Woman Accused of Lighting Dog on Fire Must be Punished

Target: Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento County, California District Attorney

Goal: Punish woman accused of setting fire to dog in sick act of cruelty.

A brindle pit bull was allegedly burned on purpose, facing near death as a result. The woman reportedly responsible has not been publicly identified by authorities. She needs to receive the harshest legal sentence if she is found guilty of committing such unfathomable cruelty, so that she will be less likely to harm other animals.

The dog was brought to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Officials said that over 40 percent of the pit bull’s body was burned. According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, an accelerant, or something that is used to spread fire more rapidly, was purposely sprayed on the dog before he was set on fire. The accused woman is being brought up on charges of animal cruelty and arson.

Purposely hurting an innocent dog should not be tolerated. Sign this petition to demand this woman get the strictest sentence the law will allow if it is found she abused a helpless dog.


Dear District Attorney Schubert,

Police recently charged a woman with animal cruelty and arson for reportedly setting a pit bull on fire. Although the woman has not yet been identified to the public, she should be appearing in court in the near future. If she is found guilty of these crimes, she should receive the severest punishment the law will allow to better ensure more animals will not be hurt or killed.

It was determined by the local sheriff’s office that an accelerant was poured on the dog before he was set on fire. While it is good news that the dog was taken to a local shelter, he will likely need four to six weeks of treatment, since 40 percent of his body was allegedly burned.

Treating an animal in this manner is inexcusable. We therefore demand this woman receive the strongest punishment under the law if she is found guilty of such disgusting animal abuse.


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Photo Credit: Jlantzy



  1. J. Martin says:

    Just torch that bitch .. let her burn

  2. This vile,mentally deranged bitch must have the death penalty implemented.I am ready,willing and able to help perform this procedure ensuring that this scumbag endures a slow and agonising death!!!! OH YESSSSSSS!!!!!!

    • Agree with you all the way. No jail for that bitch. Just torch that evil monster.

      • F#*cling bitch should be set on fire, tied to a stake, burned until she dies, like the witch that she is. Kill all monsters the way they harm or kill others. Give a warning that is how people will be dealt with. If they perpetrate the crime after warned, it’s their fault. Sick of these demonized monsters!

    • Hearing something like this makes me sick and want to do something right back at the maggot woman who did that to her poor dog. Psycho isn’t enough to describe this creep and she needs to be punished with the HARSHEST PUNISHMENT allowed by law. Personally I think she should feel the pain of being burned using an a accelerant to speed up the process. However, since we are suppose to be a country that doesn’t seek out vengeance like setting her on fire, I guess I’ll have to believe the law will do right by this poor, innocent dog. REMEMBER WE ARE THE VOICE FOR THESE ANIMALS WHO CAN’T SPEAK OR PUNISH these horrible sub-humans.

    • Shelley Grubbs says:

      You’re not kidding. There is seriously something wrong with these people. How could you hurt such a sweet animal? I think these individuals should get the same manner of death that they endure on these poor animals. Makes me so, so sad.

  3. I don’t understand why they don’t give names out on people that hurt animals that are immigrants only people that are from the state’s. She thinks she has more rights? I don’t think so! Torch the bitch! One last parasite to worry about

  4. First, publicly identify her. She must be charged, and if found guilty, sentenced to the fullest extent allowed by law. No plea bargains!

  5. I get so fed up with reading about animal abuse. It just needs to stop and the laws need to be tougher to make it happen.

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    Set this freaking ho bag on fire and let her burn! What a horrendous thing to do to an innocent animal.

    • Shelley Grubbs says:

      Agreed! Makes me so, so sad. They wouldn’t want me “in charge”. I would have absolutely NO MERCY whatsoever on these beasts that hurt animals! None!

  7. Torah Wolf Torah Wolf says:

    If it were me, I would set her on fire and roast weenies and marshmallows off of her ass but unfortunately, we cannot do that because we can’t find her and unfortunately, they won’t tell us who she is but anyways, I say she needs to go to prison in my opinion she needs to get at least 15 to 20 years for this animal cruelty that’s a felony now in our country!!!

  8. Jessie Howell says:

    Lock this demon up!! If it’s capable of doing this to an innocent animal, it’s very dangerous to have it not locked up.
    As for the afterlife it will get what’s coming to it.

  9. American Girl says:

    This is incomprehensible that this inbred douchebag could be so incredibly fkn sadistic. Outside of culling the bitch, give her a Colombian Necktie. She deserves nothing less!

  10. THIS MONSTER isn’t fit to breath the air!! This “THING” will strike again if not silenced and is a clear and present DANGER to animals and people too. We all know the connection with animal abuse/ killers and people dangers. The Law must do it’s job. I would love to see this THING eliminated from this planet and given the “same treatment” it gave to an innocent life. Keeping prayers for this poor dog.


  12. Lisa Johnson-Sharp says:

    Set her ugly ass on fire. Afn eye fior an eye. IDENTIFY HER!!!!! Everyone should be able to know who she is she is a damn criminal!!!! I’m sick of this bullshit, and she needs to be locked away never to have freedom to hurt any other animal. Suck ass bitch.

  13. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:


  14. Debra A Nahinu says:

    Just sick of these things continuing to happen. Too many sick weirdos in this world. But until we start putting them away and give severe punishments and jail time, this will continue. Do your damn jobs and put them away. The world does not need more of this crap. Innocent animals are dying at the hands of these cowards who continue to hurt them. When will enough die before there are changes??

  15. Ashamed to be human says:

    That POS needs to be identified, have the s*** beaten out of her, THEN she should have accelerant poured on her & set alight. No mercy to that evil POS!!!! 😡

  16. This so called woman is a sick freak!!! Poetic justice must be done set her on fire!!! I am not a sadistic person but how cruel can you be😪🐕 this sweet dog deserves better❤.

  17. America seems to spawn these revolting sadists. Extreme prejudice is the only solution .

  18. I agree with every comment made by these animal lovers. I cannot say what I would like to happen to her but I despise her very being.

  19. America puts up with this shit, that’s why they are doomed. Until you place importance on animals the human race is doomed

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