Enforce Stronger Laws Against Animal Cruelty


Target: Elio Di Rupo, Prime Minister of Belgium

Goal: Create stronger laws to deter animal cruelty in Belgium

Instead of enforcing laws with tough sentences against purveyors of animal cruelty, the Belgian government chooses to turn a blind eye to animal abuse. Ignoring the problem will not make violence against animals simply disappear. The Belgian government must create and enforce laws protecting animals from physical abuse and mistreatment.

Numerous cases of malnourished, neglected, and abused animals have been reported with minimal punishment given to the perpetrators. Instead of deterring people who commit animal abuse, lenient sentences allow them to become repeat offenders with little to no consequence for their actions. Because these animals cannot stand up for themselves, they need us to protect them from harm.

People who mistreat horses and engage in dog fighting need to be incarcerated for their crimes. To prevent repeat offenders, animal abusers should be restricted from owning animals. By ignoring the issue, animal cruelty will continue across the planet. Only we can protect those that cannot protect themselves.

By signing the petition below you will help urge the Prime Minister of Belgium, Elio Di Rupo, to enforce stronger laws protecting animals and harsher sentences against purveyors of animal abuse and cruelty.


Dear Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo,

Against our better nature, animal cruelty persists within society and cannot continue to be ignored. Although current law exists in your country against animal cruelty, lax punishments merely encourage perpetrators to commit repeat offenses against animals. Belgium needs to take a stronger stand against animal abuse to prevent increasing cases of cruelty.

To reduce incidents of torture, malnourishment, and neglect, enforce laws restricting convicted animal abusers of owning more animals. People convicted of beating or starving their horses have no respect for life. Paying a fine is not enough to deter a dog fighter from engaging in further brutality against canines.

People who commit these crimes against other people are incarcerated for years, sometimes decades. Animals deserve no less respect simply because our laws do not protect them in the same fashion. Ignoring animal cruelty only encourages abusive people to commit further aggression against animals. Show the world that Belgium will not tolerate such inhumane brutality.


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Photo credit: Josh Henderson via Flickr

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  1. Emily March says:

    Animal abuse may not be commonplace in Belgium, and there are directives protecting companion- as well as farm or zoo animals. I recommend a strong animal police however, stiff fines and sentences be applied to every single case of cruelty and neglect wherever it takes place.


    • Sam Outhorn says:

      @Shireen. — Hi Shireen! There are such laws in Belgium but they get diluted in general everyday police proceedings – of which there are many. That is why specially trained police inspectors (‘animal cops’)are called for. Also an easy to remember ‘animal phone’ number to report abuse. Animal advocates and welfare societies are regularly up against vociferating farmers, callous traders and owners, academic research on animals, experimental labs in pharmacy and corporations, etc. : a strong approach is indeed necessary! Stiffer controls (also on animal ownership), fines and sentencing. Nationality notwithstanding and regardless of age. Better instruction in schools and cooperation at EU level too would be welcome. – A lot remains to be done but we are getting there, folks, however slowly! Hold on tight and bless you all for your involvement!

  3. Margareth Bahia says:

    É uma vergonha que esse País, permita tanta crueldade deixando impune seus infratores, essas pragas têm que pagar pelo seu crime!JUSTIÇA!

  4. Sam Outhorn says:

    You will find many activist and welfare groups in Belgium defending animals
    The main one being ‘GAIA’ that organizes protests and stops abuse : things like cock- and dog fighting are illegal and have been a thing of the past for a long time. But there ought to be stricter dispositions in the field of the law and an ANIMAL POLICE like the United States has. The only EU country so far with such a police(500 cops) being Holland. There, even a political ‘Party for the Defence of Animals’ exists, the very first of its kind anywhere. – Let us hope other EU countries soon follow suit!

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    Those who have the power to punish animal abusers and don’t do so are as guilty as the abusers themselves….

  6. There is animal cruelty everywhere and it is all equally reprehensible and barbaric. However : Belgium is hardly the place with the worst record in the field, the way this article seems to suggest. No China yet and no Denmark… What is all this? Beating horses to death? I have never come across it in Belgium. Dog fighting too has been prohibited ages ago. Please do not generalize with sweeping statements. No offence intended to the author of this petition : I am sure he means well!

    • Kathy Khoshfahm says:

      Samantha – Belgium may not have the worst animal cruelty record, but it is happening there, just like everywhere else and this Petition is addressing that Country’s cruelty. Another time, another petition for another Country…

  7. Marina nemchinova says:

    Those who do nothing to stop violence and cruelty are guilty as well. It starts with an animal and ends with a human.

  8. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Dear Prime Minister – Animal cruelty has taken a back seat for far too long now. The Animal Kingdom has just as much a right as you and I do to live on this Earth free from cruelty, abuse and murder. Please do the right thing and toughen the penalty for those who choose to abuse animals.

  9. Claire Schroder says:


  10. Laws should get even stricter — punishments more severe — this way, there’ll be NO repeats of abuse to animals — these idiot-psychopathic abusers will get the message one way or another BUT we cannot stand by and let these idiot-cretins get away with their horror!

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