Dogs Reportedly Found Covered in Fleas and Painful Sores in Filthy Homes Deserve Justice

Target: Miami County, Ohio Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Kendell

Goal: Give people severe legal sentence for allegedly allowing dogs to run around covered in fleas with painful sores and for allowing cats to live in waste.

Two dogs were allegedly found covered with fleas and sores, while several cats were said to be living inside a residence filled with feces and trash. Although police have not named any suspects, they are looking into charging the people they think to be responsible with animal cruelty. The two dogs were surrendered to authorities, along with four puppies. Two other dogs were allowed to remain at the home.

Police said they found the animals living in two nearby houses. Officers reported there was an overwhelming smell of ammonia inside the home where they found the cats. Two children living in the same house were reportedly running around in dirty diapers and needed baths. Child services may also launch their own investigation. Sign this petition to demand anyone involved in neglecting these animals and children be promptly charged and sentenced, and to further insist that the dogs left inside one of the homes also be rescued if it is found they have been mistreated.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Kendell,

Officers recently searched two houses where they allegedly found animals and children living in unacceptably poor conditions. They reportedly rescued two adult dogs that had fleas and sores on their entire bodies and found cats running around an unsanitary home which contained garbage and feces. Police have not released names of the people they believe to be responsible. However, they will likely arrest anyone involved on animal abuse charges.

Four puppies were also removed from one of the homes, and police concluded the children who lived in the house with the cats were filthy dirty and that their diapers had not been changed in a long time. Authorities allowed two dogs to stay with their owners. The home where the children were found will likely be investigated by child services. We therefore demand you suggest anyone thought to be responsible for the welfare of these animals and children be held accountable under the law if it is found they were neglected or abused, and that you further suggest authorities remove the two other dogs who still remain at one of the homes if it is learned they have been harmed in any way.


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Photo Credit: Megadeath’s Girl

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  1. The abuser needs to be put in a small steel locked cage, no food, water…..forever….Animal abuser/killers need to be severely punished. They are a menace to animals and humans alike. It is well past time they all are punished for the horrors they commit. IN MY OPINION

  2. These people must be low-life bums. How could you let your kids stay in dirty diapers and not be giving them baths??!! How could you let cats urine smell stay in your house when it is so strong?? How can you let your dogs walk around with sores, fleas and ticks eating at them and not do anything about it?? They must not have any money to be able to live clean, normal lives and take care of their children and their animals.

  3. In my opinion if they are found guilty of the charges they should be sentenced and fined accordingly. If they needed help they should have reached out. There are many organizations out there to help people in need so there is no excuse.This is cruel and disgusting behavior toward children and animals and is not acceptable.

  4. Remove the children and animals and put the adults in jail for abuse …and keep them locked up..monsters!

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