Remove Dams to Protect Endangered Salmon and Orcas

Target: Robyn Thorson, Director of the Pacific Region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Remove the lower Snake River dams to save salmon and protect Southern Resident orcas.

Salmon and orcas in the Pacific Northwest continue to suffer from a set of dams that environmentalists and indigenous groups have been pushing to remove for years. The lower Snake River dams stop salmon from reaching the ocean, resulting in population decline and a reduced food source for orcas. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers failed to recognize the disastrous effects the dams have had on Northwest wildlife, claiming in a recent report that there was no need to remove them.

The review carried out by the federal government was supposed to consider the best ways to support endangered salmon species. The decision claiming dam removal is not needed was met by outcry from the scientific community. Scientists have long pushed for the dams to be removed because of the ecological damage they cause.

Dams prevent salmon from swimming upstream to where they spawn, making it difficult for them to reproduce. This results in a decline in salmon, which orcas depend on to survive. When there are fewer salmon, the orcas don’t have anything to eat. Both orcas and salmon are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Despite this legal protection, no plans have been made to remove the dams that are doing them the most harm.

These endangered species deserve real action to protect them from extinction. Sign the petition below to demand that the Snake River Dams be removed to protect salmon and orcas.


Dear Ms. Thorson,

A federal review of the Columbia River dams neglected the advice of scientists and failed to consider how salmon and orcas are affected by the dams. Real action must be taken to ensure the survival of salmon and orca species. They are endangered and have both suffered from the existence of the dams on Snake River. These dams stop salmon from swimming upstream and spawning, causing their population to decline. Orcas depend on salmon for their food source.

Scientists have been pushing for the Snake River dams to be removed for years because of their detrimental effect on both salmon and orcas. I demand you heed their advice and expertise before two endangered species are lost forever.


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Photo Credit: Greg Schechter

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  1. The sceience is there! Remove the dams! There are other alternatives for power,shipping and irrigation.

  2. Why does this target US FWS? They have no jurisdiction over the dams, salmon, or marine mammals. The National Marine Fisheries Service oversees salmon & orcas; US ACE, BPA, & Bureau of Reclamation manage the dams. US FWS has no authority to change anything.

      • They are completely separate agencies in charge of different things, and they don’t have authority over other agencies. There’s no chain of command. I completely support the ask of the petition but it’s targeting the wrong people. It’s like asking legislators in Kentucky to change the laws in California.

  3. The ARMY CORPS OF ENGENEER has spent millions of dollars on ramps so that the fish can make it upstream…go visit and you can sit and watch as the fish travel through these ramps. They need to look into NETFISHING! That is what’s leaving the waters bare…this is causing way more problems than anything else…if this was stopped then the fish would have a chance to make it upstream to spawn…netfishing people, this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed!!!

  4. Jacqui Skill says:


  5. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    How many YEARS has the American public demanded the REMOVAL OF THE LOWER SNAKE RIVER DAMS? How much MORE scientific evidence do you need showing the removal of these dams is VITAL TO THE SURVIVAL OF SALMON, and orcas? WHEN WILL YOU ACT???

  6. Remove the lower Snake River dams to save salmon and protect Southern Resident orcas. Think of the precious animals And stop your GREED!!!

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