Protect Sockeye Salmon From Destructive and Toxic Gold Mine

Target: Andrew Wheeler, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Revoke permit for salmon-killing gold mine.

Sockeye salmon, and the bears and fishing industry that depend on them, are threatened by a proposed gold mine in Alaska. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced it will grant a permit to the developers that want to build Pebble Mine. Under the Obama administration, the EPA ruled that the mine would destroy the wetland and watershed habitats of sockeye salmon, and refused to grant the permit. Under the Trump administration the EPA has changed its decision, even though nothing significant about the mine or the fish has changed.

The mine would destroy wetlands where the sockeye salmon live, and toxic runoff from the mine would kill the fish. Although sockeye salmon are not endangered, they play a very important role in the ecosystem of Alaska. Grizzly bears, which are endangered, depend on salmon as their food source and would suffer greatly if the sockeye salmon population went down. Eagles and whales also rely on the fish. Finally, the fishing industry in Alaska also depends on sockeye salmon. Between the detrimental environmental and economic consequences of this proposed mine, its construction is not worth it.

The mine project is also opposed by indigenous groups in Alaska, including the Igiugig Village, which is located near the proposed mine. This group and others feel that the EPA has not considered the environmental impacts of the mine and they don’t want pipelines running through their lands. The government should be listening to the indigenous and scientific community as they consider major construction projects like this one. Instead they have favored industry over environmental protection. Sign the petition to demand that the EPA protect salmon and cancel this mine.


Dear Mr. Wheeler,

Pebble Mine would destroy and contaminate salmon habitats in Alaska. Granting the permit for this project was negligent of its environmental consequences and disrespectful to the indigenous community that is against it. The mine would destroy wetland and watershed habitats of sockeye salmon that play an important role in the Alaskan ecosystem. This would not only impact salmon, but also endangered grizzly bears that feed on them and the fishing industry in Alaska.

Indigenous groups and scientists have called for the cancellation of this mine to protect sockeye salmon and their ecosystem. Under the Obama administration it was decided not to grant the permits for this mine because of its immense environmental impact. Nothing significant has changed about this project since that decision, so I see no reason to allow the mine now. For the sake of preserving the wetland ecosystem, I demand that you cancel the permit for Pebble Mine.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Milton Love

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  1. Laura Odonnell Laura Odonnell says:

    This permit is horrific- i am ashamed of our government allowing this greed and am disgusted by the golf mining he was

  2. Please revoke the permit so salmon, bears and fish can live in a clean habitat .

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