Fragile Yorkshire Terriers Allegedly Euthanized Due to Neglect Deserve Justice

Target: Bruce Colton, Florida State Attorney of the 19th Judicial Circuit of Florida

Goal: Give man harshest legal sentence if he is found guilty of allegedly neglecting and abusing his dogs.

Two Yorkshire terriers allegedly had to be euthanized because they were greatly suffering as a result of not being provided with proper food, water, or veterinary care. Owner Jerry Tillman was given a notice to appear in court shortly after the dogs were found. He needs to spend maximum time behind bars if these allegations are true to better ensure more animals will not have to suffer a similar fate.

The first dog deputies found allegedly had numerous growths on her body and barely any fur. Deputies stated that they also discovered another Yorkshire terrier in almost the same condition. The second dog was reportedly full of fleas and blind in one eye. Matted up fur allegedly covered the functional eye. According to reports, two more dogs were trapped in cages without any type of cushioning. Officers said the cages were kept in a filthy trailer. It was also indicated that the dogs did not have adequate food or water. Tillman was allegedly not able to show proof of the dogs’ past vaccines, veterinary paperwork, or even something that proved the dogs legally belonged to him.

Unfortunately, the emergency veterinarian said that the terriers were suffering so much they needed to be immediately put down. Sign this petition to demand Tillman receive the most time in prison possible if it is found he abused these innocent dogs in any way.


Dear State Attorney Colton,

Jerry Tillman was recently summoned to appear in court after two of his dogs were allegedly found to be in horrible physical condition and without proper food or water. He should have to spend time in prison if he is found guilty so that it will be less likely that other animals will be harmed.

Officers said one Yorkshire terrier had multiple growths and that she was missing most of her fur. Another Yorkshire terrier allegedly was blind and was unable to see out of the second eye because it was hidden by matted fur. The dog was also said to be covered in fleas. Two more dogs were further reportedly found in cages that had no padding. According to reports, the dogs were not provided with proper food or water. Paperwork pertaining to vaccinations, veterinary care, or ownership of the dogs allegedly could not be provided to officers.

The Yorkshire terriers were thought to be in such bad shape it was decided that their suffering could only be relieved through euthanasia. This type of animal cruelty should not be tolerated. We therefore demand you suggest Tillman receive the most stringent punishment allowed by law if he is found guilty of such inexcusable animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Pederseguro

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  2. you will have to answer for the abuse you have made this poor baby suffer i pray you understand the abuse you have done. this is so uncalled for you are a evil monster and it makes me wonder how you can call your self a human, you knew what you were doing i wish you could go thru the same torture you put on this baby so you could understand what a monster you are, you in my eyes are not a human you are not worthy to be called one. you are below the speck of dirt on this earth that people consider scum of the earth ,,, may karma reap on you

  3. What a piece of shit. He needs to be punished to the extreme. Poor dogs.

  4. Prosecute this horrible abuser under The PACT ACT. Proverbs 12:10

  5. Life sentence for bastard owner,SOB!
    +RIP dogs

  6. Cathy Radies says:

    This loser may think that he came away with this abuse with nothing – but karma is a real bitch and I am sure that he will pay for this horrible act of animal abuse. God there are just too many of these f*ckers walking the planet. Animal abusers should all just be shot and let’s get rid of them once and for all.

  7. The vile bastard who severely abused these poor dogs must have the death penalty implemented.I am ready,willing and able to help perform this procedure.These 2 poor dogs most certainly could and should have been re-homed.I would have adopted them.

    • Agree Michelle, they need eliminating – torture and Street Justice. Animal Vigilantes please get this done if you can

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