Craigslist: Stop the Brutal Slaughter of Elephants


Target: Jim Buckmaster, CEO of Craigslist

Goal: Implement a system to scan and remove ads for ivory products on Craigslist.

The market for ivory products is thriving on Craigslist, according to a study by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Over 450 ivory products with a value of nearly $1.5 million were found listed on the trading site, along with hundreds of other animal products, including zebra hides and a footstool made from an elephant leg. Despite the sale of ivory and endangered animal products being banned from the site, Craigslist is not taking down the ads.

While pre-ban antique ivory is legal for sale in the United States, only three percent of the ads found had proper documentation to prove that the product being sold was made before the ban. While others claimed to be pre-ban, a separate study found that carvers commonly use techniques to make the ivory look aged in order to illegally sell new ivory as antique. This loophole, which exists in many countries, has caused the ivory industry to rebound and become stronger than it was even before the worldwide ivory ban brought about by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Each day, an estimated 96 elephants are killed in Africa by poachers. These poachers are using increasingly cruel tactics, including poisoning watering holes and gunning down entire herds with automatic weapons. In the past decade, Central Africa has lost 64 percent of its elephants.

Other websites such as eBay and Etsy have successfully implemented algorithms to find and remove ads for illegal animal products. Craigslist’s lack of screening is facilitating the sale of illegal animal products and contributing to the slaughter of elephants in Africa. Sign the petition below to demand that Craigslist improve its capabilities to find and take down ads for ivory and endangered animal products.


Dear Mr. Jim Buckmaster,

A recent study by animal welfare advocacy groups has found a thriving market for the sale of ivory on Craigslist despite the material being prohibited on the website. While many of these pieces are claimed to be antique, a separate study found that ivory carvers frequently employ tactics to make post-ban ivory look older in order to sell it more easily.

Several major sales websites have created programs to track and shut down ads for illegal animal products. By failing to do so, Craigslist is contributing to the success of a market that is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of elephants annually. We, the undersigned, demand that Craigslist make an effort to stop the trade of prohibited animal products on its website.


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Photo credit: Mohan Raj

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  1. The losers running craigslist are morally bankrupt. Worst website EVER!! So ridiculous that they are not monitored and shut down.

  2. If I had my way, Craigslist would be banned from the internet. They’ve caused nothing but trouble ever since they began. They are ruthless and they do not care what goes up on their site. They say they can’t monitor or stop what goes on there, but that is nothing but a lie. I hate Craigslist!!!

  3. Once the elephants are extinct in Africa the price of ivory will double or go higher so the very ones that have caused the extinction will make even more on the blood soaked ivory. Unless Africa really starts to put troops in the field to protect these elephants they will be gone in less than a decade at the rate they are being slaughtered.
    That will be another animal wiped out because of the greed of humans.

  4. Your a load of ignorant bastards Elephants are one of the most gentle animals do you really need their ivory i guess it for the chinks they are more disgusting than you I hope and wish everyone of you along with your families are hunted and your heads ripped off Your a load of vermin!

  5. alan spitzer says:

    It is disgusting to kill any animal to put a part of them on your wall or make something with them. Elephants are sweet, caring, and awesome animals.

  6. Karen Remnant says:

    Unless they get their act together craigslist needs to be shut down. As it stands they promote animal cruelty, for profit! Disgusting!

  7. Cheryl High says:

    Shut Craigslist down now…

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