Elderly Dog Abandoned in Woods Deserves Justice

Target: Prosecuting Attorney of Clark County, Washington Tony Golik

Goal: Give woman strictest legal sentence for allegedly abandoning her senior dog at the park.

A 13-year-old yellow Labrador retriever named Henry was allegedly abandoned at a large park by a woman who has not yet been publicly identified by authorities. She needs to get the harshest legal sentence if she is found guilty, so that other animals will be less likely to endure the same fate.

The individual was allegedly caught on video dropping her dog off at Orchards Park in Vancouver, Washington. She reportedly turned around and walked away right afterwards. The woman was cited for animal cruelty, and Henry is currently being taken care of by a foster family. He will soon be available for adoption.

However, if this dog was abandoned by his owner, he could have died as a result of not having access to food or water or other dangers. Sign this petition to demand this woman receive the severest sentence possible for her actions, if it is found she left this innocent dog alone at the park.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Golik,

A woman who police have not identified to the public reportedly dropped her dog, Henry, off in the woods at a local park, and then turned around and walked away. She needs to receive the most stringent punishment the law will allow if she is found guilty of this charge, to better ensure this will not happen again.

A surveillance video appeared to show the dog being left at Orchards Park in Vancouver, Washington. He likely would not have survived in the wild, partially due to his older age. Thanks to rescuers, he is now thriving with his new foster family.

Such apparent animal cruelty should not be tolerated. I therefore demand you seek the toughest legal penalty possible in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pgbsimon

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  1. Thank you for arresting this monster. We have to enforce the federal animal cruelty law and make these people start paying for their crimes. Thank goodness that Henry is safe. I adopted a cat dumped at the shelter by his owners, and they can have safe happy lives with adoptive families. This woman does not deserve anything beyond being locked in a jail cell so she can think about her actions. Please give her the maximum sentence for the felony that she has committed. This has documented – it’s clear that she did the crime – now it’s time for her to do the time.

  2. The vile bitch who abandoned this poor lovely dog must have the death penalty implemented.A slow and agonising death is essential.I dare this vile,deranged bitch to meet me in real life!!! OH YESSS!!!!

  3. Cathy Radies says:

    Give this fucking bitch the death penalty – this poor dog who was probably a constant companion never deserved to be dumped off like a piece of trash simply because he was getting older. There are places that will take these poor animals if you become unable to take care of them. But when you are that ignorant to go and dump them out of your vehicle – you are way past being “normal” and therefore we would all like to see you get the death penalty including I am sure Henry most of all!!!!

  4. Give this sub human being your worst. She doesn’t posess a heart. This beautiful baby was far too good for her and will find a far superior home with people who do have a heart.

  5. Deborah L Bukowski says:

    Charge this person with animal cruelty and prosecute her to the full extent of the law. Post their picture and name so everyone can see.

  6. My heart has become a little cold because I would like to drop this woman off in the desert. She never deserved that dog. When he pases he certainly will not be her guardian angel because she didn’t earn it. So sad knowing he knew he was being abandoned.

  7. It is very sad to see majority of people signing petitions are women. We need more good men to stick up for the animals too.

  8. This needs to be mandated as a capitalpunishment offense which carries the DEATH PENALTY!!! PERIOD!!!!!!

    • Dianne Parker says:

      I totally agree! I have touted for years now an eye for an eye! If these abusers learned their punishment wax gonna be exactly what they did to their animal then some of this shit would cease to exist. It would totally disappear, no more animals set on fire, no more animals blown up with freakn fire crackers, no more beatings or hung and beaten…. why??? Cause the same exact fate is coming their way!

  9. Death must be preformed on this severe dog abusing scumbag.

  10. Carol Brandt says:

    God bless you for adopting the kitty. So many animals with no homes…

  11. Dianne Parker says:

    This is totally unacceptable behavior from any responsible human being! How anyone can do this to an innocent animal is just mind blowing! When her animal is aging and needs her the MOST is when she decides to abandon him. Her behavior is despicable and disgusting! She should get the maximum sentence possible and MADE to serve her sentence till complete.
    I hope someday to see no abandoned animals ever and abuse to be only a fainted memory!
    Throw the book at her!

  12. Michelle Stewart says:

    That bitch is guilty with video to prove it. She must be charged severly and harshly. She must be banned for life of owning or going near any animals ever again

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