Dog Allegedly Left Zipped in Filthy Backpack on Truck Floor Deserves Justice

Target: Wichita County, Texas District Attorney John Gillespie

Goal: Give woman harsh legal sentence for allegedly keeping dog inside a zipped up backpack and leaving the animal to suffer.

A small dog was allegedly tossed inside a zipped up backpack and callously thrown in a truck by the animal’s owner. Joy Jackson was arrested for the apparent crime. She needs to spend time behind bars if she is found guilty of this reported act of animal cruelty to better ensure other animals will not be harmed.

Police were initially called about a possible drunk driver. They reportedly located Jackson inside the vehicle shortly afterwards. Officers allegedly saw a dog’s nose sticking out of a tear in a backpack on the floorboard of the passenger side of the truck. Authorities said it was 97 degrees outside, and they further stated that there was no air conditioning inside the vehicle.

According to reports, the dog could barely stand, and the backpack was filled with waste. The animal was also said to be heavily panting. Jackson was arrested and charged with Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals. Sign this petition to demand she spend time in prison if it is found she committed this horrendous act of animal abuse.


Dear District Attorney Gillespie,

Police arrested Joy Jackson on animal cruelty charges after they allegedly found a dog inside a backpack, who was barely able to breathe. She needs to get a strict legal sentence if she is found guilty so that other animals will be less likely to suffer the same fate.

Jackson was arrested shortly after officers responded to a call about a possible intoxicated driver. She was found inside a truck, and police stated they also found a dog with his nose sticking out of a torn backpack on the passenger’s floorboard side. The animal was reportedly having difficulty standing, panting heavily, and had defecated inside the backpack. Officers also indicated that the outside temperature was almost 100 degrees. Jackson is currently being held for abusing a non-livestock animal. For these reasons, we demand you suggest she receive a strong punishment under the law if she is found guilty of this charge to hopefully keep similar incidences from happening in the future.


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Photo Credit: DMCA

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  1. Cathy Radies says:

    Put this useless bitch into a hot vehicle and lock all doors and windows and let her just die a painful death just like she was hoping would happen to this poor dog. These f*ckers don’t deserve to walk this earth. OMG what a heartless bitch..

    • i would love to know this bitch got the same treatment as she did to this innocent dog….may she rot in hell and NEVER have another day of contentment in her miserable life….an eye for an eye…biotch…

  2. Spawn of the Devil did gjis

  3. The same thing should be done to this bi*ch!

  4. Stupid vile bitch lock her in a hot car in the Texas heat fucking idiot I hate people they are so fucking stupid!

  5. What is wrong with people? Please prosecute and make sure this woman is unable to own pets for the rest of her life. She obviously has no regard for her own life much less this poor dog. I hope the pup was rehomed. Poor baby!

  6. tamara beinlich says:

    Seem this woman is a repeat offender! She needs a lifetime ban on having any animal! Same County same name. Got to be the same woman!

  7. tamara beinlich says:

    Holy cr*p she also did it in 2018 too but killed a pony and a horse had to be removed and euthanized! And she has had 5 DWI’s! OMG are they waiting for the drunk woman to kill someone?

    In 2018, deputies were called to the same home after a dead pony was found on the property outside Iowa Park. The next day, a horse removed from the property had to be put down.

    Jackson’s previous arrests include five for DWI, three for public intoxication, one for a terroristic threat, and one for criminal mischief.

  8. Put these people away under the same conditions!

  9. None of you people know me!! I am not an animal abuser!!! I loved all my kids!!! I have rescued and rehomed so many babies over the years!!! I got sick and stuff got out of hand for a while but I have NEVER ABUSED MY BABIES!!!!!

    • Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

      You’re a poor excuse for a human being. Hopefully you will rot in prison. Hope your sweet little dog will find a loving home

    • Get fucked you animal abusing cunt! You will rot in hell for all your crimes against defenceless animals. God is watching you bitch, KARMA coming your way soon, hopefully with a poker up your useless ass!

    • I know her I live next door to her she does not take care of her animals whatsoever they are starved to death no water health food no vet care very poor conditions to live in I have watched the animals die for over two years now just from starvation and no care she is a worthless piece of crap

      • She is a crazy worthless piece of s*** that I have to live next to and have seen this go on for over two years and the local authorities will not do anything about it. She is a worthless piece of crap and needs to be put in jail

    • She is a crazy worthless piece of s*** that I have to live next to and have seen this go on for over two years and the local authorities will not do anything about it

  10. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    Someone should zip her up in a body bag and let her suffer. Rot in hell bitch

  11. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    Prosecute this bitch to the full extent of the law and hopefully someone will beat the living shit out of her. She is looking for sympathy, but none can be given.NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL ABUSE!

  12. Google Joy Jackson and animal cruelty and see the stories about her

  13. Her husband is paying her way and allowing her to do all of this so he is also accountable 4 the cruelty

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