Animals Neglected and Found Covered in Feces Deserve Justice


Target: Authorities in West Palm Beach, Florida

Demand: Prosecute person responsible for animals in deplorable conditions.

Authorities in West Palm Beach, Florida responded to a possible animal hoarding case recently and seized 14 dogs and 27 cats from a home. The animals were living in terrible conditions and were, according to rescuers, covered in feces and matted. One dog, named Angelina Jolie, is missing her hind legs and has been using her stumps to get around. It took several baths to get her clean.

Fortunately, all the animals have been placed in a shelter and most are up for adoption.

This is inexcusable. The person responsible must be arrested a prosecuted for neglecting the animals and allowing them to live in such filth.


Dear West Palm Beach Police,

A recent situation in West Palm Beach involving a possible hoarding situation has been reported in the news. Rescue workers found 27 cats and 14 dogs living in deplorable conditions with matted fur covered in feces.

One of the dogs was missing her hind legs. It took several baths to get her cleaned.

The person living in the home allegedly neglected these animals and should face consequences. We the undersigned urge you to arrest this person and bring him or her to justice.


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  1. Valerie Nordberg says:

    Some humans are just disgusting.

  2. People who do things like this need to spend time in jail, and they need to be responsible for all the money it cost to get these poor animals back to good health and ready for adoption. They also should be banned from EVER owning another animal ever again! While this might of started out as carrying for animals with good intentions, once they saw it was out of control they should of called for help, instead of making these poor animals suffer for so long. Until we crack down hard on people like this it will continue forever! Until we start being a voice for the voiceless we’re just as bad as the abusers for letting them get away with it with just a slap in the wrist! Please do your job and see that justice is served for these poor animals that God only knows how long they suffered!

    • I totally agree. We ARE their Guardians, NOT owners. My last rescue has special needs because of malutrition & someone tied her to a Drivers side of a car, so shrvwas visible. At least someone got her out of a Hell Hole until I provided Safe harbor for her. Wildlife overpopulation problem is solved by IDIOTS by HUNTING. No excuse for Trophy Hunts. Their habitat’s are encroached upon by removing & destroying their environment. So where do they live after we build Shopping Malls, homes, etc? We need Birth control for animals by spay/neuter, or for Wildlife, mixed in food or their living areas. Animals are KILLED because of overpopulation, yet Humans sometimes CHOOSE to NOT be responsible. In case someone mentions possible extinction of ANY Species, Responsible Actions & Mandatory Programs will keep the balance in check. For those who do not have the funds to spay & neuter, I suggest each City provide for FREE,to prevent this Hoarding & mainly homeless pets. Stop being irresponsible People. Listen to The Voices Speaking Up For the Voiceless! Thank you.

  3. Poor animals, I’m wondering if they started to help these animals & got too overwhelmed? However it shouldn’t have gotten this out of hand! Why don’t people ask for help?

  4. Hopefully the animals are in a no-kill shelter.

  5. Ellis Toscano says:

    Familiar with the area and this is inexcusable. Takes money to live there so they were into drugs, booze or mentally ill.

  6. Cecily Colloby says:

    These people should be shut in a room full of excrement and left to get on with it…..

  7. Horrific crimes, like the above, against animals MUST be taken seriously — the punishment MUST be severe — crimes against animals CANNOT be repeated!

  8. Get the Bastard and give them the worst punishment possible and more

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