Woman Accused of Lighting Dog on Fire Must be Punished

Target: Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento County, California District Attorney

Goal: Punish woman accused of setting fire to dog in sick act of cruelty.

A brindle pit bull was allegedly burned on purpose, facing near death as a result. The woman reportedly responsible has not been publicly identified by authorities. She needs to receive the harshest legal sentence if she is found guilty of committing such unfathomable cruelty, so that she will be less likely to harm other animals.

The dog was brought to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Officials said that over 40 percent of the pit bull’s body was burned. According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, an accelerant, or something that is used to spread fire more rapidly, was purposely sprayed on the dog before he was set on fire. The accused woman is being brought up on charges of animal cruelty and arson.

Purposely hurting an innocent dog should not be tolerated. Sign this petition to demand this woman get the strictest sentence the law will allow if it is found she abused a helpless dog.


Dear District Attorney Schubert,

Police recently charged a woman with animal cruelty and arson for reportedly setting a pit bull on fire. Although the woman has not yet been identified to the public, she should be appearing in court in the near future. If she is found guilty of these crimes, she should receive the severest punishment the law will allow to better ensure more animals will not be hurt or killed.

It was determined by the local sheriff’s office that an accelerant was poured on the dog before he was set on fire. While it is good news that the dog was taken to a local shelter, he will likely need four to six weeks of treatment, since 40 percent of his body was allegedly burned.

Treating an animal in this manner is inexcusable. We therefore demand this woman receive the strongest punishment under the law if she is found guilty of such disgusting animal abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jlantzy

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  1. This cunt needs to be tortured to death

  2. This behavior cannot be tolerated. She needs to be punished to full extent of the law. She “deserves” to be set on fire

  3. Light this C–t up like fireworks on the 4th of July and watch her scream in agony while everyone has a party. This VILE BITCH BELONGS BEHIND BARS WITH FINES SHE CAN’T POSSIBLY PAY. PLEASE DON’T SET THIS INHUMANE ANIMAL FREE.

  4. Anne Marie – I sign several of these types of Petitions on a weekly basis, as I’m sure most of the other people who signed this one do. Having to provide this woman anonymity is a clear indicator of how the general public feels about animal torture and murder. The Animal Kingdom requires our protection against those perpetrators who purposely set out to do them harm, and when cases such as this one reach your desk, it is your responsibility to prosecute each and every one of them to the fullest extent allowed under California law. Animal cruelty is a world-wide epidemic and justice for the innocent victims of the Animal Kingdom has got to start somewhere. Let it be in Sacramento, CA under your watch! Please!

  5. Jo Rhoades says:

    Put her where she can never harm any living thing again. She should be in a prisoner’s general population and the other inmates need to know what she did.

  6. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Even people arrested for speeding will have their names publicly announced so why is it that a crime of this caliber is being kept secret by authorities? The public has every right to know the names of those responsible for committing such a horrific crime against an animal. The suffering and pain that this dog is having to endure is immeasurable. Having 40% of your body burnt by an intentional pouring of accelerant onto this animal makes it even worse. So far, all the public knows is that this woman is being charged with animal cruelty but at what level? Felony or Misdemeanor? Law enforcement should not be holding back the name of this woman because if this woman was a neighbor of mine then you bet I would want to know exactly what kind of crimes she is capable of. Pet owners in particular.

  7. Death penalty for this sick abuser, bitch! Justice for the pit bull!

  8. This petition needs to go to the Chief/Sheriff of the investigating agency. The District Attorney’s Office would not be involved until an arrest is made. The sooner you deliver this the better!

  9. Yes please give her the harshest punishment that is allowed!

  10. This is where we really need an “eye for an eye” Unfortunately, at this time we don’t….so at least charge her with felony animal cruelty!
    Make this sadistic, cowardly bitch’s name public! Post her picture!

  11. Mariafree Betancourt says:

    THis pos needs the same F treatment !!!!!!!!

  12. Sick bitch – find her and lock this sub- human up for a long time

  13. Lisa Finnigan says:

    Who brought the dog to the vet? Were there witnesses?

  14. Julia Edinger says:

    That “EVIL DENOM” deserves the same exact punishment ,,, asap!!!

  15. Stop putting all women down with that word. We don’t need that.

  16. Elizabeth Loring says:

    Please please please may I light her up??
    Hell waits for her soul, and she should get a free ride to her destination.
    Thank GOD there are decidedly more good souls than evil ones.

  17. Petra Gabriel is the POS name

  18. Frances Smith says:

    She used an accelerant and set a dog on fire, yet, she remains anonymous! She is protected while the dog she brutally tortured is suffering from burns, which is agonizing-I have first hand knowledge of burns. So apparently the law is more concerned with protecting the torturers rights than an innocent dog. Is this what we have come to be? It I shameful. Publish her name, her image, and her crime, and punish her to the fullest extent the law allows.

  19. Debbie Jordan says:

    Why is there even a petition for this horrendous crime. This monster should be in jail and be stopped immediately! Animal abuse will NEVER stop unless the authorities start doing their jobs and holding those abusers accountable!

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