Stop Capture of Royal Pythons for Meat and Profit on Black Market

Target: The Honourable Barbara Creecy, Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries of South Africa

Goal: Stop the mistreatment, capture, and slaughter of royal pythons in Africa.

Thousands of royal pythons are captured every day in Africa, either to be sold as pets on the black market or slaughtered wholesale, their bodies butchered for meat or medicine. The capture process alone is harmful, with hunters ripping the creatures from their habitat and stuffing them into sacks. Pregnant females are kept on ranches, their babies sold as pets almost immediately after birth. Many of these snakes die in transit, and the ones that are unlucky enough to be killed are butchered in horrendous fashion.

Recent studies have shown that the cold-blooded python can feel emotional and mental distress as easily as warm-blooded creatures. Captured snakes suffer from anxiety, fear, pain, and other negative emotions as they are kept in tiny enclosures, unable to move or breathe or eat a balanced diet. These creatures are treated like mere chattel, with over a million sold every year for monetary gain.

This is all one small part of the greater bushmeat trade across Africa, which is already targeting giraffes and other innocent wildlife. We must put a stop to it immediately. Sign this petition to demand Africa stop their capture and sale of snakes, to help put an end to the bushmeat trade.


Dear Minister Creecy,

Millions of royal pythons are sold on the black market every year as pets, to be slaughtered for the bushmeat trade, or to be used as medicine. Every day, thousands of the snakes are ripped from their caves and forced into tiny enclosures. Pregnant females are kept on ranches and bred constantly, their babies sold almost immediately after birth. Many of these snakes do not survive the transport across the globe. Those that are not sold as pets are killed gruesomely, used as meals, or consumed for their supposed medicinal properties.

The bushmeat trade is already destroying several other species, such as the giraffe. You must put a stop to this immediately. These creatures deserve better than to be captured and sold like common objects for a profit. Help put an end to the bushmeat trade by banning the capture and slaughter of royal pythons.


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Photo Credit: The Reptilarium

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  1. This is truly awful. No wild animal should be raised as a pet!! Please end the slaughter and trade of the beautiful royal python.

  2. No precious and defenceless sentient beings are safe from the vile and evil human species.
    It is time to start eradicating all animal torturers and animal murderers from our planet. The precious and innocent wildlife and all animals must be protected from the animal torturing murdering lowlife human species.They are the vilest of animal torturers and animal murderering species worldwide.

  3. Will Governments learn nothing from the enormous cost of Covid19 – they should all be banning, with significant legal ramifications,the bushmeat trade, poaching and ‘wet’ markets – and make it their number one priority.

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