Stop Senseless Slaughter of Millions of Animals at Factory Farms

Target: Sonny Perdue, Secretary, United States Department of Agriculture

Goal: Provide farms with subsidies to stem the gruesome mass murders of unprofitable animals.

As COVID-19 continues to rage, millions of animals who would otherwise have been slaughtered for sale in supermarkets have instead been brutally murdered as slaughterhouses close their doors. Chickens and pigs have been suffocated, drowned, frozen, and burned alive in order to eliminate large numbers of living beings seen as unprofitable by industrial farming corporations.

These animals are capable of forming complex social relationships and ought to live comfortably and happily. Instead, their short, miserable lives are barely protected by increasingly weakened laws as the Trump administration shreds animal abuse regulations.

The United States Department of Agriculture may hold a temporary answer. This agency is empowered to grant emergency loans to farmers in the event of natural disasters, which the pandemic undoubtedly qualifies for. Sign the petition below to demand that countless living creatures be given a reprieve from death for as long as possible with federal help.


Dear Secretary Perdue,

While public health officials have scrambled to save human lives amid the ongoing pandemic, millions of animals have died horrific deaths at the hands of industrial farmers protecting their profits. Millions of chickens and pigs have been killed without the protection of federal or state authorities, many of which have followed President Trump’s lead in wrecking what few humane laws were in place to begin with.

These murders will stop if the farming corporations responsible are bought off. You have the power to offer them emergency grants and loans to offset their losses due to natural disaster. I urge you to do so in order to extend the lives of countless helpless animals rendered defenseless by your administration’s policies.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Humane Society of the United States



  1. Patrick Butler says:

    What an outrageous waste of sentient beings! Seriously? Have a heart, at least pretend to have one!

  2. Jacqui Skill says:


  3. This is senseless killing of animals. Another option must be found.

  4. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    The government has given subsidies to industrial agriculture for decades. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY and they must supply them with the funds to STOP THE UNNECESSARY, UNETHICAL AND UNACCEPTABLE MASS MURDER of MILLIONS.

  5. Cynthia Mattera says:

    What the hell is going on here? This is absolutely greed and evil! These helpless aninals have no way to escape the hot steam, water, or whatever horrible way the owner decides to end their lives. Sick and cruel beyond words and SHAMEFUL that our govt is allowing this!!!!!! If you must kill them, do it Humanely with an injection and let them die in peace for Gods Sake:(

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    This is why I don’t eat meat!! This is a senseless waste of innocent lives. This is blatant murder of living, feeling beings. They deserve to live in peace and safety. Humans who do these things make me sick!!

  7. Maria FAROUK says:


  8. SamanthaMoore says:

    I sign all these petitions hoping someday it might change the laws and charges that ppl can for hurting defenseless fur babies. It breaks my heart to know that any human being can hate animals Soo much that they can do these things.i honestly want the law to be if you hurt or kill an animal/fur baby you shall be punished the same way you hurt ’em..they don’t have the voice we have to speak up.

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