Protect Critically Endangered Monkeys From Deforestation

Target: Tran Hong Ha, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam

Goal: Extend government protection to vulnerable forests home to threatened species.

The gray-shanked douc langur, a rare monkey native to Vietnam, along with more than 120 other species in the mountainous Kon Plong District could soon be threatened by human activity. To the southeast of their forest home lies Kon Tum, a quickly-growing city of over 200,000. Until recently, the district was largely rural, but as acacia, rubber, and coffee growing become more profitable, the region could be opened up for destructive plantations which could displace native wildlife.

Vietnam has an extensive network of protected forests and woodlands, but conservationists say that allowing farming and settlement in and around these regions has placed immense pressure on already-struggling animals like the gray-shanked douc langur, pygmy slow loris, and Asiatic black bear.

These animals must be saved from irreversible devastation. Sign below and demand that Vietnam’s government protect forests and conserve the species that live in them.


Dear Minister Tran,

The expansion of farming and settlement in Kon Plong District is a welcome development of Vietnam’s economy. Unfortunately, it could be a lethal one for dozens of endangered or threatened species which rely on diverse vegetation, plentiful food, and an absence of human activity to thrive.

Without thorough protection, rare species like the gray-shanked douc langur could soon be extinct. I urge you to extend nature reserve status to the wooded highlands of Kon Plong District to ensure Vietnam’s unique biodiversity survives for generations to come.


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Photo credit: Endangered Primate Rescue Center



  1. Just another species being ignored and pushed out of the way for humans. Some day there will only be humans and they will live boring, colorless lives with no hope, beauty or sense of the world or of themselves. How bleak and depressing that would be. It’s time for everyone to realize this and to take action to save our fellow creatures.

  2. All animals deserve protection from humans who don’t care about the welfare of innocent animals. It’s depressing and sickening.

  3. Tran Hong Ha, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam

    Extend government protection to vulnerable forests home to threatened species.

    Knowing animal torturing murdering Vietnam they probably couldn’t care a shit about protecting the precious and helpless Wildlife species. All they think about is torturing and murdering the precious animals and wildlife for consumption.

    Just look at what these monsters commit against the defenceless and innocent dogs, puppies, cats and kittens !!!! Heinous torture, suffering and an agonising death. The same as rotten vile and evil China, Korea and other Asian countries.No precious and helpless animals or wildlife is safe in these vile and evil animal torturing murdering countries from hell.

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