Stop Illegal Cockfighting in Kentucky

Target: Andy Beshear, Governor of Kentucky

Goal: Stop cruel illegal cockfighting.

Kentucky has been identified by animal welfare groups as a breeding hub for cockfighting rings around the world. Animal Welfare Action has identified seven individuals who allegedly breed birds specifically for fighting purposes. Cockfighting has been outlawed since 2002 and has been considered a felony since 2007. However, it is still taking place and allegedly very prevalent in Kentucky.

The seven individuals identified by Animal Welfare Action were interviewed by Filipino broadcasting crews to appear on a series about cockfighting. BNTV allegedly televises cockfighting in the Philippines and also showcases top farms and breeders in the United States. Wayne Pacelle, president of Animal Wellness Action, said, “Kentucky is at the center of the American and global cockfighting industry, with major operators shipping birds all over the world.”

Cockfighting is illegal in all fifty states in the US. It is a very cruel practice that involves betting by audience members as well as prize money for the owners of winning birds. In other countries, cockfighting “derbies” still exist, such as the World Slasher Cup in the Philippines. Pacelle said, “We’re talking about, globally, a multi-billion dollar industry. I mean, it sounds absurd to throw the b-word out, but when you understand the scale of the operations, that is absolutely the case.”

Sign this petition to urge the governor of Kentucky to put an end to illegal cockfighting.


Dear Governor Beshear,

Illegal cockfighting and the breeding of birds for cockfighting purposes is allegedly a huge black market industry in the state of Kentucky. There are individuals in Kentucky who have interviewed with international broadcasting networks to appear on a series about cockfighting. Cockfighting represents a multi-billion dollar international industry, according to Wayne Pacelle, president of Animal Welfare Action.

Cockfighting is illegal in all fifty states. However, it is still happening behind closed doors. I urge you to investigate the claims made that there is a cockfighting industry in Kentucky and to stop this practice in your state.


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  1. What a lot of wicked heathens in Kentucky

  2. I didn’t know Kentucky was such a dreadful place – I hope ALL those involved get Covid-19 and die, they are worthless scum who should be dead. JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS

  3. Sharon McLead says:

    Ohio is just as bad!

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