Catch Poachers Who Gruesomely Decapitated Five Threatened Sea Lions

Target: Doug Forsdick, Chief Conservation Officer for British Columbia, Canada

Goal: Investigate the brutal and unnatural decapitation of five sea lions on a Vancouver seashore.

Five Steller sea lions were discovered on Vancouver’s pebbly beaches, their heads cleanly cut from their bodies. The species is listed as “special concern” under the Canadian Species at Risk Act and any deliberate harm done to them by a human is illegal. Demand a full investigation into the deaths of these majestic animals.

“I was completely and utterly devastated, shocked. I couldn’t believe that I was even looking at something of that nature,” stated Deborah Short, a British Columbia resident who discovered the mutilated bodies of five sea lions on Vancouver Island. The heads had been cleanly severed, suggesting that the act was done by a human as opposed to a killer whale or shark.

This is not the first time that sea lions have turned up headless in the area. Poachers have been known to decapitate the animals to obtain their skulls, which can be worth $1,000 on the black market. If poaching is responsible for these particular deaths, then those responsible must face consequences. Sign below and demand a full investigation into this worrisome discovery.


Dear Mr. Forsdick,

Five Steller sea lion carcasses have turned up on Vancouver Island, their heads cleanly cut from their bodies. No nonhuman predator could achieve such a feat. This suggests that there is a person at large who is deliberately killing and decapitating these marine animals, potentially for profit due to the high value of their skulls on the black market, and something must be done to stop them.

Steller sea lions are listed as “special concern” under the Canadian Species at Risk Act. Any human who poses them harm must face legal consequences. I demand that you investigate the deaths of these animals and assist in any legal case made against those deemed responsible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Deborah Short



  1. Patrick Butler says:

    There is a very sick person at large on Vancouver Island. Hope he is found soon!

  2. Cameras, cameras, everywhere and when ppl say muh privacy, well, the animal right and protections supersede your privacy rights.

  3. What kind of a sick monster would do such a thing? Please crack down on these horrific crimes!

  4. These killers must be found and receive the same abuse…That would make one case closed. Since that is unlikely to happen they need to be removed from society forever. They are a menace to animals and humans alike.

  5. Julia Edinger says:



  7. Some people truly are repulsive… please find and dispose of this waste of life, before they kill again…

  8. I hope this creep gets caught. He needs to be fined 20,000 dollars for each animal he killed and do a sentence in jail and confiscate his truck, guns and greasy house.

  9. It’s really sad that our world has come to this. If they would start punishing these people severely and make people stop and think, just maybe it would stop!
    Someone protect our innocent animals!!!!!!!

  10. When you find these assholes, just decapitate them. Then they won’t do it again. Anything less is NOT justice

  11. Kat Gonzalez says:

    PRISON for at least 20 years no parole no clemency!!!!!!

  12. I can’t imagine the extreme pain these harmless sea lions endured. And how they were utterly unable to defend themselves. I hope karma gets these assholes.

  13. This is so disheartening. These poor creatures deserve to be left alone. Maybe there needs to be more Conservation Officers on Vancouver Island. No animal deserve this inhumane treatment. These POS’s need to be caught and thrown in jail for a very long time. Someone knows who did this and a big reward might convince this person to come forward. All animals deserve better treatment.

  14. Michelle Stewart says:

    Because of people like that (poachers), I want to have the death penalty brought to British Columbia
    and all other parts of Canada. All the poaching, animal torture, cruelty, neglect, abandonment, beastiality, and animal fighting must be stopped. If putting in the death penalty as a new law when the people are caught poaching, committing animal torture, etc., maybe there would be less of it. Maybe all the cruelty would stop.

  15. Really I am so so tired reading these horrible happening!!!! Everything is fucked up by now… Subhumans unfortunately are growing… Greedy bastards without heart without anything!!! These scumbags should die in the worst way!!!!

  16. Joy Napier says:

    NEFARIOUS monster sub-human scum should face the same horrific fate! May their evil actions be returned to them tenfold!!!

  17. These evil, sub-human, twisted bastards must be found and punished severely. What kind of monster could do this to a defenceless animal? Just sickening, senseless and heartbreaking. These scum of the earth a horrific danger to all living things, beyond redemption or rehabilitation and MUST be removed from society forever. Law makers need to get real, do their jobs and PUNISH these murdering filth so that there are real deterrents in place. Sickening and heartbreaking.

  18. I can’t stand poachers – they are ruthless and don’t care about anything but the mighty dollar – we need more security for our poor animals who fall victim to poachers – we need to catch them and throw them in jail forever

  19. Isobel doyle says:

    The people responsible need to be found prosec uted and punished. What kind of sice individual would do this. Very scary. Where will they stop.

  20. Yolanda Holtzee says:

    Please find and prosecute the socipath(s) who committed this vile and senseless act on defenseless sea lions.

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