Save the Blue Macaw From Extinction Due to Devastating Wildfires

Target: Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil

Goal: Provide funding to rebuild blue macaw sanctuary.

A fire wreaked havoc on a Brazilian wildlife sanctuary that was home to 15% of the world’s blue macaw population. São Francisco do Perigara is a cattle ranch and bird sanctuary in Mato Grosso state and is comprised of more than 61,000 acres of land. Ana Maria Barreto, owner of the preserve, said, “It is very sad to see decades of my family work, years taking care and preserving nature, for this to happen.” More than 70% of the preserve’s vegetation was burned in the fire.

The preservation is home to about 700-1,000 blue macaws, the largest known population of the birds in the world. Across the globe, it is estimated that only 6,500 blue macaws exist. The species, which only live in Brazil, are threatened by extinction. While environmental conservationists believe that the majority of the birds were able to escape the blaze, the destruction of the vegetation on the reserve means that the population could run out of food and face starvation.

The fires, which ave been affecting the area since August 1, are under control, but Seargeant Rogério Perdigão of the Mato Grosso do Sul Fire Department is not overly optimistic: “Every day is a surprise. We cannot say that we won, because that is not how it works, but we will continue the battle.” Based on the high temperatures and parched conditions, fires that have been controlled could reignite.

Sign this petition to urge Bazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to provide financial aide for the wildlife sanctuary to rebuild the home of the endangered blue macaws.


Dear President Bolsonaro,

Blue macaws are threatened by extinction and have a wold population of only an estimated 6,500. About 15% of these birds call São Francisco do Perigara sanctuary home. This wildlife preserve lost as much as 70% of its vegetation to fires that ripped through the Mato Grosso state in early August.

The blue macaws will starve if their habitat is not rebuilt. I urge you to provide funding for the sanctuary so that they can rebuild their forests and save the blue macaw.


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Photo Credit: Daderot



  1. Patrick Butler says:

    These delicate lives are precious, and, irreplaceable!

  2. Patrick Butler says:

    Beautiful and vulnerable…help them!

  3. Infelizmente, eu, brasileiro sou testemunha de que de nada adianta pedir ao Sr. Jair Messias Bolsonaro que tome qualquer tipo de providência para proteger o meio ambiente. Isso aqui está uma lástima.

  4. The precious Blue Maqcaw must be protected.
    Please provide funding to rebuild a Blue Macaw Sanctuary which these precious birds need.
    They are beautiful and vulnerable and need help immediately.

  5. Please provide whatever means necessary to preserve this international treasure. I would be more than happy to lend a hand in any capacity.

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