Catch Poachers Who Gruesomely Decapitated Five Threatened Sea Lions

Target: Doug Forsdick, Chief Conservation Officer for British Columbia, Canada

Goal: Investigate the brutal and unnatural decapitation of five sea lions on a Vancouver seashore.

Five Steller sea lions were discovered on Vancouver’s pebbly beaches, their heads cleanly cut from their bodies. The species is listed as “special concern” under the Canadian Species at Risk Act and any deliberate harm done to them by a human is illegal. Demand a full investigation into the deaths of these majestic animals.

“I was completely and utterly devastated, shocked. I couldn’t believe that I was even looking at something of that nature,” stated Deborah Short, a British Columbia resident who discovered the mutilated bodies of five sea lions on Vancouver Island. The heads had been cleanly severed, suggesting that the act was done by a human as opposed to a killer whale or shark.

This is not the first time that sea lions have turned up headless in the area. Poachers have been known to decapitate the animals to obtain their skulls, which can be worth $1,000 on the black market. If poaching is responsible for these particular deaths, then those responsible must face consequences. Sign below and demand a full investigation into this worrisome discovery.


Dear Mr. Forsdick,

Five Steller sea lion carcasses have turned up on Vancouver Island, their heads cleanly cut from their bodies. No nonhuman predator could achieve such a feat. This suggests that there is a person at large who is deliberately killing and decapitating these marine animals, potentially for profit due to the high value of their skulls on the black market, and something must be done to stop them.

Steller sea lions are listed as “special concern” under the Canadian Species at Risk Act. Any human who poses them harm must face legal consequences. I demand that you investigate the deaths of these animals and assist in any legal case made against those deemed responsible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Deborah Short



  1. I hope to see an agreement in commercial and hunting of sealife not only because it will s selfish and inhumane but some of the pollutants have and are carried by despite as well as bacteria and some viruses and a demand for burial for remains also is needed.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I hope they’re Poisoned by it!!!

  3. Ashamed to be human says:

    Just typical GREEDY human thugs not giving a F*** about anything but themselves. I hope these callous & thoughtless POS get some god awful disease so they die a slow & painful death 😡

  4. If you find these MONSTERS who did this, they should be given capital punishment for their CRIME OR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IN PRISON!!!

    • YES!! They should be decapitated also!! Evil disgusting wastes of life!!! We can’t let these bastards live to abuse more animals or breed more trash!! These psychos usually kill humans next too!!! They all need to be wiped off the planet!!!

  5. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    They’re despicable. Find and prosecute to the full extent of the law and hopefully someone will decapitate them. Evil sadistic bastards

  6. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    These Sadistic Bastards Should Be Hunt Down & They Deserve 2 be in the Slammer Indefinitely.

  7. Find the barbaric, heartless cunts and spear them. I pray these motherfuckers will face terrifying karma. R.I.P., poor sea lions.

  8. Sergio gustavo says:

    Hay que ser muy HDP

  9. Janet Garraghan says:

    Absolute, low-life, greedy, selfish, cruel, despicable, evil monsters must be caught and punished to the full! This is horrific and barbaric! The authorities need to do their jobs and put a stop to this! Stop being cowards and punish the backward degenerates for goodness sake! I despair of the human race, I truly do!

  10. I wish i could do to the scumbags what they did to these poor animals!

  11. Decapitate them!! I can imagine the shock and terror the poor seals went through as these morons tried to decapitate them!!

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