Stop the Murder of Wolves in British Columbia

Target: Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development 

Goal: Stop the killing wolves based on statistical errors and questionable science. 

Four hundred sixty-three wolves were killed in British Columbia this winter because of a questionable scientific study. The province of British Columbia is home to an endangered and rapidly declining species of mountain caribou. A caribou scientist named Robert Serrouya conducted a study that suggested the caribou population would increase if the predators were removed and the pregnant caribou were penned. Thus, the slaughter of wolves began.

However, the study was significantly flawed. The experiment that was conducted had an extremely small sample size and, when further tested, bore no statistical proof that the murder of these wolves did anything to help caribou populations. Further investigation also revealed that the endangered caribou live on prime land for oil drilling. Killing the wolves offered a way for oil and gas companies to fulfill the requirements for protecting these caribou without giving up access to any of this land. It is not enough to kill off one of the many species of predators that hunt caribou. The only way to save these endangered creatures is to take steps towards protecting the places where they thrive. 

Caribou and wolves have lived in harmony for hundreds of years. The only change in the equation is the human population and consumption. It is morally reprehensible to slaughter up to 80% of the wolf population to excuse and offset our mindless destruction of natural habitats. Please sign this petition today, demanding that the government of British Columbia stop murdering wolves to protect the interests of oil and gas companies. 


Dear Minister Donaldson,

There is no statistical evidence that supports the killing of wolves to support endangered caribou populations. In the past, killing off wolf populations has only served to further damage ecosystems. Wolves are not the only predator of caribou. In fact, cougars have been found to have a higher impact on caribou populations than wolves.

One of the only proven ways to protect endangered caribou is by protecting the habitat in which they thrive. Stop using these animals as an excuse to kill off crucial predators while you continue to abuse the land. Please stop the needless killing of wolves and commit to protecting the area that is so vital for these caribou. 


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Photo Credit: Ken Conger

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  1. William Chivers says:

    I Really Do Hope this Petition Successfully Succeeds in Raising Awarenss of the very Issue this Petition is Trying to Raise.

    No Rare & Endangered Species of Wild Canine Deserves to Perish Beyond Existence…

    These Canine Creatures are of Nostalgia & Full Of Character, They even blend i nwell with British Columbia.

  2. quinten putnam says:

    This is so sad to see this senseless killing of beautiful lives that are just trying to exist as we all are!!!

  3. Sweetondogs says:

    Humans are the predators, not these poor, innocent wolves. Greed is destroying the animal populations and it needs to stop now. There is no need to destroy these animals habitat so the filthy rich can get richer! Everyone needs to take a stand and be the voices of the voiceless!

    • I am so sad about how fast these people whom are already rich,and greedy knock down so many woods, and forests. This leaves all these helpless animals with no where to go. I see so many animals running into streets, and getting hit by cars. They have no where to hunt. It’s not getting any better. I hear people are not animal lovers talk about they better how they better not see wild animals in their yards. These poor animals have no where to go. I live in Alexandria Va in Old Town. They keep building. They get rich because so many people work in DC. This has. Made DC-MD- VA a spot where they are knocking out all these beautiful animals homes. Please put a stop to this. Enough is enough. We are packed in like sardines, and innocent animals have no homes. Please help quickly. Thank you. Michelle Collier.

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    Leave the poor wolves alone and let them live in peace and safety. They deserve protection.

  5. Stop the killing of the precious wolves based on statistical errors and questionable science in vile and evil animal torturing murdering British Columbia. Burn in hell you lowlife f—— monster bastards and suffer as your innocent and helpless victims endured.
    The vile and evil lowlife nonhuman species never ceases to disgust and sicken me with the level of depravity these lowlife monster nonhuman bastards can sink too when the precious and innocent animals are their innocent victims.

    As commented by Sweetondogs – The vile and evil nonhumans are the predators, not these poor,innocent Wolves. Greed is destroying the animal populations and must be stopped. There is no need to destroy animals habitats so the filthy rich can get richer. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and alway the animals are the victims.

    Always the precious and innocent animals suffer because of the rotten greedy lowlife nonhuman monster species from hell.

    It is about time the animal torturing murdering greedy lowlife nonhuman species is eradicated from our planet earth. Good riddance to the filth on our planet !!!!!!

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