Dog Reportedly Body-Slammed by Abusive Owner on Public Street Deserves Justice

Target: Mayor Kennedy Stewart, Chair of the Vancouver Police Board

Goal: Bring charges against man who reportedly slammed his dog on hard pavement in a fit of rage.

Horrified pedestrians witnessed an act of alleged animal cruelty on a busy Vancouver, British Columbia street. A man reportedly body-slammed his pit bull in full view of several onlookers, some of whom called emergency services. When authorities arrived on the scene, they heard quite a twisted tale from the witnesses.

According to the onlookers, trouble began when the pit bull lunged at a passerby: an action at least one of the witnesses said was seemingly encouraged by the dog’s owner. Shortly thereafter, the man allegedly crushed his defenseless dog under his own body weight onto the hard pavement. He then apparently made movements to kick the dog in the head, warning off witnesses who attempted to intervene by screaming that the dog was his “property” to do with as he pleased.

Law enforcement officers reportedly found a shaking, wobbling, clearly traumatized dog. One officer said, “it was horrific to see, and I’ve been doing this for 40 years.” Despite the abundance of evidence and witnesses in this disturbing case, the man was ultimately released with no charges.

Sign the petition below to demand real justice in this apparently overt display of animal cruelty.


Dear Mayor Stewart,

Video has emerged from a Vancouver sidewalk where an alleged crime took place in full view of several citizens. Imagine a crime with video evidence, credible witnesses, and a visibly harmed reported victim. Now, imagine the accused criminal in this seeming slam-dunk case walking away with nary a charge.

We do not need to imagine, because this exact scenario recently played out in Vancouver when an unidentified man allegedly physically assaulted his dog to the point where the poor animal was said to be left trembling, wobbling, and whimpering in fear. Several urgent calls from bystanders brought authorities to the scene, where they proceeded to let this man go without arrest. They now claim an investigation is ongoing, but the current circumstances more than merit a charge of animal cruelty.

As the chair of Vancouver’s Police Board, please help rectify this glaring oversight of a reported crime that took place in plain sight. Ensure the investigation is completed in full and that appropriate charges are sought.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. If this guy is body slamming the dog in public, what is he doing behind closed doors? The dog needs to be removed from the home for the dogs safety.

  2. I totally agree with Robin McCorkhill. This man should not be allowed to keep any animals. Also, the fact that he got off scot-free sends the wrong message to other would-be animal abusers – they will think they will also get away with it if they abuse their animals. All animal abusers should be made to do jail time. A fine is not enough of a deterrent.

  3. This is absolutely horrifying! This abuser MUST be held accountable for his criminal actions! If this were a child, it would’ve been handled completely different. Animals are mammals just like we are and have a different form of communication. Where are their rights?! This is very disturbing! I pray the pit is not in his care nor “custody” any longer and he should never be able to have any mammal in his presence again ever! Shame on those who let this monster back out on the streets!

    • Renee Doan says:

      So true, SHAME on those who allowed this MONSTER OUT on the streets nor should he OWN any pets EVER!! What’s wrong you people to allow this???

    PLEASE, find this SUBHUMAN TRASH and prosecute HIM to the full extent of the law! This perpetrator is a DEHUMANIZED, DESENSITIZED, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC MONSTER and should get the HARSHEST PUNISHMENT possible.
    Acts of violence like this have NO PLACE in our communities and CANNOT BE IGNORED. ANIMAL CRUELTY needs to be taken as seriously AS any HUMAN VIOLENCE. Animals SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS — and they deserve JUSTICE just like YOU and ME. 

  5. I strongly agree that this poor dog needs justice. That beast deserves to be body slammed! I am floored that monster is free! I hope animal control came and got that poor dog.

  6. I have to ask WTF is wrong with the law???? We think we live in a civilized society but clearly we do not!!! If bastards such as this POS can get off scott free for committing this brutal bullying than we have no hope…

  7. Can someone please step up and get justice for this poor innocent dog? Why is he allowed to do this and not get punished? If you don’t punish this man to the fullest extent and get this poor dog away from him, you are just giving this innocent dog a death sentence, and you are no better than the man if you let him get away with this!!!!

  8. Susan Budde says:

    Animal cruelty is illegal! So, how could they just let this guy go? Even worse, allow him to keep the dog. If this had been a child, he would have been arrested. He is clearly unfit to have a dog and he needs to serve jail time. Hopefully, someone in Vancouver will get him and do the same to him!

  9. This dog must be removed from this sicko!!!
    Or did the officers take it from him?
    If the law will do nothing, then I hope a group of citizens will band together and beat the hell out of him.
    An eye for an eye…

  10. Hey people, nothing is ever going to change as long as there are bleeding heart mother-fuckin’ liberals that believe in letting robbers, rapists and killers go free with very little punishment and yet have very little sympathy for helpless animals. The thought that you would take out a piece of shit permanently for torturing an animal is beyond their comprehension. Personally, if I have a choice of saving a dogs life or a piece of shit human’s life, I will save the dog every damn time. I have met very few bad dogs in my 70 plus years on this planet but I have met thousands of worthless pieces of shit human beings that really deserve to have a bullet put in their brains. And animal abusers deserve just that. A .22 bullet cost about a nickle. And I would say that would be a nickle well spent. No telling how many animals lives would be saved.

  11. Poor doggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Lorraine German says:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about people abusing their pets. And make things even worse they get away with barely a charge and the poor animals suffer.
    THIS IS ENOUGH!!!! I have been reading these animal petitions for I don’t know how many years and the cruel owners get away with hardly a charge laid against them. It is about time the law gave a damn about the animals and less about the people abusing and torturing them. The punishment for the crime has got to get tougher longer prison time And a huge very huge fine. They’ve got to be banned from ever owning or being around animals for the rest of their lives. Their names have got to be put out where the public can see who exactly they are that abuse and torture animals. They also have to be kept watch on so this never happens again.

  13. rot in hell you bastard

  14. Stephanie Geyser says:

    The abuser obviously can’t control his temper. And the authorities will only prosecute when he beats up/kills a child “in a fit of temper” (his bleeding-heart excuse). Animal abuse doesn’t seem to bother the average Canadian.

  15. Ashamed to be human says:

    WTF did the police not only allow that POS to walk free, but even worse, not remove that poor dog???? Someone needs to find that POS & give him the hiding of his life & get that dog out of there, like NOW!!!!

  16. Gail Murphy says:

    OMG. Please tell me they didnt leave the dig with him. He will only get constsntly hurt.
    Please update on how the dog is.
    This man should definitely be prosecuted.
    Its just terribly cruel and obviously couldnt care kess about the dog

  17. This vile and evil animal torturing lowlife monster bastard must be put to death. Kill the evil lowlife bastard slowly making sure this evil lowlife monster suffers an agonising death. This f—— pos must be eradicated from the planet before this evil bastard tortures another precious and helpless animal.

  18. This monster and others like him should be euthanized. Good riddance! JUSTICE!

  19. I dare this vile bastard to meet me in real life,face to face.I have a surprise ready and waiting and it is called payback!!!! OH YESSSS!Come on gutless faggot I dare you!!!! Meat with me and you will be turned into MEAT!!!!!

  20. I have worked as a Forensic Mental Health Professional and trauma therapist for over 25 years. During this time, I have contracted with jails, prisons, and community corrections in various states, after working as a correctional officer for a few years. I can attest that there is a very strong correlation between the way people treat animals of any kind and the way they can all-too-easily, and without hesitation, remorse, or empathy, treat fellow human beings. If you would not want your son, daughter, sister, brother, grandchild, or parent treated this way, take a stand and sign every petition against animal abuse that you can find – wild and domestic, in the USA and across the world! YES, the pictures & videos are heart-wrenching but ignoring them does not solve the problem. Be brave for the innocent; when you ignore this cruel, heart-less behavior, you are giving more power to the abusers.

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