Kittens Reportedly Thrown From Moving Vehicle Deserve Justice

Target: Gwinnett County, Georgia District Attorney Danny Porter

Goal: Give man prison sentence for allegedly throwing numerous kittens out of a moving car.

Multiple kittens were allegedly thrown from a moving vehicle. The person responsible for this crime needs to receive a harsh legal penalty, to ensure more animals will not be harmed in a similar manner.

The incident reportedly happened in July, but L. Mims was only recently arrested by authorities in connection with the apparent crime. Unfortunately, Philip Housand, the officer who responded to the call, was only able to locate one of the kittens. It is not known how old the young animals were at the time of the alleged incident. However, kittens need to be with their mothers for the first five weeks of their life before they are able to function on their own. It is therefore unlikely that the other kittens survived if they were less than five weeks old at the time of the reported incident.

Animals never deserve this type of treatment. Sign this petition to demand Mims spend time behind bars if it is found he committed this thoughtless act.


Dear District Attorney Porter,

A man named L. Mims was recently brought up on animal cruelty charges for reportedly throwing multiple kittens out of a moving car. He needs to spend time in prison if it is found he committed this heartless act, so that other animals will be less likely to suffer.

Officer Philip Housand started investigating the alleged incident in July. Sadly, he only found one kitten after arriving on the scene. It is very possible that the other kittens were run over by unsuspecting drivers, or died as a result of obtaining serious injuries. They could have also perished, because they did not spend the amount of time kittens need to spend with their mothers before they are able to make it on their own.

This type of animal cruelty should not be tolerated. We therefore demand you suggest Mims receive a strict legal sentence if it is found he committed this thoughtless act of animal cruelty, so that other animals will be less likely to experience the same fate.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Helena Jacoba

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  1. Someone needs to make sure this piece of trash can never harms another animal.

  2. This madness makes me crazy. What kind of people do this kind of thing? They should be punished the full extent of the law.


  4. Please don’t hurt this precious kitten

  5. Find the sick freak that did this and throw into traffic on hightway during rush hour!

  6. Punish this man severely for this horrendous act of cruelty! These were innocent kittens that he tossed into oncoming traffic with no remorse. Animal cruelty needs to come with maximum punishment to end the cruelty and torture. Those evil enough to commit such crimes deserve maximum punishment.

  7. Lock up UNBALANCED Mr. L. Mims — options were available — the depraved cruelty and indifference to KITTENS is heartbreaking — hold this IDIOT accountable — PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST be SEVERE — ensure this MONSTER never again adopts AND does NOT come anywhere NEAR Animals — EVER AGAIN.

  8. Cook this human waste for animal food

  9. BASTARDS!!! Do the same treatment to them💀

  10. I agree with everyone who says this vile bastard needs the same thing done to them.

  11. Nadine brundage says:

    Low life demented piece of shit should be euthanized. Poor innocent kittens suffered at the hands of subhuman scum. This asshole has no place on this planet. Get rid of excess nut jobs,

    • Katherine Sprague says:

      To euthanize is to kill mercifully. This piece of crap deserves none! Make it painful and agonizing so he suffers as much as possible!

  12. Shane Paul says:

    Sick mfkrs like this deserve to be tortured. I’m just down the road from Gwinnett Co. If anyone finds the address or any contact info for this POS before I do, send it to me. It’s time for somebody to do something about these punk ass cowards that just hurt defenseless animals for no reason. I’ll post a video for everyone after I’m done with him.

  13. Mark Wright says:

    Fucking motherfucking asshole should be strung up with piano wire. Why are shit like this being born?

  14. Lock this guy up and let the inmates have at him!!!

  15. Dr. Dagmar Görz-Lenzen says:

    Disgusting scum-creature! I pray, that this zombie will be thrown on the streets, when he is old, ill or needs help. Insane, evil brain!

  16. POS lowlife scum of the earth, I wish someone out there would find this fucking freak and use him as target practice than tie him up and feed him to the gators

  17. Whenever we find one of these sadists we must do the only humane and responsible thing: permanently incarcerate them and prohibit them from all contact with animals, children or any decent people and prohibit them from breeding. May all such sadists perish fro the Earth.

  18. Show a picture of this scum bag asshole so people know what a piece of garbage/animal abuser looks like!!
    He should be scared to death to walk out of his front door!

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