Stop the Barbaric Slaughter of Endangered Pangolins

Target: Li Ganjie, Minister of Ecology and Environment of China

Goal: Stop China’s continued brutal slaughter of endangered pangolins to be sold as meals.

Every day across Asia, thousands of endangered pangolins are killed for their meat in the most disgustingly barbaric fashion. The poor creatures are beaten until their organs are a bloody pulp only to be kept alive just long enough to feel the agony as they are boiled to death in steaming hot cauldrons.

To say this is unacceptable and horrifying would be an understatement. These pangolins are subject to one of the most inhumane deaths imaginable for an animal, all for the sake of a profit to be made from their meat. Furthermore, the pangolin is a legally protected species, making this method of killing not only unethical, but illegal. It is especially bad in China, where the government supposedly promised to uphold protection of the pangolin; instead, they still allow these atrocities to continue.

We must put an end to the barbaric deaths of so many pangolins before the species slides dangerously close to extinction. Sign this petition to urge China to outlaw the killing of pangolins for their meat and the sale of that meat in restaurants.


Dear Minister Li,

Every day, thousands of pangolins are brutally beaten and tossed into boiling cauldrons while they are still alive. Many restaurants in China and across Asia as a whole employ this method, selling the meat daily to customers for a profit. This has been happening for far too long, despite China’s promise to uphold the protection of the species.

Pangolins are seriously endangered, already having been subjected to death for the sale and trade of their scales to be used in medicine. Due to several carrying the original coronavirus, they have been made a scapegoat, with many wishing to eradicate them to protect the human population. The barbaric way in which they are killed for their meat, however, is simply unacceptable, and you must put a stop to it. You must outlaw the killing of pangolins for meals immediately.


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Photo Credit: Wildlife Alliance



  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    The Chinese have disgusting dietary habits, are horrifically cruel to most animals & I really DESPISE them right now for what I consider their deliberate sharing of COVID-19 with the WORLD!

  2. That’s the Chinese for you – they couldn’t care less…

  3. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Its seems the Chines culture is nothing but animal torture and causing unessesary agony for the animals they slaughter for their skins, meat and fur. What is wrong with you people???? You are all seriously disturbed and evil! You have no laws to protect animals against your bruatlity…..why???? Why do you think it ok for you to torture innocent, helpless aniamals, who are Gods creations? Not yours to abuse, or torture, or boil, or beat, or strangle. or torch or SKIN ALIVE!!!!! I will stop buying any products that are made in your counrty until this CRUELTY stops. SHAMEFUL!!!!!

  4. Liz Thompson says:


  5. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Country needs nuking. Any offers anyone?

    • OMG I would do it in a heart beat. They are cruel, evil, fuckwits who do not deserve to take a breath of air on this earth. Not only that, they have fucked up the whole world with their virus that comes from their dirty cruel wet markets, now we all have to pay the price. I hate all of them and hope they die horrific deaths and go to Satan where they will be boiled alive for all eternity!

  6. Laurie Miskell says:

    What is wrong with the people of that country??!! They have no compassion for anything!! Are they even human???!! Karma.. it’s coming for them all….

  7. RUTH VALDES says:

    Please share in Facebook so more can sign to stop this evil act.

  8. Boycotter toutes leurs saloperies vendues dans le commerce , souvent du superflu inutile .

  9. Kate Kenner says:

    They are not very dood to the people there either and so what wlse would one expect regarding their respect for animals? There are many good and caring people there but on the whole it is not someplace I would want to live whether as a human or non human animal.

  10. This is beyond sick & barbaric. These evil people should be rounded up & thrown in jail for life. But my choice would be do the same thing to them. They deserve it!

  11. So… all other attributes of these comments aside, it’s probably not the best idea to make nasty comments about Chinese people and culture in association with a petition TO a Chinese person in the Chinese government. I have no idea if these comments go with the petition at all, but just in case, it would be good not to antagonize people when you’re petitioning them to take action.

  12. China’s continued brutal slaughter of endangered pangolins to be sold as meals.The vile and evil animal torturing murdering monster lowlife Chinese are the vilest of animal torturers and animal murderers Worldwide.
    No precious and helpless animal or Wildlife is safe from the rotten vile and evil Chinese. The monsters on our planet earth.
    Down with China – Burn in hell all the vile and evil animal and Wildlife torturers and animal and Wildlife murderers as well as the vile and evil lowlife filthy Chinese monsters who consume their battered and tortured bodies.And are fully aware of the unimaginable atrocities these filthy Chinese arsehole torturers and murderers commit against the precious and helpless Wildlife and all animals.
    The vile and evil Chinese race sickens me. Absolutely
    sickening and unforgivable what these Chinese monsters from hell commit against the precious and helpless Wildlife and all the precious animals.
    Absolutely the monsters on our planet earth.
    The precious and helpless Pangolins and all Wildlife and animals must be saved and protected from the vile and evil animal torturing murdering Chinese race.

  13. Laura Odonnell Laura Odonnell says:

    This is monstrous, especially because it is unnecessary. It is devastating to see the callousness of a government to neglect its own citizens welfare, including food, housing, and education, to the point where slaughtering–needlessly–an entire species is acceptable. It isn’t even necessary. It’s the result of propaganda, misinformation and mistreatment. Stop it. Do the right thing now.

  14. The coronavirus… call it revenge of the pangolins. Go Corona..far and wide

  15. Paula Martin says:

    Not only are endangered Pangolins and other African wildlife suffering horrifically due to the archaic Chinese practices, experts like National Geographic report that the COVID19 Virus likely started in a wildfire market and is directly linked to poor pangolins. It is highly possible this exploitation is the origin of the pandemic. Not only that, this fact might be further contributing to the destruction of pangolins in the wild.

  16. This is why when I hear of earthquakes, floods, and other catastrophes in China, I laugh. It’s Mother Nature taking revenge on the ghoulish Chinese for her abused children. These people are irredeemable and soulless.


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