Dog Reportedly Body-Slammed by Abusive Owner on Public Street Deserves Justice

Target: Mayor Kennedy Stewart, Chair of the Vancouver Police Board

Goal: Bring charges against man who reportedly slammed his dog on hard pavement in a fit of rage.

Horrified pedestrians witnessed an act of alleged animal cruelty on a busy Vancouver, British Columbia street. A man reportedly body-slammed his pit bull in full view of several onlookers, some of whom called emergency services. When authorities arrived on the scene, they heard quite a twisted tale from the witnesses.

According to the onlookers, trouble began when the pit bull lunged at a passerby: an action at least one of the witnesses said was seemingly encouraged by the dog’s owner. Shortly thereafter, the man allegedly crushed his defenseless dog under his own body weight onto the hard pavement. He then apparently made movements to kick the dog in the head, warning off witnesses who attempted to intervene by screaming that the dog was his “property” to do with as he pleased.

Law enforcement officers reportedly found a shaking, wobbling, clearly traumatized dog. One officer said, “it was horrific to see, and I’ve been doing this for 40 years.” Despite the abundance of evidence and witnesses in this disturbing case, the man was ultimately released with no charges.

Sign the petition below to demand real justice in this apparently overt display of animal cruelty.


Dear Mayor Stewart,

Video has emerged from a Vancouver sidewalk where an alleged crime took place in full view of several citizens. Imagine a crime with video evidence, credible witnesses, and a visibly harmed reported victim. Now, imagine the accused criminal in this seeming slam-dunk case walking away with nary a charge.

We do not need to imagine, because this exact scenario recently played out in Vancouver when an unidentified man allegedly physically assaulted his dog to the point where the poor animal was said to be left trembling, wobbling, and whimpering in fear. Several urgent calls from bystanders brought authorities to the scene, where they proceeded to let this man go without arrest. They now claim an investigation is ongoing, but the current circumstances more than merit a charge of animal cruelty.

As the chair of Vancouver’s Police Board, please help rectify this glaring oversight of a reported crime that took place in plain sight. Ensure the investigation is completed in full and that appropriate charges are sought.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. why do you as mayor of your city just let a violent person a coward who did this to a harmless dog. They have a heart a soul, unconditional love to give and you as mayor is just as heartless how about someone gets voted into your job due to a wreckless neglect on your part so many people who treat animals this way are totally cowards and he needs to be held accountable and i certainly hope he never can own another animal and that poor dog was taken away from him and you can be classified as a mayor who is just as bad as that jerk suck it up buttercup and do your job ignorance is bliss and god doesn’t like ugly got it

    • That so called owner of the pit bull dog needs to be prosecuted, fined, and have his rights to own any other animal in the future taken away. We know if he did this in front of witnesses, he probably has done just as bad if not worse in private. Don’t let this piece of garbage get away with this. No dog should EVER be treated like that because dogs reflect their owners and the owners actions. What the dog learns is from his owner, so the dog is not at fault. I hope this poor pitty was taken away as I’d hate to hear something happened to this dog because of the owners BAD TEMPER and poor handling of his dog.


    • ENOUGH is ENOUGH! This abuser neefs to be punished! He clearly showed that he doesn’t DESERVE to be a pet owner. No pet is safe around that nutcase!!

  2. So he gets to continue to abuse the dog? not only should that piece of trash not be allowed to own any animals, but someone needs to teach him a lesson and body slam him.

    • I think those odmf us of this same mind should create an “eye for an eye” group to create a little real honest to god justice if chicken shit authorities won’t do it!

  3. Mary Ann Kinder says:

    That jerk needs to be put in jail and the dog should be adopted out to a beautiful family

  4. Pamela Hengst says:

    Who has the poor innocent dog? The abusive coward walks free??? Evidently the idiot knew he would not be punished because he abused his poor animal in front of others. I’m getting he is involved in dog fighting. Dogs may be property, but they are NOT ours to mistreat. Again I ask: where is the dog? Why isn’t the guilty bully in jail?

  5. This is another unbelievable thing to do to a animal.
    I just hope the poor dog is removed from this evil man who told the dog to do that in the first place.
    That is just horrible for this man to get away with such cruelty. What is wrong with such people to be so cruel to animals?

  6. Join a civil society and prosecute those uncivil and men violent.

  7. Shirley Lemieux says:

    It is unbelievable and unacceptable that this crime of animal abuse took place in front of several witnesses and yet no arrest took place. It is clear the Badges of Vancouver lean more towards keeping violent people on the streets more than protecting and serving the innocent. I am assuming with the lack of action from law enforcement that this innocent abused dog is still in the hands of the abuser.

  8. Renata Kuchinsky says:

    Charge this sick monster with animal cruelty
    He should never own animals
    Get this poor dog away from him
    You can only imagine what kind of abuse this dog is going through when no one sees

  9. Hand this vile dog abusing bastard over to me for the appropriate penalty to be performed.OH YESSSS!!!!

  10. Animals are not furniture – this monster needs to be in jail and the poor dog taken away from his disgusting, abusive, scum owner before the dog is killed. What’s wrong with the Authorities in Vancouver?? Is it okay to reward cruelty and criminals there?

  11. pam wallis says:

    What a disgrace, no wonder there are so many violent crimes in USA when morons like this can torture an animal without any consequences. What’s next….will he pull out his gun & shoot the poor dog as many times as he wants without any penalty. He is a danger to all beings, humans & animals…but only those defenceless ones who can’t fight back…women & children. Evil, imbecile is what he is😡

  12. Rachel Davies says:

    This heinous act of cruelty is particularly disturbing. The fact that there were witnesses so concerned that they called Emergency Services should immediately raise questions why this perpetrator was not arrested and jailed. Animal cruelty is an offence. Serious query how this happened. Sets a great deterrent! Mayor Stewart must pursue this case and bring this animal abuser before the court. As others have said, real concern about how he has treated this dog when out of public’s eye. No less than mandatory incarceration for any act of animal cruelty.

  13. This “man” is a disgusting human and doesn’t deserve a dog or any pet. He deserves therapy and jail. And that’s it.

  14. Julia Edinger says:


  15. Flora Bernard says:

    I honestly don’t see how this is real?? WTF and you being the Mayor allow it to happen and let this ASSHOLE of a human walk off with a pat on his back?? You have a job and duty to ensure this doesn’t happen again..Im not really concerned to know if you like animals or not but I love them more then people!! People out in the world are mean, nasty and cruel. Dogs actually have feelings you know. I have my first two pit bulls and one is more human then most humans!! They love and protect. Would you put harsher charges on this idiot that walked off with a pat in his back if he body slammed ” HIS ” own child??? Answer that for me please. They have two legs and dogs have 4. They love and look up to u for protection and love just as dogs do. Same instance and no difference..It actually makes me sick to know that this ends here for that POOR dog. Is the dog back with him im betting?? Please step up and do the right thing. Animals have feelings to. They mourn as well. Please make sure harsher charges are going to hit him. Im going to find out if that poor dog is with him. Please get the dog away from this sick creature and make him pay for the abuse. This is actually more then just abuse!!If he did that in public imagine what happens behind closed doors!!!

  16. Gerri Burkhart says:

    Yes, this may be a little late. First time I saw this information.These Judges, police officers, Washington white house and the president need to put a Stop to this animal torture. It is so sad to see a poor defenseless dog, yet a pittie which has gotten such a raw deal in life, get slammed around etc, just cause someone gets pissed off. . And the people in power apparently do not get it. If you would punish these bastards and idiots that cause this bullshit to happen, you might get animal abuse ro start coming down a little. Or give more power to these facilities that go out and find all of the low life that is scum enough that abuse these beautiful animals. What happens is that they have someone in office that hates animal’s and doesnt give a shit whether or not they have been abused or not. WE the people of the United states and animal’s strive to make this a better America and I see it going down tubes faster than anything. I feel there is change needed drastically in the white house senate and democrats, and Republican, you name it. These people that are a 100 need to be gone from government. Put some fresh blood in all those chairs. Then maybe things might get done. It is really all about these poor innocent animals that get hurt by all the time by these idiots and morons that continue to abuse any and all animals. I pray that each one of you low life scum buckets that you are, meet your maker with his vengence. Think about it, you are hurting Gods kids. I hope u all burn in hell. After the fact that a jury does to you what each and every fool did to each and every animal. And then you can burn in hell.

  17. Debra Broach says:

    I don’t give a dam what that useless moron said about that dog being his. I would have picked up a brick, got a tire iron out my car, gotten anything I could get my hands on to knock that evil piece of crap upside his head. I am not going to watch someone hurt an animal. I would also like to knock the crap out of that stupid, brainless judge who let him go. This is the exact reason why crime is so rampant and is staying that way. Not only because of the stupid morons who expect to get away with what they do, but the useless twits who are suppose to be officers of the court but do nothing to enforce the laws, get and keep these idiotic pyschopaths off the streets and away from normal, caring people. Lawyers and judges alike should be locked up with the lunatics they let loose to repeatedly cause troubles and harm, especially to animals. Its his job to protect and keep his animal safe not be a part of torturing him. Brand these people for life with tatoos across their forheads labeling them animal abusers and letting the world know what kind of useless punk they are. Last, make it law he never is allowed to have any animals again. What was the purpose of arresting him and taking him into custody in the first place just to have a dufus judge let him go immediately. What a law system we have.

  18. This man deserves a hefty fine and jail time for his abusive actions towards his pet that he seems to think of only as his “Property”. This poor dog needs to be taken from him and he should NEVER be allowed to own another animal.

  19. Christine Nuttall says:

    This evil piece of shit was released without charge. They had plenty of witnesses. I really cannot understand why he was let off unless he knew someone to get him off the charge. What an evil piece of shit!!

  20. If this guy abuses his dog in public, what is he doing behind closed doors?

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