Save Honeybees From Voracious Murder Hornets

Target: Derek Sandison, Director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture

Goal: Boost efforts to contain murder hornets that slaughter honeybee colonies.

The murder hornet, a giant form of Asia hornet, has captured the public’s attention and invoked terrifying images from sci-fi horror movies about killer bugs. While these insects can put a wallop of a sting on humans, the real “damsels in distress” are already-vulnerable honeybee colonies. If the murder hornet invasion is not stopped, pesticides and human intervention will not be the most destructive forces eradicating nature’s pollinators and plant sustainers.

The aggressive murder hornets, roughly the size of someone’s thumb, savagely attack honeybee hives, slashing at and beheading frightened bees with sharp mandibles, while carrying many “prizes” home. Just a few hornets can eradicate an entire colony. Thus far, the bees have been spotted in parts of Canada and Washington State, but upcoming mating could lead to rapid spread. Because these predators are not native to the region, honeybees in the Americas have not developed the defenses that Asian honeybees adopted. Scientists are attempting to capture specimens of murder hornets and develop strategies to combat the threat, but they need urgent assistance.

Sign the petition below to compel leaders in Washington to support the battle against this ongoing threat.


Dear Mr. Sandison,

Swift tracking and tracing is key to containment. The world is learning this lesson now with COVID-19, and environmental scientists are sounding the same alarm with the appearance of the Asian giant hornet in the Americas. The “murder hornet” has more than earned its notoriety, as only a few insects can decapitate and slaughter hundreds if not thousands of honeybees in a terrifyingly short time-span.

The hornets have proven skilled at avoiding traps, as evidenced by your recent capture of just one specimen. With two months until mating season, the clock is ticking to contain the spread of this destructive predator beyond Washington and to safeguard Washington’s vital honeybee populations. Please invest every possible resource into finding a solution for this pressing problem.


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Photo Credit: Elaine Thompson

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  1. Jaime Perez says:

    Yikes, this is scary and horrible! Hopefully these hornets can be stopped.

  2. Leave it to the chinks, first a virus seeds then killer hornets

    • Victoria Salter says:

      Hello 👋,
      That is very racist. Please don’t be racist to the Chinese, Asians or anyone else! Please remove that comment and apologise kindly.
      They are not all bad. The vast majority of Asians and Chinese are not responsible for COVID-19. Many Chinese people are also not cruel to animals and can be nice to them, too. There are Chinese animal rights activists working against the dog and cat meat trades and rescuing the animals, too. There are also Chinese Buddhists and, probably, some Chinese vegetarians and maybe even vegans, too.
      Defending animals is extremely important. I am very, very passionately against animal cruelty. However, there is still no place for racism, hate or aggression directed at people in this movement, or anywhere else!
      May you, all the bees and hornets, all the Chinese and Asian humans, all the Chinese and Asian nonhumans and all beings everywhere be perfectly well, healthy, happy and safe forever ♾.
      I send you all my greatest love, metta and karuna.
      Thank you 😊 🙏🏾 ☺️.

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  4. Victoria Salter says:

    Hello 👋,
    I love bees and they are extremely important, but I still don’t think killing the hornets unnecessarily is right. They are still sentient beings after all! Please just find ways of sterilising them and stopping them from breeding!
    Thank you 😊 🙏🏾 ☺️.

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