Dog Reportedly Slammed Against Wall and Swung by the Neck Deserves Justice

Target: Gwinnett County, Georgia District Attorney Danny Porter

Goal: Give woman harshest legal sentence for allegedly beating dog severely and leaving her to suffer alone on the balcony.

Ashten Nicole Goeckel was allegedly caught on camera choking her dog and slamming the poor animal against a wall. If she is found guilty of this crime, she needs to spend the maximum time behind bars to hopefully prevent other animals from enduring the same fate.

Video footage appears to show Goeckel hitting the dog with her shoe. She then allegedly swung her by the neck and hit her against the wall many times, before callously dropping her on the balcony floor and walking away. Goeckel reportedly told officers that she had lost her temper. Authorities charged Goeckel with animal cruelty shortly afterwards.

There is never a good excuse to treat an animal like this. It is therefore important that Goeckel receive the severest legal sentence if she is found guilty of these acts, so that other animals will be less likely to suffer.


Dear District Attorney Porter,

Police recently charged Ashten Nicole Goeckel with animal cruelty after she was allegedly seen on video beating her dog. She needs to spend the most time in prison the law will allow, so that this is less likely to happen again.

Goeckel was said to hit her dog numerous times with a shoe. She reportedly also yanked the animal up by her neck and slammed her against a wall repeatedly. Goekel allegedly walked away afterwards, leaving her dog to suffer in pain on the balcony floor.

This type of animal cruelty should never be tolerated. For these reasons, we demand you suggest Goekel get the strictest punishment allowed by law if it is found she committed these thoughtless acts of animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Inarieklof

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  1. Life sentence for this bitch!
    Justice for the dog!

  2. Christine Nuttall says:

    Take her by the throat and slam her against a wall. Evil bitch needs locking up and the key thrown away. Even better if the inmates got hold of her!!

  3. Just kill that bitch
    One criminal less

  4. Cathy Radies says:

    Throw this bitch against the wall until she is no longer breathing.
    What an ignorant piece of shit – make sure she gets the harshest penalty available. This poor dog never deserved to be treated in this horrible fashion.

  5. Nehmt diese elende Schlampe und schlagt sie gegen die Wand, verdammt soll sie sein.

  6. Rosie Cerda says:

    Stupid bitch. Make sure and never return that poor fur baby to her and never, ever allow her to own a dog. She’s not worthy of their love and compassion. I hope she rots in hell.

  7. Deborah L Bukowski says:

    This psycho woman needs the most extreme punishment for abusing this sweet little dog. If she has an anger problem she needs locked away and thrown in the sanitarium. Post her picture and name so we all can see.

  8. What a piece of shit! I volunteer to lose my temper and inflict all sorts of torturous pain on this psycho. She doesn’t deserve to exist. I hope she burns for this vile act.

  9. The vile and evil lowlife psychopathic animal torturing bitch Ashten Nicole Goeckel must be brought to Justice and jailed for life. I believe all animal torturers and animal murderers deserve the death penalty.And this evil bitch Ashten Nicole Goeckel definately deserves the death penalty. Kill the vile and evil lowlife slut of a bitch slowly. Leave it for all the animal lovers and they will soon let this evil bitch suffer in agony before this slut of a bitch dies in agony.Kill it. Burn in hell you filthy lowlife slut of a bitch from hell. An eye for an eye.
    I am sickened by your comment “if this evil bitch
    Ashten Nicole Goeckel is found guilty” you know this evil bitch is guilty and must be punished severely – Kill it.

    • Thinkaboutit says:

      Wow! Ms Woodburn you have some personal issues here. Using her name multiple times? Be careful, what goes around comes around. Looks like help in needed but name calling is not necessary. I really don’t think you said anything.

    • Agree Bev

  10. Pam Jarosik says:

    If the doggy needs a home, please let me know.

  11. I would love to take one of my 4″ stiletto heels and the beat the shit out of her!!!

  12. The law prevents us to do the same to Ashten Nicole Goeckel as she definitely would deserve it.So to get some form of justice for those that are helpless against these EVIL MONSTERS. We count on our Prosecutors and Judges.Please sentence this EVIL MONSTER to the maximum amount of time in prison or jail that is allowed by your law PLEASE NO SLAP ON THE WRIST PLEASE

  13. Carolyn J. Paurowski says:

    This person should never have had a pet in the first place, and should Not be allowed near any animals or allowed to have any pet in the future, especially after this horrendous incident! When you have a pet (any animal) you take on a responsibility to take care of that pet, and to insure it is safe and well. Someone who has these kind of anger issues, needs treatment and she should not be adopting or keeping any animals anymore. She would probably do this to a child as well, and next time she will kill an innocent animal. I hope she doesn’t have any children – God help them if she does – they need to get away from her as well. She has to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No slap on the wrist, but a very stiff fine, enough jail time, and she should never be allowed near any animal again — She needs definitely mental help or anger management help, as there is definitely something wrong with her to act so violently. This is animal abuse, and there are laws that carry consequences – Please punish her, get a new home for this dog far away from her, and get her a shrink; she was acting like a lunatic! Attorney Porter on this case, Please Do Your Job And Prosecute This Woman!

  14. This vile mentally deranged animal abusing bitch must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.I am ready,willing and able to perform this procedure,ensuring that this scumbag endures a slow and agonising death!!!!

  15. Kelly Wilcox says:

    This LOW LIFE piece of SH.T. I WISH I could take care of this horrific and disgusting piece of SH.T. I guarantee that I could or could find someone to take care of them. I would torment them the way that this precious, innocent, beautiful and adorable baby puppy.
    IT takes a monster to do this to a precious baby such as this. THIS is a twisted and demented self center who has if they do a cold black heart. I hope the right person gets a hold of them and just tortures them until they ask for MERCY which they Will NOT get.I am speaking for this baby pup who had no voice and because of this piece of SH.T this baby pup life ended. SHAME ON YOU!!!! I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THIS Gorgeous Baby puppy who was murder by being tortured by a COWARD!!!

  16. REALLY that is LAME. Let me use that excuse with me having a few moments in a room with them. They are sick and should be put to death. So we wouldn’t pay fir their sorry ass while in jail.

  17. Do the right thing please and prosecute this vile person. She needs to go to jail.

  18. Did this dog survive this cruel act, it doesn’t say????

  19. Beat the fucking cunt until she stops breathing

  20. Such sadists need to be permanently incarcerated–certainly they should never be allowed to breed.

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