Animals Allegedly Starving and Living in Filthy Zoo Cages Deserve Justice

Target: Prosecuting Attorney of Clark County, Indiana, Jeremy Mull

Goal: Give man harsh legal sentence for allegedly keeping animals in dirty enclosures and not providing them with proper food, water or medical care.

The state of Indiana has ordered animals to be removed from a zoo, because they allegedly were not provided with proper food, water, or veterinary care. Tim Stark is said to be responsible for the animals’ current state. He needs to spend time behind bars if these allegations are true to better ensure other animals will be safe from harm.

Officers stated they saw injured animals at the Wildlife in Need zoo, as well as other animals that were not kept in proper enclosures. Since Stark allegedly has over 100 violations against him, he is being required to close down. State officials further ordered that all animals except for the big cats be moved to reputable sanctuaries by September 18. The well-being of the cats is currently being investigated, as a result of a lawsuit filed by PETA. Records indicate Stark threatened to kill any animals the state tries to remove from his property. Demand Stark receive time in prison if these accusations are true.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Mull,

The state of Indiana has ordered Wildlife in Need, Incorporated to shut down, because the animals housed there were allegedly not provided with proper care. According to reports, Tim Stark owns the facility. Stark needs to be charged with animal cruelty and receive a stringent legal sentence if it is found he neglected these animals in any way.

Animals were allegedly found living in dirty enclosures. Other animals at the facility were said to be injured. Reports state that some of the animals were not be provided with food or clean water. Most of the animals will reportedly be placed in reputable facilities, and the zoo will be forced to close its doors by the middle of September. The USDA took away Stark’s license after they concluded he had violated the Animal Welfare Act over 100 times.

Stark is further reported to have said he would shoot any animals the state tried to take from him. For these reasons, we demand you suggest he be charged and given a strong punishment under the law if he is found guilty of this apparent animal abuse.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Tay also need large fines to cover all the fees to move the animals, what ever it cost to regime the animals. Also to have some left over to give to a animal shelter to help them care for there animals.

  2. Get rid of all zoos. Animals should be kept in wildlife sanctuaries instead of zoos if they cannot be released in the wild. Zoos only serve one purpose-profit.

  3. The precious and defenceless animals (WILDLIFE) must be sent to an approved caring and compassionate animal Sanctuary to live out their precious lives.
    This vile and evil Zoo from hell must be closed down immediately.

  4. Ellis Toscano says:

    Indiana should be ashamed. Apparently unable to enforce laws. Abusers haven. Do they enforce laws for children and women?

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