Restore Grizzlies to Native Habitats to Prevent Their Devastating Extinction

Target: David Bernhardt, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Reintroduce grizzly bears to ecosystem where they have become functionally extinct.

Grizzly bears driven to the endangered list stood a real chance to make a strong comeback….until the federal government killed this hope. The Secretary of the Interior abruptly announced that plans to reintroduce grizzlies to Washington State’s North Cascades ecosystem had been terminated. The initiative could have bolstered this eco-rich, nearly 10,000 square-mile region’s grizzly population by over 300.

The North Cascades once hosted the animals in bountiful numbers. Now, however, the total grizzly population stands at about ten, making them functionally extinct. Despite this fact, Secretary David Bernhardt claimed the grizzlies were “not in danger.” In reality, the bears have been on the endangered list in Washington for four decades.

The Interior Department also claims this decision resulted from vocal public opposition. Yet recent records of public comments showed 80 percent support for the grizzlies’ reintroduction. These animals are cherished by local indigenous cultures and play a vital role in maintaining diverse ecosystems.

Sign the petition below to demand this supposed agency of conservation reverse course on a critical conservation effort it once fully supported.


Dear Secretary Bernhardt,

Your predecessor recognized the vitality and importance of grizzly bears to Washington’s North Cascades ecosystem. A plan was on course to reintroduce these bears to a habitat human beings took from them. Your reasons for the abrupt cancellation of this conservation initiative are highly questionable and unacceptable.

You claim grizzlies are not endangered, but Washington State’s endangered list—as well as the region’s ever-dwindling grizzly population—would suggest otherwise. You also attributed the termination of the program to intense public opposition. If so, why do public comments and surveys from natives to this region indicate a groundswell of support for the bears? Did the opposition that mattered most come from special interests?

This agency is supposed to conserve and protect U.S. natural heritage. Stop selling out. Buy into the North Cascades grizzly conservation, and fully invest in a rich American legacy.


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Photo Credit: Matthias Breiter



  1. Stephen Brown says:

    Just another example of why we need a new administration.

  2. anonymous says:

    im in agremement to NOT reintroduce the grizzly.Thinking about rural residents and ranchers. Sorry im not on board.

    • If not in agreement, then you are ignorant when it comes to needs of the environment and other forms of life and other beings that God created! Humans are such selfish beings and evil when it comes to life!!!!!!

      • Mary DeCraemer says:

        I agree with Mary. Residents and Ranchers don’t need protection. Wild animals need protection from our government and ignorant humans! Anonymous: I suppose u agree with the helicopter round-ups and removal of our wild horses and burros from our public lands, who are shipped to Mexico and Canada for slaughter or shipped to Asia for slaughter to be consumed? All for the greedy ranchers and the evil BLM!!!

  3. Bernhardt is unlikely to care about this issue at all – he is worse than his former boss Zinke and an enemy of wildlife and the habitats they need. Spend some time bombarding Trumps twitter account, email your own senators and reps, recruit friends etc to keep up pressure on all wildlife agencies to save the bears, ’cause Bernhardt and his department are not concerned about saving anything that doesn’t produce money.

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