Punish Person Who Nailed Raccoon to Pole Beside Black Lives Matter Sign

Target: John J. Choi, Attorney for Ramsey County, Minnesota

 Goal: Punish the person who nailed a dead raccoon to a pole beside a repeatedly defaced Black Lives Matter sign.

A raccoon was nailed to telephone pole near a repeatedly defaced Black Lives Matter sign in a clear protest of the anti-racist movement. The horrific act followed the discovery of multiple raccoon carcasses around the protest billboard, a potential reference to the animal’s use as a racist slur. Demand those behind this sick act of cruelty and racism face the harshest penalty.

“I think it’s a very specific message. It’s just very upsetting to think that someone would go out of their way to do that,” stated Anita MacDonald, the owner of the property. She and her 14-year-old daughter created the signs in their front and back yards to support Black Lives Matter following the death of George Floyd. The signs were repeatedly pulled up, spray painted, or destroyed and MacDonald found raccoon carcasses surrounding them on two different occasions.

This is just one of many instances of damage to Black Lives Matter signs in Roseville. Police are investigating and they are asking for the public’s help in identifying potential suspects. Sign below and demand that those found responsible for the death of this raccoon and the racist intent behind the act face the harshest penalty.


Dear County Attorney Choi,

Black Lives Matter signs are being destroyed and defaced throughout Roseville. Most recently, a raccoon was nailed to a telephone pole in Anita MacDonald’s yard, right beside her anti-racism protest billboard. MacDonald and her 14-year-old daughter have found multiple dead raccoons on their property recently, a potential reference to the racist slur, and they’ve had to replace spray painted, pulled up, or broken signs repeatedly.

Racism and animal cruelty cannot be tolerated. I demand that you do all you can to ensure that those behind these acts face the harshest legal consequences.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alexandra_Koch



  1. Please lock this woman up for a very long time and never allow her near animals again!

    Does anyone else have a blank space where you’re suppose to sign the petitions?

    • Melissa Johnson says:

      The woman mentioned in the back story is not the person that killed the raccoons!

      You need to be logged in for your information to self-populate where the petitions are signed.

    • I put this reply on the page about the cats suffocating in facility in Massachusetts. I don’t know how it got here. Also, the place to sign the petitions is back. Strange. I never log in to sign petitions.

  2. humans have so much hate in their heart and yet it seems the innocent animals are the ones to suffer for their sick minds….why must anyone destroy an innocent animal? they have nothing to do with why these monster human POS choose to harm them…it is a coward way of showing your bullies and it is truly disgusting….may you suffer forever and never have a happy day ever…an eye for an eye…karma is a bitch.

  3. Life in prison for this disgusting person!!! Animal abuse/ murder is never ok!!! This person is a barbaric human and a danger to society!!! Life in prison no question!!

  4. Linda Cummings says:

    The ignorant redneck morons did this to me too, because I moved to a ignorant mid west town from Colorado and had a Hillary Clinton for President sign in my yard. I am a school bus driver so all the kids had to see this too as I had to drive right past it. These are some of the dumbest assholes to ever walk this planet.

    • Lillith Lascoue says:

      I’m sorry that happened to you, Linda. I’m in Colorado too, so I know what you mean about bigotry and ignorance in some rural areas.

      • Time all these Retards were shot dead- they serve no useful purpose – I feel for Linda. all animals deserve care and respect

  5. Sophie D. says:

    Positively sadistic act. The perpetrator is evil and needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law for both racism and animal cruelty.

  6. Patrick Butler says:

    I’m hoping my wife doesn’t see this…we have 3 indoor/outdoor cats who get along with the raccoons around us. My wife feeds the raccoons, mostly cookies and marshmallows.

  7. Ellis Toscano says:

    So wrong for so many reasons. Hope God forgives this POS because most people will wish him only evil.

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    What a horrible thing to do. All lives matter, even innocent animals. Whoever did this is a sick, reprehensible individual who needs to be taken out of society!

    • Quite right they do – hung upside down attached to a pole and stoned to death – they would feel the pain that they have inflicted on animals

  9. This vile animal murdering bastard must be exterminated.I am ready,willing and able to perform this procedure!

  10. Debra Broach says:

    This goes to show the world that there are people who just doesn’t want to get rid of racism.

  11. Debra Broach says:

    I am out of words for these evil pieces of crap. No words shame them, makes them feel gilty or cause them to have any remorse. There are people who want and thrive on racism. They dont want it to end. But to use an innocent animal to think you are getting your sick point across is unforgivable. KARMA is next in line for these useless, brainless twits. They will have it to answer to. They won’t have a restful soul because of the karma hey will have to deal with. If you’ve never had to go through pain snd suffering, you will through the karma that will affect you. No one should ever think they will be getting away with harming one of god’s creatures. No, It doesn’t work that way. You will see.

  12. you have to search for and destroy this monster

  13. Lisa Trendall says:

    Absolutely abhorrent…!! Why is it we always use and abuse innocent animals to demonstrate human issues that have nothing what so ever to do with other animal species?

  14. Both sides killing raccoons and blaming another race for why they did it is bull$hit. says:

    The person who did this needs to be disposed of. As do the people who are clearly on the other side of this who beat a raccoon to death and put the video online saying “only white ppl care about animals”. Um, no. Only good people of every color care about animals. And everyone of every color who thinks its ok to torture animals needs to be exterminated for being cruel filth.

  15. How about the raccoon that was ran over and beat to death by BLM in NYC? Do you care about that raccoon? Quit killing animals for your politics, EVERYONE.

  16. you idiots! blm is the group abusing and killing the animals. it’s become a blm sub-culture. they hate the country, the earth, and animals. truth

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