Dog Reportedly Body-Slammed by Abusive Owner on Public Street Deserves Justice

Target: Mayor Kennedy Stewart, Chair of the Vancouver Police Board

Goal: Bring charges against man who reportedly slammed his dog on hard pavement in a fit of rage.

Horrified pedestrians witnessed an act of alleged animal cruelty on a busy Vancouver, British Columbia street. A man reportedly body-slammed his pit bull in full view of several onlookers, some of whom called emergency services. When authorities arrived on the scene, they heard quite a twisted tale from the witnesses.

According to the onlookers, trouble began when the pit bull lunged at a passerby: an action at least one of the witnesses said was seemingly encouraged by the dog’s owner. Shortly thereafter, the man allegedly crushed his defenseless dog under his own body weight onto the hard pavement. He then apparently made movements to kick the dog in the head, warning off witnesses who attempted to intervene by screaming that the dog was his “property” to do with as he pleased.

Law enforcement officers reportedly found a shaking, wobbling, clearly traumatized dog. One officer said, “it was horrific to see, and I’ve been doing this for 40 years.” Despite the abundance of evidence and witnesses in this disturbing case, the man was ultimately released with no charges.

Sign the petition below to demand real justice in this apparently overt display of animal cruelty.


Dear Mayor Stewart,

Video has emerged from a Vancouver sidewalk where an alleged crime took place in full view of several citizens. Imagine a crime with video evidence, credible witnesses, and a visibly harmed reported victim. Now, imagine the accused criminal in this seeming slam-dunk case walking away with nary a charge.

We do not need to imagine, because this exact scenario recently played out in Vancouver when an unidentified man allegedly physically assaulted his dog to the point where the poor animal was said to be left trembling, wobbling, and whimpering in fear. Several urgent calls from bystanders brought authorities to the scene, where they proceeded to let this man go without arrest. They now claim an investigation is ongoing, but the current circumstances more than merit a charge of animal cruelty.

As the chair of Vancouver’s Police Board, please help rectify this glaring oversight of a reported crime that took place in plain sight. Ensure the investigation is completed in full and that appropriate charges are sought.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Momentmal

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  1. Shameful. Expect better from Canadian enforcement.

  2. Yolanda Holtzee says:

    Why was this owner not arrested and the poor dog confiscated?

  3. chris kisch says:

    We must stop releasing these monsters that inflict this pain on others, whether they are human or animal. These crimes must not be tolerated.


  5. This scumbag POS needs to be put behind bars! Nobody should treat any animal like this! He is ghetto ass!

  6. Jacqui Skill says:


  7. Stronger laws need to be enforced for monsters like this. This piece of shit of human being should be put in jail forever and NEVER allowed to be near a child, animal or a plant, for that matter.

  8. The dog needs to be taken away from this abuser. He needs to be charged with Animal Cruelty.

  9. Well in Canada still it exists the seal s cull so what surprised me??? Really a big shame and I hope this nother fucker will face the same treatment from someone else!

  10. Why are people so mean?

  11. Den Cairns says:

    Really.. he got away with this! When are law enforcement going to toughen up on abusers like this..and in full view of everyone..and still no action. Disgusting, he needs to be locked up, fined and not be able to own animals, just scum!!

  12. Animal abusers need to be placed behind bars! Why wasn’t this dog confiscated from this lunatic? Animal cruelty the last I heard is a FELONY! Do you JOB or get out and let someone else do your job! Releasing this POS is enabling POS animal abusers! Take the dog from him he shouldn’t be allowed to EVER have an animal!!!!

  13. Jeffrey Poupard says:

    He can earn me the dog is his property all he wants, it would never stop me from absolutely destroying him right then and there. He’d have to pray that cops got there before he died in the street from me smashing his face into a big pile of mush. I wish more people were like me, this shit would basically be completely eliminated

  14. Rose Coffey says:

    How can the guy who did this be walking around free and clear?

  15. Where is the dog now??

  16. Linda Goby says:

    he needs to be put in jail and the poor pup needs a good home with no abuse!

  17. Mayra Lazala-Stock says:

    What a POS of a human..

  18. I say hang him in public, let the public serve punishment! Put a sign on him!!

  19. American Girl says:

    WTF is wrong with this police dept.? I am a strong supporter of the police, but this is a black mark on all!
    This constitutes a “special” kind of stupid! To not do anything is to show yourselves as morally & ethically bankrupt! Arrest this piece of shit and rehome this abused dog!

  20. It’s awful that they let this man free and there is no name
    Which is another weird thing ! He needs to be shamed and punished severely and put behind bars and never allowed to own pets.

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