Woman Accused of Lighting Dog on Fire Must be Punished

Target: Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento County, California District Attorney

Goal: Punish woman accused of setting fire to dog in sick act of cruelty.

A brindle pit bull was allegedly burned on purpose, facing near death as a result. The woman reportedly responsible has not been publicly identified by authorities. She needs to receive the harshest legal sentence if she is found guilty of committing such unfathomable cruelty, so that she will be less likely to harm other animals.

The dog was brought to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Officials said that over 40 percent of the pit bull’s body was burned. According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, an accelerant, or something that is used to spread fire more rapidly, was purposely sprayed on the dog before he was set on fire. The accused woman is being brought up on charges of animal cruelty and arson.

Purposely hurting an innocent dog should not be tolerated. Sign this petition to demand this woman get the strictest sentence the law will allow if it is found she abused a helpless dog.


Dear District Attorney Schubert,

Police recently charged a woman with animal cruelty and arson for reportedly setting a pit bull on fire. Although the woman has not yet been identified to the public, she should be appearing in court in the near future. If she is found guilty of these crimes, she should receive the severest punishment the law will allow to better ensure more animals will not be hurt or killed.

It was determined by the local sheriff’s office that an accelerant was poured on the dog before he was set on fire. While it is good news that the dog was taken to a local shelter, he will likely need four to six weeks of treatment, since 40 percent of his body was allegedly burned.

Treating an animal in this manner is inexcusable. We therefore demand this woman receive the strongest punishment under the law if she is found guilty of such disgusting animal abuse.


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  1. Laszlo Lendl says:

    Light azz on fire. Make her suffer

    • Renee Doan says:

      Exactly right!! Make this sadistic & evil inhuman feel the terrifying, horrific pain this innocent dog endured!!! Thank God this poor baby was rescued!!

  2. I strongly agree that the monster who did this needs to be lit on fire! Thank goodness this poor dog was rescued.


  4. Many of us have received a burn at some point in our lives and know how painful it is. Now imagine someone throwing an accelerant on it and lighting it on fire. This poor dog deserves justice. No innocent animal should ever be subjected to such cruelty. If found guilty of these charges she deserves nothing less than the maximum punishment for her cruelty and should NEVER be allowed to own an animal.

  5. Set her on fire to see how it feels. Check on her family ro see if they are being abused.

  6. Keith Allison says:

    I don’t believe you can punish this type of person enough to get them to fully comprehend the depths of evil that their actions exemplify. Prosecution to the full extent of any and all applicable laws is a good start, but these people need serious psychological examination and should never be allowed to be in any position to possess an animal or ever lend care to a child or elder. Ban them from society. Exile without contact. Put them to death. Lock them away so they can never affect any other living being again. Where is an oubliette when you need one? These people are vile and disgusting.


  8. CAROL BROWN says:


  9. Alicia A Ayoub says:

    This is such a cruel, heinous act. The person guilty of this must be subjected to a punishment to the fullest extent of the law. A similar horrible situation happened in VA and afterwards the governor signed “Tommie’s Law” into effect. A poor dog named Tommie was the victim of a very similar act of cruelty.

  10. This VILE, VIOLENT and SADISTIC woman did this ON PURPOSE! She is DANGEROUS and
    must be sent to jail. You don”t
    want her roaming free in society.

  11. Nadine brundage says:

    That sick piece of shit needs to be exterminated or flung in the nearest mental institution.demented nut job is unfit to live among us. That poor dog has suffered at the hands of this creature, it needs to go and the sooner the better.

  12. Elease Bradford says:

    The woman who abused this innocent dog is a deranged, despicable. witch. I hope she is severely punished because what she did is unacceptable. I pray for the speedy recovery of this fur baby and I hope he gets justice.

  13. Deborah Bukowski says:

    This sick scumbag needs held accountable and given the harshest sentence possible, charged with arson to a animal. Post her picture and name with a description of what she did. I want everyone to see who she is. Prison for a very very long time .
    Never ever allowed to own another animal not even a goldfish.

  14. Jacqueline says:

    DISGUSTING, EVIL F***, Accelerant her A**. To HELL!!!!!

  15. karma para esta bruja maldita.desgraciada asquerosa.la Vida te las va cobra todas.
    Infeliz abusadora de un animal.jente como esta loca desquisiada deverian estar bajo tierra desde hace tiempo.

  16. Burn the demented sick cruel bitch,really that’s all she deserves burn the bitch burn her, she’s a sick demented cruel low-life who Needs to be caught on fire and let her burn KEEP HER AWAY FROM ALL ANIMALS SHE’S DEMENTED.

  17. The vile and evil psychopathic lowlife monster bitch from hell must be put to death and burn this evil bitch to death. That’s what this f of a bitch deserves. This vile and evil bitch from hell deliberately and heinously tortured the precious dog and must be eradicated from the planet asap. Kill it !!! before this sadistic and callous psycho monster bitch from hell deliberately tortures more precious and innocent animals.
    You call this evil bitch a woman, she is a monster and must die.
    I pray the precious and innocent Doggy survives and lives a long and safe life with an animal loving family. Bless you doggy.

  18. JoElizabeth Gray says:

    Why what an evilMONSTER

  19. Oh my God what is going on with people nowadays ?!! I hear more and more about people hurting and killing animals.

  20. Set the FKR on fire!!!!

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