Save Parrots from Lives of Cruel Captivity


Target: James M. Myers, CEO of Petco

Goal: Stop condemning parrots to stressful and emotionally stunted lives in captivity.

Parrots are complex, intelligent birds with an intense need for bonding and a very long lifespan. Every day these animals are sold at Petco stores across the country and every day parrot rescue organizations struggle to keep up with the influx of abandoned pets. It’s time for Petco to set aside the sale of parrots for good.

It is a widely regarded fact that even when in captivity, parrots are not considered domestic animals. Rather they are wild animals being kept as pets. In their natural habitat these birds bond for life, and with a lifespan of up to 80 years those bonds are meant to endure. Sadly it is estimated that on average a human owner will keep a pet parrot for about 2-4 years before abandoning the bird to rescue, reselling, or worse. Parrot rescues around the country are beyond capacity as more birds arrive on their doorstep each day. For a creature of high intelligence and complex emotional needs, this sort of instability is of physical and psychological detriment, often leading to serious symptoms such as self-mutilation. Despite all this, Petco continues to sell parrots in their retail stores, thus continuing to contribute to an already overwhelming problem.

It is time for Petco to end the sale of parrots for good. Sign below and urge them to give up this practice so that these beautiful birds can stop being sentenced to lives of stress and abandonment.


Dear Petco,

It is time for you to end the practice of selling parrots in your stores. These are birds of great intelligence and complex emotional makeup who belong in the wild where they can bond for the duration of their very long lives. They do not belong in cages where their fate is entirely uncertain and dependent on the whim of the people who purchase them without a clear understanding of the enormous responsibility of parrot caretaking.

Every day parrots are being abandoned to rescue sites that are overflowing and having to turn away birds. Desperate owners are sometimes forced to euthanize when there is no other option. Please stop contributing to the widespread misery of these beautiful animals by discontinuing parrot sales in all of your stores.


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Photo Credit: Tim Collins

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  1. Selling animals, birds, fish in shops should be banned. FULL STOP.

  2. Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

    Why do we have to control or own other creatures. The birds – the entire sky is their home. The fish – the entire ocean is their hoe. Why the hell must we constantly interfere with the freedom of these wonderful creatures??????

  3. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    I wish I could say that I will boycott Petco, but the truth is that I’ve never patronized the place because of their long-standing low-rent business practices.

  4. Heather Brophy says:


  5. Animals of any species should not be for sale! They are not objects for use and abuse by uncaring, negligent and abusive humans.
    Parrots are extremely intelligent, require a great deal of care, stimulation, affection, exercise and proper knowledge of their needs. Very few every get it, often ending up with shortened miserable lives, despite their long life spans. They do not belong in captivity–pet stores know that, but want to make money, oblivious and indifferent to their suffering.
    This cruelty MUST end!
    It is about time that PETCO (and Petsmart) show some ethics and humaneness. They make enough money on pet supplies. Their needs to be a limit to their greed!

  6. Linda Amundson says:

    Stop selling live animals. Like previously mentioned, there are parrots in rescues that need homes. Pet products is HUGE business. Stick to that and adoptions of rescued animals. You’ll still be rich. Maybe richer, because so many people avoid buying at stores that sell live animals.

  7. caryl sawyer says:

    I just ordered a catalogue for animal supplies, as I am boycotting both Petco and Petsmart.

    Might prove to be both more convenient and cheaper. I don’t need either Petsmart or Petco.

  8. Trying to control other lives is what differences humans from other animals. Humans will never control nature, without destroying it…

  9. Stop Selling Parrots in your stores , have you nothing better to do

  10. j appel a tous ce qui possede un perroquet de le ramener dans son pays d origine il ya pour les gris du gabon un programme en Ouganda pour la rehabilitation et puis la remise en liberte en quelque semaine le perroquet redevient vite a son etat naturel c est merveilleux ramene les et rendez les si vous saviez ….

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