Dog Reportedly Forced to Suffer With Venomous Snake Bites and Open Wounds Deserves Justice

Target: Charlotte County, Florida State Attorney Amira Dajani Fox

Goal: Give man severest legal sentence for allegedly allowing his dog to live with cancerous masses, bleeding sores, and venomous snake bites.

A dog named Bruno was allegedly made to live for an unknown amount of time with cancerous masses, painful, bleeding sores and several venomous snake bites. David Brown was arrested for animal cruelty shortly afterwards in connection with the case. He needs to spend the maximum amount of time in prison if he is responsible for Bruno’s poor condition, to better ensure more animals will not be harmed.

Bruno was examined by a veterinarian after Brown took his dog to the Animal Welfare League and requested that the animal be euthanized. The veterinarian indicated Bruno had fleas crawling all over him and that he had been bitten by a venomous snake approximately four to five times. One of the dog’s legs was also said to be extremely swollen. Unfortunately, the animal had to be put to sleep a few days later, despite having been treated.

Besides animal cruelty, Brown was also charged with abandoning Bruno. Sign this petition to demand he spend the most time behind bars possible if he is found guilty of this inexcusable animal abuse.


Dear State Attorney Fox,

David Brown was recently arrested for animal cruelty because he allegedly allowed his dog to live with painful sores, multiple masses, and venomous snake bites. He needs to get the toughest legal sentence if he is found guilty of these crimes, so that more animals will not have to endure the same fate.

The Animal Welfare League learned about Bruno’s condition when Brown walked through their doors and asked the facility to euthanize him. After an examination was performed by a veterinarian, it was concluded that Bruno was covered with fleas, had cancerous masses, bleeding cuts, and a swollen leg, and had been bitten by a venomous snake at least a few times. The dog had to be euthanized a few days later.

Brown is also facing animal abandonment charges. We demand you suggest he receive the most stringent sentence possible to prevent him from mistreating other animals, if he is found guilty of these unwarranted acts.


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Photo Credit: Animal Welfare League CC0

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Poor little Bruno deserved someone who LOVED & CARED FOR HIM –
    R.I.P. dear Bruno 💗

  2. Shannon Fife says:

    Justice please for innocent, sweet Bruno! Give David Brown the maximum amount of time in prison and the maximum fine – thank you

  3. I pray this cruel POS gets his comeuppance for what he did to the poor dog. I hope he suffers!

  4. Elizabeth jaskiewicz says:

    I just don’t understand people why do u even have a pet unless you’re going 2 do right by them sentence him 2 the maximum amount otherwise he’ll get another animal and do the same thing

  5. The authorities that do nothing to these sickos are just as guilty and sick. Start doing your job by prosecuting and sentencing these sickos.

  6. there is no excuse for this what so ever – karma is a bitch, and this man may end his days suffering in a similar fashion – and maybe his kids/family won’t care if he lingers because that is what this man has taught his family, that it’s okay to treat another living being in this manner. I say that to all the animal abusers out there – karma is a bitch – and that snake is going to come up and bite you.

  7. Ppl like this ass are a waste of time. Next time u need medical care some could deny it to u. Ur a fucking killer and ppl like u belong in jail! What a lazy uncaring stupid dick.
    God speed sweet baby

  8. He’s an abomination to God it says in the Bible we are to be keepers of his creations that means his animals and when we hurt them or an abomination to God and God says put them to death in my opinion when you hurt or kill an animal in an evil way like this screw jail put them to death kill them and send them to God and let God judge them

  9. Whoever done this is a psycho.not worth the air they breathe .At least Bruno is safe now .
    Heartbreaking R.I.P.sweet boy

  10. Tina Zerello says:

    These people or persons who are responsible for this must be found, punished and must serve time.. This is sick behavior that will never get better until you punish them. You have to continue to find these people and continue to punish them or it will continue!!

  11. Maggie Loughran says:

    Hell is too good for this vile pos. I hope he has a slow and painful end

  12. The mother fucker deserve the worst that his fucking useless life needs!!!!

  13. This worthless piece of shit needs to die in the worst way

  14. This poor boy must have been in so much pain,there’s no excuse for letting him suffer like that

  15. MONSTER!!~!! RIP little Bruno. I am so sorry you had to endure such pain. Sick Evil Bastard, Punish to the very Maximum!!~!

  16. quinten putnam says:

    My thoughts are with little Bruno who suffered immensely at the hands of this uncaring owner. The severest possible sentence must be handed down in order to discourage this type of behavior in the future!!!

  17. The world would be a much better place without this man in it. Sadly, the death penalty is not a viable solution. So, please insure he is locked up, fined heavily and most importantly….we need a national registry that lists all animal abusers (just like pedophiles) so everyone know who they are no matter where they move and so they are NEVER ABLE TO OBTAIN AN ANIMAL EVER AGAIN!

  18. David Brown is a piece of shit scumbag. This POS needs to be put in prison! This POS should never own an animal ever again! Poor Bruno had a terrible life. RIP Bruno.

  19. Nadine brundage says:

    Mr Brown should be flung in jail and left to rot . That poor dog has suffered at the hands of subhuman scum and needs to be held accountable. Do not let this low life get away with the usual slap on the wrist. So sick of all these cases of animal cruelty. Someone needs to pay.

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