Free Lolita the Orca After 50 Years in Captivity

Target: Eric Eimstad, General Manager of Miami Seaquarium

Goal: Relocate Lolita the orca to a seaside sanctuary where she can live in her natural habitat with enough space.

2020 marks the fiftieth year that Lolita, a Southern resident orca, has spent in captivity at a Miami water attraction. At Miami Seaquarium, Lolita lives in the smallest orca tank in the world. The tank itself is barely bigger than she is, with a maximum depth of 20 feet. In the open ocean orcas can swim a hundred miles in a day and dive extremely deep. Imagine living in a bathtub. That’s how Lolita has been forced to live for the past fifty years.

Lolita was captured and taken from her pod in the Pacific Northwest fifty years ago. While we as humans may not think of animals as having their own families, they do. Orcas in particular have a unique social life. They communicate to each other through a distinct set of sounds, and they can be miles apart while they do it. Orcas also live with their pods their entire lives and have strong familial bonds. For Lolita, being ripped from her family and forced to live in a tiny enclosed space without any other orcas was extremely traumatic.

Along with the trauma of being separated from her pod and being confined to what is essentially a cage, Lolita lives in unhealthy and unsafe conditions. Besides the clearly unnatural experience of living in an aquarium, Lolita has also been wounded by dolphins that rake their teeth along her back and has had stress ulcers, sunburns, and infections. The Miami Seaquarium has treated these medical problems with antibiotics, but they wouldn’t have happened if Lolita was living in her natural habitat: the ocean.

After fifty years in captivity, Lolita is not adapted to life in the wild, open ocean. However, she could be moved to a sanctuary of enclosed ocean where she would have space to move and marine experts could track her recovery. Lolita deserves a better life; she deserved that fifty years ago when she was captured, and she deserves it now more than ever. Sign the petition below to demand that Lolita be relocated to an ocean sanctuary.


Dear Mr. Eimstad,

Lolita the orca has been in captivity for fifty years, trapped in the tiniest orca tank in the world and separated from her pod in the Pacific Northwest. She frequently suffers from ailments like sunburns, infections, and stress ulcers, which have resulted from her captivity. If she were living in the ocean, medical problems like these would not arise. While she cannot be set free into the ocean because she is not adapted to living in the wild, she needs to be relocated to a sanctuary where she can swim large distances and live in her natural habitat, which is not a zoo.

Lolita needs the space to move around and her relocation is long overdue. She was ripped from her family fifty years ago and has been kept in unhealthy conditions since then. I demand that you free Lolita and move her to a seaside sanctuary where she can be healthy.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Leonardo Dasilva

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  1. Jaime Perez says:

    Oh my goodness, when are they going to free poor Lolita?? This controversy has been going on for a long time. Let her go, let her live out her life in peace and safety. Such cruel, greedy humans!!

  2. I remember seeing Lolita as a kid on a family trip to the Miami Seaquarium in the 1980s. At the time, they also had one of the several dolphins who played Flipper. I am shocked and saddened to learn that Lolita is still in that tiny tank, forced to perform the same degrading stunts, after all these years. Please let Lolita retire in peace. She has been exploited and isolated from her own kind for 50 years already. Please let her live out her remaining years in peace and health at a seaside sanctuary. Enough is enough.

  3. Muriel Servaege says:

    Am happy Lolita is going to be released after 50 years (i.e. half a century) for no other reason than being an orca. Horrendous. But there are still obstacles she’ll have to face: she will be lonely, not among a school of orcas, she has never learned methods to catch fish, etc. etc. Who will help her now?

    • Curb your happiness. They have not agreed to free Lolita from her teeny-tiny tank, yet. We’ve been petitioning them for decades and money is still more important to them.

  4. Jane Todaro says:

    Lolita was wild and should never have been taken from the ocean!!!!!! She should be sent to a seaside sanctuary pronto, if not sooner!!!!! What is the matter with some people?????!!!!!!

  5. Relocate Lolita the orca to a seaside sanctuary where she can live out her life in her natural habitat with enough space.
    Lolita deserves a better life; she deserved that fifty years ago when she was captured, and she deserves it now more than ever.
    I demand that Lolita be relocated to an ocean sanctuary.

  6. Always the rotten vile and evil money hungry lowlife human species who are the monsters who commit this sadism and evilness against our precious and innocent wildlife and animals.
    It is about time that all money hungry and greedy animal and wildlife torturers and murderers were eradicated from our planet.
    The vile and evil human species are deliberately destroying our planet and causing the extinction of our precious wildlife purely for their greed.

  7. Torah Wolf Torah Wolf says:

    And whatever terrible things people like this impose on others be it animal or human… God says ten times worse will happen to them.

  8. Not Applicable says:

    This is soon disgusting, its UNBELIEVEABLE!
    After recently finding out that the Automotive Insurance Company, AAA, not only SUPPORTS the mistreatment of Lolita, but they’ve been giving downright disturbing discounts to those who book a trip to Sea World where Lolita is, for MUCH less than the original package price. This is another issue that this nonsense “COVID” program is hauling along with MANY, MANY more urgent, disturbing issues.
    Believe me or not, my fiance was born with 1/2 sized lungs and 1/2 sized heart, a concave chest among other medical issues. He is THE TOP, like above a #1 person at risk of ‘catching “COVID”, and yet, him and I, since 2017, have HAND DELIVERED Newspapers straight out of ‘The Epicenter of “COVID”‘ and yet, neither of US, nor a single soul from the 7 other newspaper depots which carry these VERY well known and in high demand, newspapers!
    Do you HONESTLY BELIEVE that they would allow for one of the ‘media’ workers to “come down with”, “catch” or “contract” this “COVID” virus?! Really?! Are y’all REALLY THAT progra- at, ‘conditioned’ to believing EVERY. DAMN. WORD. that comes out of a news broadcasters mouth?
    You DO understand that ONLY 6 corporations OWN every millisecond thats aired on international, national and local television?!
    You DO know that, RIGHT?!
    This entire thing, you know what, go take a peek at @Greenpeace on Instagram. Check the photos back to BEFORE “COVID” and you tell ME, that “COVID” (your Government FACTUALLY) has not a single ulterior motive to doing everything they have thus far?!
    There IS TONS MORE cominng. Changes, to your daily life, that will be gorced, just like how many were reluctant to jump on the ‘Technology’ wagon and THIS, “COVID”, was a ploy to get everyone going cashless, (dont want to ‘catch that virus’) to get YOUR FACE, programmed into their facial recognition system, which is going GLOBAL now! Stores that dont abide, are being shut down. That way, in the future, when there REALLY IS a serious ‘pandemic’ then the Gov will be ready and all have everything ready and can keep track of everything you do, buy desire, etc (theyre already keeping track of everything you watch- I dont believe in enabling and supporting 6 corporations to tell ME (or others such as my own or other people’s children) what to do, watch, buy, etc. No thanks. Y’all can pay all you want, its just not allowed in MY house- EVER!) Its just not something I’ll allow.

    Really though, go look at GreenPeace’s page on Instagram, those 300-500+ THOUSAND people who left jobs to protest things that STILL NEED to change, NEED to be given another look at, point of view, etc. The Gov needed a way to restrict everyone from NOT working bc, like it or not, I have KNKWN, SEEN and sat back and observed the fact that, (in MANY areas of the Government/society) “THEY” arent ACTUALLY out to ‘do good’, to ‘do the right thing’ or let alone, ensure YOUR children have a better or brighter future than most of us had in school growing up!
    You people NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYES!
    THIS articke, for instance, kids/adults/’individuals’, (I will NOT call these- ‘individuals’- HUMAN, because they are anything BUT)enabling, watching, negatuvely commenting, bitching them out for being a shitty ‘individuals’, are psychotic and narcissistic! Period!
    But on social media, y’all keep enabling these types of people. By watching alone, you’re playing into the platforms algorithm and putting their stuff up front with all these”likes”.
    NEWS FLASH: I dont know if many of you realize this BUUUT- being “Insta famous”, actually means NOTHING in the REAL world.
    So you wont actually be recognized by ANYONE in your commmunity PLUS, you just end up with an ego too big for your shoulders or ‘brain’ (some I would call that, ‘a pimple between their shoulder blades’)

    Regardless, STOP watching the “news” as thats telling you everything is “fake news” when it isnt actually “fake news”, it just doesnt follow the agenda of the Gov, soo..

    I personally, work alongside with my fiance doing this newspaper delivery job and I, unlike many others, I’ve watched all of the nonsense from day 1, when I was a child growing up, asking questions about “life”, what the ‘rules & law’s, REALLY are! I also, dont have ANYTHING to lose, because I’ve grown up dependent on MY. SELF. ONLY. I grow my own food’s, rarely EVER go buying materialistic junk, let alone charge $75 “SUPREME” t-shirts, just to ‘impress’ strangers on social media when….
    …are those strangers going to 110% guaranteed to pay YOUR bills? What about your credit card debt- TO impress them? Hows about your electric bill? Yeah, I didnt think so.
    You MAY want to start thinking, doing and serving yourself, your community, your neighbor, your local restaurants- NOT the “Government”! “THEY”, are so far removed from, ‘serving’ “the people”, its not even funny anymore.
    Its become downright, disgusting, gut wrenching and appalling! The way YOU’VE been living, has been in the dark.

    If YOU end up believing, the way the world is NOW, the way that ‘school’ is run, the way other services like Domestic Violence, the care of animals of our planet, other humans, etc is ALL “just fine the way it IS, NOW!”
    Then YOU, have a VERY horrible outlook on life and you are damning your children to a life of struggling and hardship rather than fixing and correcting these issues!

    Stand up for your children, if nothing else.
    Stand up for these poor animals.
    In MUY state, I’m unsure if its a law- YET, but it does seem like theres something in regards to- if youre foubd to be neglectful or any animals, then you CANNOT have custody or any children, left in your care or home. The same goes vice versa.
    I’m glad this is finally happening and becoming a THING!

    IF YOU abuse ANY type of animal, YOU, you sad, pathetic ‘individual’, you DO NOT, need to have ANY children.

    IF YOU, abuse ANY children, other people’s children, etc, then YOU, DO NOT deserve to own ANY type of dependent creature with a heartbeat!
    E V E R !
    I am personally, PUSHING + standing behind this stance!
    Don’t like it? Don’t like ME?
    I’m sorry, I DON’T have the time to care about what YOU think nor feel about me. That’s YOUR business and YOUR twisted opinion alone.


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