY ANIMAL ABUSE, KIDNAPPING AND MURDER. Severe laws must be passed and then enforced to stop this insanity.

    IF these were my puppies I WOULD GET A TOP NOTCH ATTORNEY AND SUE THEM ALSO. There is a special place in hell waiting for these two sadistic and demonic monsters.

  18. Death penalty for these sick killers, cowards,bastards!

    Justice for the puppies!

  19. Only can see one way to deal with these 2 f*ckers and that is to just “light” them up – and walk away – let them burn into the god damn ground – they don’t deserve to live another day. OMG how incredibly cruel and sad.

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