Pigs Beaten with Cans and Boards Deserve Justice

Pig Farm

Target: Brittny Lewton, 13th Judicial District Attorney

Goal: Charge former farm employees with animal abuse for allegedly hitting pigs with cans and boards.

Seven farmers were allegedly caught on tape grossly abusing pigs, but they were not brought up on criminal charges. If these farmers get away with this behavior, others will likely think it is acceptable to emulate their actions.

Farmers working for Seaboard Foods were reportedly caught on camera hitting pigs with cans and boards. Unfortunately, pigs were also hoarded into stalls until the stalls were overcrowded. Even worse, a pig was shot with a stun gun while other animals helplessly watched.

Although everyone agrees with the food supplier’s decision to fire the workers, not everyone agrees the former employees’ behavior was severe enough to justify them being brought up on criminal charges. In fact, this is the viewpoint of District Attorney Brittny Lewton, who claims that the farmers’ actions towards the pigs only violated company policy.

Mercy for Animals objects to this decision. However, since there are no federal laws set in place to protect animals that live on farms and furthermore, since farm animals are not usually protected under animal cruelty laws, these callous animal abusers will likely get away with their unacceptable actions.

Sign this petition and let District Attorney Brittny Lewton know that it is not okay to let these people get away with abusing innocent animals. If they are not prosecuted, farm animals will likely continue to suffer more instead of less.


Dear Attorney Lewton,

Pigs on a Colorado farm were allegedly severely abused by workers. While it is good news that these workers were fired, it is ridiculous that they will not be brought up on criminal charges. If these people are not prosecuted, more people will likely not hesitate to follow their poor example in the future.

Mercy for Animals caught the workers on tape allegedly hitting pigs with cans and boards, hoarding animals into tight spaces and even shooting a pig in the head with a stun gun as other animals looked on with fear. According to the American Humane Association, seventy percent of people who abuse animals also commit other crimes, including crimes that are violent. In reference, these former farmers have clearly proven through their actions that they are capable of far worse than abusing animals.

Even if the pigs are considered to be property, there are laws against damaging other people’s things. Therefore, a competent attorney should be able to find some way to criminally charge these horrible people for their deplorable actions.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to bring these former workers up on criminal charges, and to prosecute them immediately. People who abuse animals do not deserve jobs. However, they do deserve to have criminal records that will make it more difficult for them to find jobs in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: USGS

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  1. elena nikolova says:

    This criminals should be prosecuted, their pictures should be posted and they shouldn’t be let to work anywhere-they would do the same to people!

  2. Animals won’t ever be free from cruelty or harm from human beings unless human beings are wiped from this planet.

  3. What we’d ALL like to know is how anything like this is considered “alleged,” when there is actual video footage as concrete proof of their actions???!!!! Stop trying to use such ill-fitting words as EXCUSES for all these obscene abusers, who should all be either in jail for their obvious crimes, or put to death themselves!!! Who CARES if they’d do the same things to “people”? The point is, they’re already twisted and violent towards other living BEINGS, period!

  4. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Too bad, Brittny, that you consider animals as nothing, not worth fighting for. You are part of the justice system, including judges, who have no concern for these living beings. I don’t care if it’s farm animals or pets, they deserve kindness and proper care. You promote this abuse by these brainless, cruel morons by letting them get away with their torture of these poor souls. Shame on you. Do something. Do your job.

  5. Kristy davison says:

    This is an absolute atrocity I am so overwhelmed with discust. The cruel sick freaks who commited this crime should suffer the same fate. The cowardly bastards couldn’t do it to some one their own size! Fucking sick freaks

  6. Noranne Dovey says:

    All creatures have the right to live a torture and asuse free life. To feel sun. To walk on grass and hage access to water and food. Nobody has the right to make another living beings existence hell.

  7. SOCIETY MUST RECOGNIZE — these psychopaths are A DANGER TO US ALL — they’re hateful, merciless, irrational, mentally deranged, cruel & unconscionable individuals — they belong nowhere near animals! I urge that they be imprisoned for a very long time ALONG WITH payment of a financial penalty AND thrown into a rubber room AND be kept away from animals and other innocent & vulnerable living beings — THROW THEM INTO RUBBER ROOMS! THROW AWAY THE KEY!

  8. Linda Peterson says:

    No animal should be treated so cruel, they are innocent victims and the lowlifes that can do this need to be punished to the max for animal cruelty. These places need to be be inspected with NO notice to see what really goes on or have cameras installed. The cruelty needs to stop NOW and it needs to be taken seriously.

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