Don’t Threaten Endangered Chimpanzees and Monkeys With Destructive Logging

Target: Jules Doret Ndongo, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Cameroon

Goal: Cancel logging project which could wipe out critical chimpanzee population.

Countless rare species in Cameroon could soon be wiped out due to a government-approved logging program. Ebo Wildlife Reserve, an area of some 500,000 acres in southwestern Cameroon, has long been suspected to contain abundantly diverse wildlife, including the tool-using Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees, over 160 species of birds, and the critically endangered Preuss’s red colobus. It’s also the possible home of a species of gorilla unknown to science.

But while the forest was due to be granted national park status with the help of the World Wildlife Foundation, that effort ended in 2013. Although nearly 25,000 acres will be set aside for conservation, the rest of the forest will soon be open to logging. This will destroy essential habitats and food sources for the animals that live in this forest, threatening them in much the same way that orangutans in similarly-ravaged forest have been.

The destruction of these habitats and the animals who live in them is unacceptable. Sign the petition below to demand that Cameroon’s forestry minister cancel permission for logging to take place.


Dear Minister Ndongo,

Although Cameroon could benefit financially from the destruction of Ebo Wildlife Reserve, the cost of the lives of endangered and unknown rare species is far too high. Research into Ebo’s wildlife has barely begun, and the introduction of violent human activity into the forest would be a death sentence.

I demand that you cancel plans to allow logging in Ebo Wildlife Reserve and instead work with volunteers and international groups to protect this precious natural wonder.


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Photo credit: Olivier Lejade



  1. PLEASE don’t allow countless animals to die for lace of space. They deserve to live in peace. DO NOT take away their land!

  2. Kristen Bossert says:

    Protect wildlife for EVERYONE on the planet. Each species has a REASON to be here!

  3. Laura Odonnell Laura Odonnell says:

    There are better ways to generate revenue! Logging in this reckless manner is the result of corruption and greed. There are better ways to make money and these ideas are at your fingertips. You have a responsibility to your country. Do one right thing-this thing. Stop destruction and start conserving. Make renewable energy sources to create revenue and jobs.

  4. One word… coronavirus. If we don’t learn from this pandemic, we’re not going to make it. Jane Goodall

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