Cat Torn Limb From Limb in Instagram Video Deserves Justice

Target: Florida State Attorney for the 4th Judicial District Melissa W. Nelson

Goal: Find and punish person who tore cat limb from limb and stomped puppy to death.

A puppy was stomped on repeatedly before the animal finally died, and a live cat was torn apart limb from limb by hand. Whoever is responsible for this repulsive animal cruelty needs to spend the maximum amount of time in prison, so that such horrific acts will never happen again.

Horrifying videos of these incidents were posted on Instagram, along with a cryptic message that said the perpetrator would continue to hurt animals if they did not get 500 followers. Police think that the person who posted these videos also posted pictures of someone lighting cats on fire. The pain and suffering these animals must have felt during their final moments of life is unimaginable. Sign this petition to demand this person be found and put behind bars for the longest amount of time possible, so that other animals will be less likely to suffer the same horrific fate.


Dear State Attorney Nelson,

Videos and pictures showing disturbing acts of animal cruelty were recently posted on Instagram. One video shows a struggling cat being ripped apart by someone’s hand, and another shows a person stomping on a puppy multiple times until the animal dies. Whoever committed these disgusting crimes needs to receive the harshest legal sentence to better ensure other animals will remain safe.

The person who posted these videos is also suspected of posting pictures of cats being set on fire. Animal Care and Protective Services is currently looking for the individual who committed these shameful crimes. A message on the Instagram account where the footage was posted insinuated that animals would continue to be tortured if the person responsible for posting the videos and pictures did not get 500 followers.

We therefore demand that if this person is caught, they be given the strictest penalty the law will allow to hopefully make it so other animals will not be forced to endure similar pain, or death.


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Photo Credit: Estin Gic Gic

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  1. I’m not lying when I say it would be very easy to end this person’s life, all I would do is think about the pain and suffering this person inflicted on these poor defenseless animals while laughing about it. I hate this person and I’ve never met him. I’m sure there will be outrage over my comments and I’m sorry for that but I hate people who cause harm, pain and death on the defenseless.

  2. Mitra Pejman says:

    I just can’t imagine a person thinking about doing such a barbaric thing let alone actually doing it!!! 😢 What, disgusting, sick, evil person could do something like this???? 😢

    • This will go on and these petitions will do nothing sadly. Everyone just put the Instagram ,youtube and internet to rest. Dont give a platform for these psychopaths, and if you ever see or have the means to hunt down, do take them out with extreme suffering , and torch the bodies.

  3. This person and the others responsible must be found and their information needs to be made public so they can answer to the public, hunted down and made to feel the most unspeakable pain and suffering one can imagine. I have some ideas!

  4. Cathy Radies says:

    Rob – I am in agreement with you 100% and if the “do gooders” in this world take offence to the comments – too bad – no animals ever deserve to be abused in any manner. This person deserves a bullet between the eyes – the end of another ” waste of skin.”

  5. I sincerely wish I could kill this MF, I would feel like I deserved a pat on the back for it, for ridding this world of that waste of oxygen hell bound worthless evil maggot. Though maggots have a purpose in life, I pray this SOB’s only purpose is to suffer like a MF- much much longer than this poor beautiful kitty did God bless him. God bless him and all other innocent creatures killed by those who shouldn’t even be breathing. I pray that he will suffer much much worse, by burning in hell thru eternity. Screaming, screaming, screaming- always screaming.

  6. Larry Menden says:

    The person who did this should be torn limb from limb!!!

  7. Sandy Menden says:

    Animal abusers should receive the death penalty!

  8. Euthanasia is the ONLY acceptable punishment for people who commit such violent psychotic acts like this. A lifetime in jail is too kind. This is pure evil sociopathic behavior and they don’t deserve to live.

  9. When this piece of shit soulless asshole goes to prison, I hope some follow inmate, who loved a pet dog or cat, does the same thing to this bastard. NO ONE wants to share the planet with this piece of shit, and we should not have to. NO living creature will be safe as long as he walks the earth.

  10. OMG I AGREE WITH 100%!! And anyone who doesn’t has no heart. I would very seriously love to see that evil heartless SOB stop breathing in a very very VERY painful way.

  11. james waldo says:

    Handcuff all pieces of shits responsible to a guard rail and chain both legs to back bumper of V8 muscle car and put the peddle to the metal. Videotape and post online. Amen gracias

  12. Maybe it’s time to just blow up the earth so that evil CAN’T win anymore.

  13. Anyone capable of such a heinous crime should not be living on this planet. This vile subhuman should be removed from society permanently. A bullet is what they really need, no mercy. Justice for the murdered animals, may you rest in peace.

  14. I agree with all of these comments! This person needs to be tortured and i would gladly volunteer to do it to this evil sack of putrid shitbag!

  15. Find the deviant responsible & thrown his ass in jail.Hopefully he will receive daily beatings for his heinous act

  16. I agree with all y’all! whoever did this should be killed of have to suffer the way those poor helpless animals did.


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