Stop Cruelty Toward Animals at Pork Farm


Target: Terry J. Holton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Seaboard Foods

Goal: Increase surveillance and inspections at pork farm where animal abuse is allegedly rampant.

Employees at a pig farm were allegedly caught beating, abusing, and even killing animals on a recent undercover video taken by a Mercy for Animals member at a Seaboard Foods farm. The video depicts employees hitting pigs in the face and body with large coffee cans filled with rocks, beating them with boards, and shooting them in the head in front of other animals. In past years, Seaboard Foods has been accused of improper animal handling procedures, improper disposal of waste, and deceptive claims about the welfare of the animals on its farms.

In response to the incident, Seaboard Foods launched an internal investigation. According to a written statement, five employees and two supervisors were fired in response to the cruelty. The nation’s third-largest pork producer reaffirmed its commitment to the proper treatment of animals, claiming it has a “zero tolerance policy for improper animal handling.” Seaboard Foods has made similar claims each time it has become embroiled in animal cruelty controversy, yet the maltreatment allegedly continues. It seems that the measures taken to prevent similar cruelty are ineffective and insufficient.

Animal cruelty is rampant in industrial farming operations, in part due to the fact that animals are treated as commodities rather than living, sentient beings. In order to put a stop to the abuse for good, a complete overhaul of the system is necessary, including drastically increased surveillance of employees and more frequent inspections. Sign the petition below to demand that Seaboard Foods create and implement an aggressive plan to prevent abuse of animals at its farms.


Dear Mr. Terry J. Holton,

An undercover Mercy for Animals investigation recently revealed alleged abuse at a Seaboard Foods farm in Colorado. Employees were reportedly found beating animals with boards and coffee cans filled with rocks, and even shooting pigs in the head while surrounded by other animals.

While seven employees were fired in response to the incident, recurring complaints against Seaboard Foods suggest that not enough is being done to deter animal cruelty, as several charges of animal cruelty, improper disposal of waste, and deceptive animal welfare claims have been filed against Seaboard Foods in the past. We, the undersigned, demand that you step up to ensure that all employees are treating animals respectfully by increasing surveillance and inspections.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Scott Bauer, USDA

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  1. Hur är människor skapta som kan göra så mot djur !! Oförlåtligt !! Karma !

  2. I will definitely never, ever buy any of their products. THOSE EMPLOYES NEED TO BE FIRED.

    • All those sentient, feeling animals are not “PRODUCTS,” no matter WHERE you buy them from. Just stop buying ANY of their dead bodies, and REALLY make a difference in the world.

  3. Christine Luffey says:

    These low life scum bag cowards need to be fired and prosecuted. What comes around, goes around. They will burn in hell. Hopefully, sooner than later!

  4. This petition says what needs to be said: “A complete
    overhaul of the system is necessary, including drastically increased surveillance of employees and more frequent inspections…” But even that is not enough — more of us Americans need to speak out against this cruelty and demand that we will not allow it ANYMORE! The first best way to protest is by not buying or eating meat — the problem is, TOO FEW people will see these cruelty photos, or they will look away and try to deny it…Think about it: if these were farms where children were being tortured and killed, nobody would stand for it…Or even if these were animal shelters where dogs and cats were being tortured, more people would atleast care?
    But if you do enough research, you will find that pigs
    are so much like dogs in almost every way — emotion-
    ally, intelligently, they like belly rubs and wag their
    tails, they come in all colors with different colored
    eyes, and they dream in their sleep, to name a few
    likenesses to dogs…The way our world treats pigs is
    like an extreme form of racism, and it needs to STOP….
    To some of us, seeing pigs treated cruelly is just like
    seeing children treated cruelly…and just like seeing
    dogs or cats or other animals being treated cruelly…
    Animals are innocent victims! We cannot and should not
    allow any businesses where people are given freedom to
    run around rampantly abusing animals…If the president
    wanted to, he could order an immediate crackdown on
    all animal farms and slaughterhouses (couldn’t he?)…
    and put body cameras on everyone…No society can call
    itself civilized, if it allows animals to be treated
    this way…This needs to be another civil rights move-
    ment, (without violence), because the cruelty is out
    of control….

    • Ditto to all that! The REAL cause is a society that has subconsciously agreed to keep being a passive, yet active, part of all this abuse, and nothing less than a good, long, hard look in the mirror, is going to stop it. ALL these animals, birds, and others are made to suffer, no matter where or when, and even the so-dubbed “humane” ‘farming’ is a farce. There is NOTHING “humane” about ANY of it.

  5. Meg Dolan says:

    I’m right there with you Heidi!

  6. This is FAR more than mere “deception” and “improper” procedure. It’s outright irreverence to life. There is NO SUCH THING as “pork” to begin with. That’s just a sick, convenient label designed for pigs, put in use to create a sense of separation between them and humans, and thereby assuage proper and rightful GUILT within the masses for treating them AS IF they are nothing but “products” for our selfish and wrongful use. How dumb IS the public anyway, that they can’t see that? If you wouldn’t do such things to children, you have NO INHERENT RIGHT to do that to any other living, feeling, sentient being. And if you don’t like that, too bad, so sad, it’s still the bare TRUTH of the matter. SHUT THESE PLACES DOWN OUTRIGHT, by NOT keeping them alive through sales of the hell-on-earth they’re marketing.

  7. Mary Isselhard says:

    Stop eating all meat and put them out of business.

  8. anna poggesi says:

    Ho molto dolore per i nostri amati animali causato da chi fa loro del male.

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