Dog Reportedly Body-Slammed by Abusive Owner on Public Street Deserves Justice

Target: Mayor Kennedy Stewart, Chair of the Vancouver Police Board

Goal: Bring charges against man who reportedly slammed his dog on hard pavement in a fit of rage.

Horrified pedestrians witnessed an act of alleged animal cruelty on a busy Vancouver, British Columbia street. A man reportedly body-slammed his pit bull in full view of several onlookers, some of whom called emergency services. When authorities arrived on the scene, they heard quite a twisted tale from the witnesses.

According to the onlookers, trouble began when the pit bull lunged at a passerby: an action at least one of the witnesses said was seemingly encouraged by the dog’s owner. Shortly thereafter, the man allegedly crushed his defenseless dog under his own body weight onto the hard pavement. He then apparently made movements to kick the dog in the head, warning off witnesses who attempted to intervene by screaming that the dog was his “property” to do with as he pleased.

Law enforcement officers reportedly found a shaking, wobbling, clearly traumatized dog. One officer said, “it was horrific to see, and I’ve been doing this for 40 years.” Despite the abundance of evidence and witnesses in this disturbing case, the man was ultimately released with no charges.

Sign the petition below to demand real justice in this apparently overt display of animal cruelty.


Dear Mayor Stewart,

Video has emerged from a Vancouver sidewalk where an alleged crime took place in full view of several citizens. Imagine a crime with video evidence, credible witnesses, and a visibly harmed reported victim. Now, imagine the accused criminal in this seeming slam-dunk case walking away with nary a charge.

We do not need to imagine, because this exact scenario recently played out in Vancouver when an unidentified man allegedly physically assaulted his dog to the point where the poor animal was said to be left trembling, wobbling, and whimpering in fear. Several urgent calls from bystanders brought authorities to the scene, where they proceeded to let this man go without arrest. They now claim an investigation is ongoing, but the current circumstances more than merit a charge of animal cruelty.

As the chair of Vancouver’s Police Board, please help rectify this glaring oversight of a reported crime that took place in plain sight. Ensure the investigation is completed in full and that appropriate charges are sought.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Momentmal

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  1. Rita Johnson says:

    If this person will do this in public in front of all those witnesses imagine what this poor dog suffers at home and nobody is around. Obviously this person feels that the dog, as his possession, has no rights at all and he can do whatever he wants to it. Stop him before the dog is mentally and physically damaged beyond repair or killed! He should be restricted from ever owning another dog.

    • I agree. I own 2 pits and they’re so sweet. I’m so tired of animal abuse especially with Pitbulls. Send him to prison for a very long time and never allow him around animals.

  2. None of your business says:

    Wait a minute! You are saying this Pit Bull lunged at a person and the Pit Bull owner tried to stop his Pit Bull for attacking an innocent human being?! I am not signing this petition because this owner did the right thing. Now, his dog needs to be put down because this dog is aggressive.

    • Witnesses say he encouraged his dog to do this. Even if he didn’t, this is NOT how you discipline any animal.

    • It is my business says:

      I was going to ask if you were stupid but that question answers itself. You are probably the same type of scum that abuses animals and shouldn’t be around children, animals, the elderly and other vulnerable populations. How dare you defend a monster and their heinous actions. Go to hell.

    • What? Witnesses saw what happened and said he encouraged the dog to lunge at someone, and it does not even say the dog attacked anyone. There is no excuse for what he did to his dog which he clearly only sees as his property.

    • Hey can you read the report. Do you understand English. The man is an abuser of animals and he needs to go to jail.

    • You need to reread what happened. It said the pitbull lunges toward a passerby and it looked like the owner encouraged it. Shortly thereafter the owner body slammed his dog on the ground, crushing it with his weight and was making movements to kick the dog’s head.
      That is 100% abuse, not correction. A correction should have been done right away or the dog does not understand the correlation. The owner’s abusive behavior could make the dog more fearful and aggressive to people. Exactly what we don’t want. Pitbulls by nature love people. This incident makes me sick. My guess is the abused dog went home with the abuser. I am appalled that nothing was done to the owner or at least the dog should have been taken away. The dog could have received serious body injuries and needs to be seen by a vet.

    • Mary-Frances says:

      No, the Owner encouraged the dog to lung at a person & then punished this dog by crushing it & kicking it on the hard pavement.

    • No TROLL, The article states he ENCOURAGED his Pitbull to lunge at a passerby. For some reason he was not arrested for animal abuse not to mention he then violently attacked his own dog, for not attacking the stranger. He should never own an animal again obviously you agree with this now the facts are straight?

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      The only thing that needs to be put down are assholes like yourself with your animal hating attitude.

      • It is my business says:

        YUP! The world doesn’t need any more heartless, useless people like the person who had the audacity to defend that loser. PLEASE RELEASE THE NAME OF THE “OWNER”. If authorities don’t teach him a lesson, it’s the street’s turn for justice.

  3. What happened to the dog? Surely this abuser was not let walk away AND with this terrified dog released back to him??!!!



  4. Doreen Tetreault says:

    Obviously this person has issues since the dog was encouraged by its owner to go after a human and then he attacks his dog for doing what he encouraged it to do. He should not be able to own a pet. He should be charged with abuse and neglect. It’s a beautiful dog and would be a lot better off in a loving home.

  5. Hopefully the dog was removed from this piece of shit. He needs to be body slammed at the end of a forklift to experience what he did to his dog. He needs to be charged with animal cruelty. Who knows what this poor animal endures in his hands at home.

  6. Fuck the bastard!!!

  7. Gail Coates says:

    No charges? It’s absolutely crazy. This pathetic, cruel man and other cruel bastards need these poor animals taking right off them straight away and banned from owning animals forever before the worst happens. Punishment should be harsher on abuse to animals.

  8. You know, read the article properly! The dog was encouraged to lunge. Do you understand he is being taught to be aggressive. Good fucking grief. Where’s the dog? Time for vigilantes. He probably has more dogs/animals and is teaching them to fight. There’s way more to this picture. No need to respond to my post if it’s negative because I don’t care less what you have to say!

  9. so this owner encourages the dog to lunge at a person, then turns around and slams him to the ground?????WTF????? I do hope this guy does not still have the dog…..can you imagine what goes on behind closed doors??? please you animal enforcement officers WAKE UP… in the hell could this man walk away and not have any charges???? yet had this happened human to human THEN YOU WOULD GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS & PROSECUTE….so it doesn’t matter how you treat an animal, you WILL ALWAYS BE ABLE TO WALK AWAY with the dog terrified & having to deal with another incident probably by the end of the day….karma jacko’s will get YOU in the end…an eye for an eye….

  10. Susan Sperling says:

    Is the poor dog still with this horrible abusive owner? Do the right thing and get this dog away from this abuser and charge this jerk with abuse and jail time. How can he be let go without being charged when authorities could clearly see the dog was abused and even said it was horrific to see. Shame on the authorities if nothing is done to save this dog and charge the abuser.
    He enticed the dog to lunge at a passerby which is not the dogs fault. This was not a means of discipline. This is a sick abuser who will not stop abusing. If he does this in public he does worse behind closed doors.

  11. Jaime Perez says:

    NO CHARGES??!! So it’s ok to viciously abuse your pet in public and get away with it? What is wrong with their judicial system? This freaking creep needs to spend the rest of his miserable life in jail. If he treats animals this way, who’s to say he isn’t abusive to humans also? I hope that poor dog was taken away from him. That stupid SOB!

  12. Someone should have body slammed this piece of crap and kicked him in the head…the court system that didn’t charge him is just as guilty as the abuser. I hope justice is served soon…

  13. Charge this loser with animal abuse, remove the dog permanently have it accessed to determine if it is aggressive. This coward has no right to discipline a dog in such an abusive manner and should be banned from ownership, if he will harm the dog in public as he did I dread to imagine what the poor dog suffers in privacy

  14. WHAT RELEASED!!!! How could you allow this Mayor Kennedy Stewart this is apparently ANIMAL ABUSE!!! You see how he is training him to be an attack dog. You should take his rights away to own any dog or any animal and give him the MAX FELONY PENALTY!!! You have done a grave injustice to the dog. If the justice system doesn’t stop cruelty then who will. Some people do their part in stopping animal absurd you also have too.

  15. This evil cruel punk needs to suffer the same abuse tenfold. Trying to be a big shot at the expense of his dog. And the punk is out wandering around in society?? Needs to be in solitary for the rest of his life. He is a menace to animals and humans alike. WHEN WILL ANIMAL ABUSE FINALLY BE PROSECUTED EVERY TIME IT IS KNOWN WHO THE ABUSER IS. Too many miserable punks enjoy abuse andit MUST END NOW. IN MY OPINION

  16. Hang this sick freak after it is body slammed and kicking in the head till expired.

    Where is the poor dog?

  17. Cliff winterfeld says:

    I would take a bassbal bat to this guy or just shoot him

  18. Nicola seemer says:

    Clearly this dude is troubled and probably and drug addict. He needs locked up & rid of. We f DRG isn’t need trash like this on the planet. Hope the dog was rescued and re-homed. Really really really sick of reading over & over cases of horrific animal abuse by fucking men. Dudes smash each other please!

  19. Where is the dog now? It certainly should not be with him again . That ignorant judge needs to be replaced . He is definitely not an animal advocate. There is nothing wrong with Pitt bulls it’s the ignorant owners that have the problem . All those people witnessed this act of animal abuse and no one stepped in . Why?

  20. They need to send these criminals to jail or if they kill defenseless animals death penalty to them!!!

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