Elon: Stop the Cruel Implantation of Brain Chips Into Animals

Target: Elon Musk, American Inventor

Goal: Stop testing Neuralink brain chips on pigs.

Elon Musk has developed a brain chip that he has implanted into pigs. The coin-sized computer chip produced by his startup Neuralink is being developed with the goal of curing human diseases. However, while the product is being developed for human gain, it is being cruelly inserted into non-consenting animals.

Neuralink hopes to implant the devices into humans to help with known neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and spinal cord injuries. Ultimately, though, the company hopes to fuse humankind with artificial intelligence. Musk said that “an implantable device can actually fix these problems,” referring to memory loss, hearing loss, depression, and insomnia. Musk gave a demonstration that he referred to as the “three little pigs demo.” This included the showing of Gertrude, a pig with a Neuralink implant in the part of her brain that controls her snout. Each time Gertrude moved her snout, there was a graph that responded by showing spikes in neurological activity. Musk said that the company has three pigs with two implants each.

Musk revealed the Neuralink developments on a webcast where one commenter referred to the animals as “Cypork,” a mix between cyborg and pork. This type of testing and objectification should never be done to animals that cannot consent to it. Sign this petition to urge Neuralink to stop testing on animals.


Dear Mr. Musk,

In your webcast revealing Neuralink developments you said, “I could have a Neuralink right now and you wouldn’t know. Maybe I do.” If you truly believe in your product, test it on yourself. It is unethical and cruel to implant artificial intelligence into non-consenting animals like Gertrude the pig. Just because humans have reached this level of technological development does not mean that we have the right to force it onto other species. I urge you to commit to a more moral testing procedure of Neuralink by ending the experimentation on animals.


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Photo Credit: Dan Taylor



  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    STOP testing them on pigs, or ANY OTHER ANIMAL!

    Try humans, Elon; they at least can give consent!!!

  2. Leave the animals alone! If the Good Lord wanted chips in animals, He would have put them there! Put a chip in Elons head!!!

  3. Although we still do tests on animals, some quite cruel, I believe that it is time to use some human models for testing. After all, the results will benefit humans.

  4. Sherry Mainquist Sherry Mainquist says:

    Take the animals out of prison that are there for rape n murder n test it on them!!! Their just a waste of flesh anyway!!

  5. This ugly.pocked faced,mentally deranged scumbag must have the mandatory death penalty implemented.I am ready,willing and able to help perform this procedure, ensuring that this vile bastard endures a slow and agonising death!

  6. This is so cruel to do this to any animals and pigs that are so smart.They suffer so bad already being forced to live on factory farms. Do this to people that are useless humans that have done murder. Or in the computer age do it on a machine. No animals should be experimented on.

  7. Christopher Lang says:

    He should try donating some of his millions to helping animals instead of hurting them! Its not like he’s going to go broke!💰

  8. ideas to put in petition, reason to stop animal research, facebook.com/garyfair96

  9. Use death row inmates. Stop using animals!! They have no choice in the matter.

  10. Vile and evil Elon Musk, American Inventor from hell. Vile and evil lowlife Elon Musk the monster from hell, leave the precious and defencless Pigs alone and have these vile and evil brain chips implanted into your brain you lowlife monster from hell. You know these vile and evil chip implants won’t work so leave the defenceless and helples Pigs and other defenceless animals alone you filthy lowlife monster from hell. Burn in hell you filthy pos !!!! and suffer as your defenceless and innocent victims (sentient beings) endured.

  11. Elon Musk needs a chip implanted in his sick brain. Use low life
    humans instead.

  12. Elon needs to go chip himself!

  13. hey all you jerks who implant brain chips into innocent unwilling dog VICTIMS…how about you put brain chips into your own brains? PEOPLE, DEMAND LAWS TO STOP BRUTAL ANIMAL TESTING. THIS IS NOT NOT NOT NEEDED! GOD DIDN’T PUT ANIMALS ON EARTH TO TREAT SO CRUELLY. PLEASE, PEOPLE, BUY ONLY CRUELTY-FREE PRODUCTS. PLEASE

  14. then you test on the fucking humans and leave the animals alone

  15. Elon musk this is for you piece of shit your nothing but a animal abuse and killer maybe someone should use in your head if you have any damn brains in there

  16. What is wrong with this scumbag? I use to admire him but now I want to burn him!

  17. Stick the f*cking chip in Musk’s head – what a pathetic loser – don’t you have enough god damn money that you still have to abuse and torture innocent animals – what a piece of shit you are.

  18. This guy is a fucking bastard!Stop torturing animals!!!and stop littering space!

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