Restore Endangered Grizzly Bear Populations at National Park

Target: United States President, Donald Trump

Goal: Reintroduce threatened grizzly bear populations to North Cascades National Park.

There are currently less than ten grizzly bears living at the North Cascades National Park. The park is considered to be the largest grizzly bear recovery zone in the United States, which is an area that is thought to be an ideal habitat to help grizzly bear populations increase. Despite these facts, the Trump administration refuses to look at how low grizzly bear populations could negatively impact the environment, and further will not consider a plan to reintroduce the animals to the area. The bears will soon become extinct if a plan is not implemented to repopulate and protect these animals.

Although grizzly bears used to thrive, they are now a threatened species. In fact, grizzly bears are at a higher risk of becoming extinct than other types of bears in the United States. According to experts, these bears roam in less than five percent of their respective range at North Cascades National Park. If the bears were to be reintroduced into the area, they would occupy less than 50 percent of the park, and 72 percent of that area does not contain authorized roads. Therefore, the chances of a person running into one of these bears would be extremely low.

Because of past government programs that encouraged people to kill the bears, it is approximated that there are only about 1,800 grizzly bears living at both Yellowstone and Glacier National Park combined. If grizzly bears are not reintroduced to North Cascades National Park, these animals will be one step closer to becoming extinct. The Endangered Species Act requires that the population of grizzly bears in this area be restored and protected. Sign this petition to demand that the Trump administration do whatever necessary to bring more grizzly bears to the park so these amazing animals will be able to thrive.


Dear President Trump,

Grizzly bear populations are dwindling at alarming rates at the North Cascades National Park. There have been no recent sightings of the animals, and experts surmise that the park currently contains less than ten grizzly bears. Although your administration has turned down a proposal that would help to reintroduce these bears into the area, doing so is extremely important to prevent them from becoming extinct.

Grizzly bears are listed as a threatened species. In fact, they are more likely to become extinct than any other species of bear in the United States. While some residents are concerned that reintroducing the bears into the wild would cause people danger, the animals currently live in less than five percent of the park, and most of those areas do not have road access.

Grizzly bears living at the Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are also in great danger of dying out, as these places only occupy a total of about 1,800 bears. Therefore, it is important to reintroduce grizzly bears to the North Cascades National Park in order to help keep this majestic animal around for years to come. For these reasons, we demand you support a program that would help repopulate these bears at the North Cascades National Park, in order to ensure they will be around for future generations.


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Photo Credit: Jean Beaufort

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  1. Good luck with this. President Trump recently signed a law allowing grizzlies and wolves to be hunted, even little ones, in their dens. His son also needs stopped. He hunts “tamed” large game and endangered animals.

  2. President Trump does not appear to have any use for animals of any kind. This slaughter of bears, wolves, etc needs to be stopped – who in the hell is he to allow these losers of game hunters to just destroy the animals of this planet. Come on people 10 bears left – that is unbelievable – this totally needs to be changed and really quickly. It takes some kind of a real loser to kill off the babies in their dens – OMG you assholes are a real piece of work – each and every one of you who involved yourselves in these slaughters.

  3. Craig Kaufman says:

    All you non-hunters are clueless. Do you know what the wolf population is doing to elk herds out west? Keep you’re liberal agenda to your non-hunting selves. There are more Grizzlies now than in the last 60yrs and attacks are frequent if you know how to read. Grizzly and wolf seasons should be implemented now! TRUMP 2020!

    • You ignorant, sadistic good for nothing ‘human being’, if you could be called that …

    • There is a website that shows results of studies on livestock kills by bears, wolves and coyotes, and there has not been any evidence that they are causing increased kills. There was a webinar July 28, 2020, that showed study results and plans to further educate people, like you, and protect wildlife. Before you say it, the study participants included ranchers, hunters, biologists, etc.

  4. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    Be kind and save the poor grizzly bears who were created by God – they are not for hunting trophies …

  5. What a disgraceful killing of innocent wildlife. How these men who kill innocent wildlife in canned hunts think they are men and be proud of the way they accomplish their kills is inconceivable. Hunting for food for survival is one thing, what we’re seeing here is not a sport but instead men shooting innocent animals to make them think they are men when in fact they are spineless human beings.

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