Cats Reportedly Found Suffocating in Hot, Filthy Facility Deserve Justice

Target: Cape and Islands, Massachusetts District Attorney Michael D. O’Keefe

Goal: Give woman harsh legal sentence and do not allow her to continue breeding animals if it is found she bred cats in unsanitary conditions.

Jennifer Winsper allegedly bred and housed sixty-five cats in a filthy building. She reportedly sold many other sick cats that also bred in the same facility. Winsper was charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty. She needs to be given jail time, and she should not be allowed to continue breeding animals if she is found guilty of these crimes.

Authorities stated the animals were housed in a building that was much too hot. The air quality in the facility was reportedly poor, which likely made it difficult for the cats to breathe. Additionally, there was allegedly a strong smell of animal waste inside the area where the cats were kept. According to reports, the animals had been living in these disgusting conditions since an initial complaint was launched in 2019. It was determined that the cats would most likely need medical treatment for the next few weeks.

Sign this petition to demand Winsper be held accountable for her actions and to tell officials that she should no longer be allowed to breed animals if these allegations are true.


Dear District Attorney O’Keefe,

Jennifer Winsper was recently charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty after officers allegedly discovered she had bred sixty-five cats in unacceptable conditions. It was also alleged that she sold sick cats to unsuspecting people in the past. She needs to receive a strict legal sentence and be prohibited from breeding animals if she is found guilty, in order to better ensure this will not happen again.

Authorities indicated the cats were kept inside a scorching hot building, and that the air was difficult to breathe. They allegedly smelled copious animal waste upon entering the facility. It was reported the cats had lived in unsuitable conditions since 2019, and that they would likely need weeks of veterinary treatment.

Such neglect should not be tolerated. We therefore demand you suggest this woman spend time behind bars and that she not be legally able to breed animals if she is found guilty of these inexcusable acts.


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  2. These comments are very strong. I hope no one who commented eats any kind of animal products.

    • Why? Is it wrong to care about animal abuse if you eat a tunafish sandwich? The more people who care about the abuse the closer we are to getting something done about it, so sign away, wether you are vegan or not.

    • That comment is inappropriate for this petition. For those of us that are vegan find your comment incredibly inept. I’d rather have a force of people caring about this atrocity than only one group of vegans only. That doesn’t solve anything.
      My cat got out the other day and ate a mouse (I didn’t let her out, she found a hole in her outdoor enclosure). So does that mean she doesn’t care about her fellow house-cat mates? Seriously, either sign the petition or go away. No one wants to hear you.

    • That’s a really STUPID comment Susan.
      While a lot of people who protest animal cruelty may be vegan, no one is required to be vegan to object to animal cruelty.
      This particular issue has nothing to do with food animals anyway, so what is your point? Do you even HAVE one? I think not. I think you’re just a fucking imbecile.
      Is THAT strong enough for you?

  3. Yolanda Holtzee says:

    Please seek the max for greedy sociopath Winsper.

  4. Elaine Hutzelman says:

    She should be charged with 65 counts of murder and given the harshest of punishments and never be allowed any contact with animals of any kind.

    • I agree Elaine and I hope this woman gets the maximum penalty for what she put those poor cats through. No animal deserves to suffer, be tortured, or abused in ANY MANNER. Put this woman away and MAKE SURE she NEVER owns any animals in her lifetime!!

  5. Jennifer Winsper needs to prosecuted and then incarcerated in a hot filth cell with no foos or water just as she did to these poor animals. Their lives are far more valuable than hers. If this monster has useless offspring then investigate and remove via CPS

  6. Jennifer Winsper is a CUNT that needs to be put in prison NOW!

  7. J. Martin says:

    How about … what she deserves is to get her face smashed in

    • Jail this evil despicable bitch for LIFE. These bastards need to be removed from society for ever. Let that serve as a deterrent to other animal murdering scum. Rehabilitation is impossible as these POS are sub human and not capable of understanding or compassion. Get them off the streets, period.

  8. When will ‘authorities’ learn? This is typical breeder damage and almost always goes unpunished. This is Massachusettes’ opportunity to be a leader and make the punishment fit the crime – fine, jail and lifetime ban on animal contact. Also, this horrible person should be paying all costs associated with the care of these poor cats; if she thought it was too expensive to pay for decent care then paying for their healthcare will help her learn to make better decisions. Vile nasty woman – ugh

    • NO NO TAXPAYER JAIL TIME FOR THIS BITCH! That is exactly the problem, the laws need to be much stronger!!!!
      The Judge should sentence her to exactly the same conditions for at least a month locked away all by herself in filth, oppressive heat & no food or water!!!!!

  9. Punish this lady to the fullest extent of the law, keeping the cats in such terrible conditions just for the sake of making money.Jail, maximum fine and no more contact with animals again.Evil monster!

  10. I am a proud cat mom and am sick of people mistreating sweet cats! This monster deserves to live in those filthy conditions! Please rescue those sweet cats asap.


  12. Christine Tomelden says:

    This woman should be hanged without mercy under the sun let the black ants 🐜 crawl on her!
    Jail solitary confinement and fined.

  13. Hey Jennifer Winsper, put yourself in the HOT building for months and see how YOU like it. What goes around ALWAYS comes around and someday you will get your karma. When no one is looking, karma is thank goodness and you will get it for that.

  14. Kelly Wilcox says:

    THIS IS JUST PLAIN MURDER!!!! The same thing needs to be done to them only for it to be 10 times worse. These low life’s DO NOT deserve to take another breath of life it needs to end the same way as this precious baby kitten did. I am a PET Lover and have a adorable and yet beautiful cat and could never do anything to hurt it or any other type of animal. YOU!!! are a disgusting piece of SCRUM and deserve to be tormented to where you beg to live BUT NO!!! that would not happen and if it were to happen YOU!! would want to die because you would be so miserable that YOU !! wouldn’t want to live. I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THIS PRECIOUS BABY NOW!!!!

  15. Please don’t let her breed of cats in such awful conditions and please give her harshest sentences and she needs to be punished !!!!

  16. Carolyn J. Paurowski says:

    This is animal abuse and very irresponsible. This woman should be fined and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. She should not be allowed to keep or breed any animals nor go near any animals for these despicable and inhumane acts. Cats are intelligent living beings that are fastidious and very clean animals – they feel pain and suffering as we do. Please don’t just give this woman a slap on the wrist – she needs to be very strongly punished and prosecuted for what she did.

  17. All of the above people that wrote a few thoughts are correct and this women has to be charged and never let her do such horrible things to animals again.
    No one needs to buy a cat when there are so many beautiful cats at the shelters WAITING TO BE ADOPTED. There are so many cats and kittens to choose from.

  18. If Jennifer Winsper is found guilty of animal abuse she deserves a hefty fine and jail time and should NEVER be able to own another animal. If a person is going to breed animals they should be cared for not just thrown in some filthy environment. This is disgusting behavior!!!

  19. Prosecutors have to stop giving away deals to animal abusers. These must stay felonies! Sentence should include fines to wipe her out and being locked up where the cats were.

  20. Deborah L Bukowski says:

    This scumbag needs to be held accountable for her actions. Her name and picture need posted for all to see, and she should be banned for ever owning an animal again. Someday she will have to answer for the abuse.

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