Animals Reportedly Barely Able to Move Inside Cramped, Filthy Cages Deserve Justice

Target: Gallatin County, Montana District Attorney, Marty Lambert

Goal: Give woman severest legal sentence for allegedly allowing animals to live in their own waste inside a hot basement without appropriate food or water.

Sixty-seven animals were allegedly housed in a filthy, over-heated basement without proper food or water. Kami Marie Reihman was arrested shortly afterwards for animal cruelty in connection with the crime. She needs to spend the maximum time behind bars if she is found guilty of these acts of animal abuse.

Reihman was charged with over 10 acts of felony aggravated animal cruelty after many animals were reportedly found locked up in a hot basement near a toilet that smelled of waste. According to authorities there were many puppies shoved inside a kennel where they could barely move, kennels buried in animal hair and waste, and other filthy cages.

Multiple kittens and cats were reportedly found, along with exotic animals such as lizards and a chinchilla. Other wild animals and farm animals were also allegedly rescued. Officers further indicated they found dogs and sheep that were dangerously thin. Lizards were also allegedly found without food or water, and dead chickens and hens were apparently found in the backyard.

Reihman was on probation for elderly extortion when officers visited her home. Authorities allegedly found loaded weapons and alcohol on the property, which are considered to be probation violations. Additionally, Reihman has other misdemeanor animal cruelty charges that are still pending. This woman should not be allowed to remain in society if these allegations are true. Sign this petition to demand she get the harshest legal sentence for these alleged acts of animal cruelty, to better ensure other animals will be safe.


Dear District Attorney Lambert,

Kami Marie Reihman was recently cited with over 10 felony counts of animal cruelty after over sixty animals were allegedly found living in an extremely hot basement without adequate food or water. It was further reported they were locked inside cages and covered in their own waste. Reihman needs to be given the most stringent sentence possible if she is found guilty of such unfathomable animal cruelty.

Reihman was on probation for extortion when she received a visit from authorities. Upon entering the home, officers allegedly found multiple animals trapped in a basement that were being kept inside unclean cages and kennels near a dirty toilet. Numerous puppies were reportedly unable to effectively move around inside their kennels, which were filled with urine, feces, and animal hair. Cages used to house other animals were allegedly also disgusting. In addition, dogs and sheep that were said to be too thin were also found. All types of animals were reportedly seized from the property, including, kittens, cats, farm animals and various types of exotics. Lizards that reportedly had no access to food or water were also found. It was further reported that dead chickens and hens were discovered in the backyard.

Treating animals like this should not be tolerated. We therefore demand you suggest Reihman get the longest prison sentence possible if she is found guilty of these senseless acts of animal abuse.


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  1. Nena Milker says:

    She should get a felony for each animal that was abused and tortured in those conditions.

  2. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    This Sadistic Cunt Needs 2 Be Rotting in Hell 4 this!!!!

  3. This woman needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! No animal deserves to be treated like this and left in this condition.

  4. Frankie Wahl says:

    Any updates on whether or not she was actually prosecuted? She continuously breaks the law but consistently receives a slap on the hand from the justice system and it’s beyond ridiculous. What does she actually have to do to get time behind bars?…she stole over $100,000 from her grandmother and got a slap on the hand. She’s been in trouble in Oklahoma, got a slap on the hand…abused and neglected over 60 animals, another slap on the hand…when is the justice system actually going to do their jobs?

    • The arraignment got changed to Oct 6th…

      • Interesting. She was who I considered my best friend, at one point. Until I became homeless and was financially struggling with my two kiddos…Kami offered to “help take care of the kids until I got back on my feet”…long story short…it took three years of busting my @ss…giving my blood, sweat and tears (literally) to a factory job before I was finally financially stable enough to get my babies back. As soon as I told her I was finally ready to come get them…she served me custody papers…for MY children. So, I drove from Oklahoma to Bozeman for what I thought would be a cut and dry, easy peezy custody case…but, MUCH to my surprise (and a whole lot of disgust)…Judge Brown granted Kami custody of MY children. So….literally during our court battle over MY kids…she had gotten arrested for stealing over $100,000 from her grandmother. DURING our custody battle. And now it’s been a couple of years and she continuously ignores me…I get pictures of my babies MAYBE three times a year and I’ve LITERALLY gotten about 4 or 5 videos of my kids…each one lasting all of 4-10 seconds. And now I find out that she’s abusing and neglecting over 60 animals…facing 10+ felony charges…apparently had guns and alcohol around MY children. Angry doesn’t even come close to what I am feeling. I want my children out of her care and back with me…where they SHOULD have been to begin with. I honestly don’t feel like my kids are even being taken care of…I’m legitimately concerned for them, at this point. I’ve reached out to 3 Bozeman family law attorneys in the last week and 2 never got back to me at all and one said she’s not taking new clients. Does anyone know a decent family law attorney in Montana? I’m more than ready to go get my babies back….like immediately. So THAT is the completely manipulative, dirty, scheming monster that is Kami Reihman. THAT’S what kind of person you’re dealing with. Kami literally only cares about Kami…and she will use her sweet little innocent smile and pitch her voice to sound like a little angel…somebody give that girl an Oscar…if she can do this to over 60 animals…what has she done to my kids?…With every fiber of my being…I hope she gets the maximum sentence possible for her crimes this time…because she’s gotten incredibly cocky and she thinks she can get away with anything…I sincerely hope she’s wrong on that one…and that the judge sees through her layers and layers of complete BS… I truly hope with all of my beating heart… she LITERALLY rots behind bars.

      • Does anyone know the time of the arraignment?

  5. Concerned Citizen says:

    To all the people that are questioning this case, it is 100% a real case. This woman is exploiting her grandmother’s money and is taking advantage of living at her house. She has not only abused these animals but her very own grandmother. They have the grandmother isolated from society, so she has no idea what is even going on. There needs to be justice!

  6. Justice for All says:

    What about her current common law husband “long term live in boy friend” who was also involved in –
    all of this? There is more than just this woman that should be held accountable

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